The next day, the sun slowly rose to the sky, and the sleeping city gradually came to life.

The sparrow stopped on the branch to fix its feathers after its foraging. The body prepared for the winter was round and looked extraordinarily clumsy.

The bright morning light brings the unique coolness of autumn through the large floor-to-ceiling windows and spills into the quiet room.

The woman's delicate and cold face was rubbed in the pillow, her long soft hair piled up on her side, and her eyelashes spreading under her eyes said quiet and peaceful.

After a while, the calm eyes trembled slightly.

Wei Qingyu already showed signs of waking up, sleepily stretched out his arms to look for the embrace that had been snuggled up all night.

It's just that the one who greeted her arm was cold.

Wei Qingyu woke up abruptly.

The side of the bed in the line of sight was neatly covered with a soft quilt, which should have been empty on the side where Ji Xiao was lying.

There was a small hill between the flat eyebrows, and the originally calm eyes were instantly filled with dazed horror.

She still remembered that she and Ji Xiao were resting in the guest bedroom at the door last night, but how came to her room after waking up.

The sunlight falling in from one side of the window brought a bit of fresh coolness, as if to remind Wei Qingyu what it was.

Her eyelashes trembled lightly, and the pupils that had written dazed and panic couldn't help but change into another emotion.


Everything that happened yesterday filled Wei Qingyu's mind, from the first bunch of flowers in the morning, to the impudence on the sofa in the living room, to the chicken soup sent by his mother, and finally to them in the guest bed. That tireless request.

Ji Xiao went through every minute and every second of her yesterday, making everything look exceptionally beautiful.

Good things are like dreams.

It was like every dream she woke from the night in the past five years.

Wei Qingyu sat up from the bed propped himself up, his plain white face was stained with light red again.

She looked around her room like this. From the bed to the carpet, everything was clean, and she didn't see the mess that was the case last night.

Is it really a dream?

Wei Qingyu didn't have time to put on his shoes, so he stepped over the soft carpet barefoot and stepped firmly on the cold floor.

She ran out of the room quickly, trying to find evidence that Ji Xiao had existed in the living room last night.

Worry about gains and losses.

She really owns Ji Xiao in that way, how could it be just a dream?

She doesn't believe it.

The sunlight passed through a short section of dim corridor and fell into Wei Qingyu's sight with gentle warmth, and filled the living room.

Wen Tun's small clicking sound came from the open kitchen, and a slender figure was standing in front of the stove with his back facing her.

The taste of peach brandy floated from the octagonal glass on the bar, and settled firmly on Wei Qingyu's palm.

The soft white light enveloped the whole room, the girl was wearing an apron and holding a long-handled wooden spoon, and the casserole sitting on the stovetop was warm and warm.

It was peaceful and peaceful, and it was completely peaceful in another time.

Xu Ye heard Wei Qingyu's messy footsteps, and Ji Xiao turned around holding the spoon.

Wei Qingyu just stood in the corridor with no lights on, wearing only the white cotton nightdress he put on when he carried her back to her room.

The slender legs were exposed from the shallow edge of a lotus leaf, and the plain white feet were reddish in close contact with the cold white-gray floor tiles.

Ji Xiao frowned as he watched, and while walking towards Wei Qingyu, he said: "How come out with so little wearing? If you don't wear shoes yet, it will be in the autumn..."

It's just that she was interrupted by a sudden impact before she finished speaking.

Wei Qingyu rushed into Ji Xiao's arms without saying a word, his slender arms tightly wrapped around her waist, as if trying his best to rub Ji Xiao into her body.

Ji Xiao was strangled in pain, but did not make any resistance.

Even if there is no pheromone, she can still feel Wei Qingyu's anxiety at this moment.

Ji Xiao hurriedly wiped his hands, fingers inserted into Wei Qingyu's long hair, and asked softly: "Have you had a nightmare?"

Upon hearing this, Wei Qingyu held Ji Xiao's hand tighter.

She leaned her sensual little face into Ji Xiao's neck, and said with a trembling voice: "My biggest nightmare is that I can't see you after I wake up."

Ji Xiao couldn't help feeling sour when he heard Wei Qingyu's words.

She had indeed been away from her for too long, and she didn't know how difficult it would be for her to live in the past five years without her.

Ji Xiao's warm palm rests on the back of Wei Qingyu's head, rubbing gently, and promised: "No, I will never leave you again, Wei Qingyu."

Then she looked down at the person in her arms and asked softly, "Should I go back to sleep for a while? I will stew the porridge with the chicken soup my aunt brought yesterday, and I will be able to drink it in a while."

Ji Xiao's voice is exceptionally gentle, but Wei Qingyu still shrinks in her arms and shook his head. It's like if she went back to the room and fell asleep this time, Ji Xiao would really be gone when she woke up.

The fear accumulated in his heart for five years made Wei Qingyu reluctant to let go, but the porridge simmering on the stove was not waiting for anyone.

Ji Xiao looked at the sofa that was not far away, kissed Wei Qingyu's ear, and asked: "Would you like to lie down on the sofa for a while, so that you can see me at any time, okay."

Wei Qingyu raised her head, his red eyes looked at the structure of the room she was not familiar with, and nodded in compromise.

Then, there was a sound of a wooden spoon tapping the bar counter in the room.

Before Wei Qingyu could react, he felt a burst of air, and a pair of solid and powerful arms hugged her up.

