The absurdity came to an abrupt end, and the ambiguous heat still filled the two of them.

Wei Qingyu looked at the door as if awakened, and Ji Xiao's arm that was holding Wei Qingyu could not help but froze.

It's just that the door of the hallway was not pushed open as soon as Ji Xiao imagined.

The sound of the door lock opening paused and then rang again, as if it was stuck by something, and the door in front of him was not pushed open for a long time.

"I was locked when I entered." Wei Qingyu whispered in a voice that only Ji Xiao could hear, "I'm afraid you will leave."

Ji Xiao saw Wei Qingyu's eyes fluctuate a little, not as angry, but a little gentle.

She understands Wei Qingyu's troubles at the moment, and is fortunate to have her little action.

The darkness in the evening amplifies everything invisibly, and the unopened security door stops making a sound, and everything becomes abnormally quiet.

Ji Xiao carefully hugged Wei Qingyu from the cabinet, feeling guilty that even his breath could be heard by people outside the door at this moment.

The moment the high heels lightly touched the bottom edge, the mobile phone in Wei Qingyu's pocket rang.

The person at the door did not leave, but chose to call after sending Wei Qingyu a message to no avail.

Wei Qingyu looked at the word "Mom" jumping on the screen light that was so bright that it was a little dazzling, and quickly answered the phone: "Mom."

Her voice was very calm, so calm that she couldn't hear her and she was about to kiss her suffocation.

Mother Wei naturally didn't notice anything when she listened in the corridor, she only frowned and said, "Nanny, are you at home? Why can't I open the door of your house? Did you change the password?"

"Mom, are you at the door of your house?" Wei Qingyu asked knowingly.

"Yes, you left in a hurry yesterday. Your grandfather killed a pheasant and prepared it for you. Why don't I make it today and send it to you." Mother Wei said.

"Then wait a minute, I'll open the door for you." Wei Qingyu said, turned off the phone, and hurriedly directed Ji Xiao to hide in the guest bedroom on the left side of the hallway.

The mess of the place and the small carpet on the side were packed into the guest bedroom by Ji Xiao, while Wei Qingyu turned on the light in the room.

She took off her coat and shoes, and sorted out her long hair that was a little messy, and then she opened the door to Mother Wei: "Mom."

"Oh, damn, are you locking the door?" Mother Wei was a little irritated after a series of operations just now. She looked at Wei Qingyu, who