With her legs resting on Ji Xiao's arms in this way, her feet that were flushed red from the tile floor were slightly lifted.

The warm fragrance of the girl wrapped her tightly, and slowly fermented under the warm daylight to produce the aroma of wine.

The soft sofa supported Wei Qingyu's body, and the interlocking hands made the anxiety gradually recede.

After a false alarm, Wei Qingyu gradually became a little tired, watching Ji Xiao fall into a deep sleep.

Ji Xiao stood by the sofa and looked at Wei Qingyu who had fallen asleep again. Wu remembered that Wei Qingyu held his hand tightly like this a long time ago.

It wasn't long before she arrived in that world at that time. She hadn't liked Wei Qingyu yet, and Wei Qingyu hadn't liked herself yet.

"Is it the same as before?"

Ji Xiao whispered, leaning forward cautiously, and dropped a kiss on Wei Qingyu's forehead.

Wei Qingyu's fan-flower award-winning mystery novel "The Silent Tea Flower" will be signed for the new and revised edition of the 11th National Day holiday. As the days approach, she has become more and more busy.

The class that Ji Xiao led went from the second to the third year of high school. Although it was not as good as Wei Qingyu, it was still busy and nervous.

This day she rarely had free time. Before she went to pick up Wei Qingyu from the publishing house, she went to the shopping mall in the city center alone to get her specially customized peach brandy perfume.

The shallow fog formed a water barrier under the soft light on the counter. The bitterness of brandy came out first, followed by the soft fragrance of peaches.

The perfumer sniffed the scent lightly, and he admired the sermon: "Miss Ji is really gifted for fragrant fragrance. The two flavors you have chosen are obviously opposite, but when you really tune them, they smell good. This is so desirable."

"Where." Ji Xiao was a little embarrassed for a while listening to the perfumer's description.

She watched that the time agreed with Wei Qingyu was approaching, took the perfume on the table, and said, "Miss Qu, it's getting late. I have something to do, so I won't keep it."

After saying that, Ji Xiao said goodbye to the perfumer and left the perfume shop.

Until she walked far away, the peach brandy still fell on her wrist, and it didn't go away for a long time.

Ji Xiao sometimes wonders whether perfume is actually the pheromone of this world.

It's just that people here can choose for themselves.

The bright lights of the mall moved with the girl's neat pace, and the light from the jewelry store window suddenly flashed across her face.

As if seeing something, Ji Xiao stopped for a moment.

Right in the center of the quiet window, there is a pair of simple ring pairs.

The platinum ring is twisted into a Mobius ring, and the smooth craftsmanship reflects the exquisite and symmetrical streamer, making it impossible to find the interface of this ring.

Xu was confronted with his own story with Wei Qingyu, and Ji Xiao watched the ring's heartbeat.

I saw her stepping into the store, but within a few minutes she walked out with a beautifully packaged box.

She thought, although she might not find any reason to give this ring to Wei Qingyu, she will one day sooner or later.

The black BMW was driving on the street near sunset, and the green roadside trees were retreating quickly.

After crossing a big intersection, Ji Xiao took out Wei Qingyu's pass and drove the car slowly into the parking lot in front of the building where the publishing house was located.

It's really a coincidence.

Ji Xiao just got out of the car to send a message to Wei Qingyu, and Wei Qingyu appeared in the lobby on the first floor of the building.

The setting sun dyed the sky a beautiful orange, and the sparrows flew across the sky in flocks, chirping.

Ji Xiao leaned on the car door to greet Wei Qingyu, and Wei Qingyu walked quickly towards her with his bag.

At this moment, Ji Xiao saw another woman appear behind Wei Qingyu.

She walked quickly to Wei Qingyu's side and patted her on the shoulder very lively. Wei Qingyu was also forced to stop and greet her.

White woolen coat, blue jeans stuck into the boots.

Ji Xiao looked at it from a distance, and suddenly felt that this scene was very familiar. As if she had seen it a long, long time ago.

The bell tower of the small church in the distance rang six o'clock in the afternoon, dull and transparent through Ji Xiao's brain.

She suddenly felt that her vision began to darken, and before autumn, the snow drifted in her sight.

"Is Miss Wei's girlfriend waiting outside? She looks really good."

"Not a girlfriend, she hasn't promised me yet."

The conversation that he once cared about came to mind, and Ji Xiao chuckled.

The scene that I saw during the handover of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Country R that day really appeared in front of her now.

She saw that she was right, she did die in that world, and Wei Qingyu did say such things.

It's just that God made a joke for her and moved her eyes across two completely different worlds into the longer and longer future.

After a long time, she didn't realize at the time that that person would still be herself.

The sun fell on the wall, and the orange color dyed the entire sky brilliantly.

Wei Qingyu finished chatting with the man, and walked towards Ji Xiao who was in a daze with his pockets copied.

"What are you thinking about?" Wei Qingyu asked.

Ji Xiao raised his eyes slightly when he heard the words, and said: "I don't want to be your girlfriend."

Xu Shi Mu Ha is very deep, originally listening to the clear voice is a bit deep.

Wei Qingyu, who had just talked about this with someone, couldn't help but thump in his heart.

Just before Wei Qingyu could think more, Ji Xiao stretched out the hand she had copied in her mouth.

The Mobius ring-shaped ring stayed quietly in the box that had been opened by her, and the smooth light slowly flowed through Wei Qingyu's eyes.

"I want to be your fiancee."

Ji Xiao said, her voice softer than the setting sun.

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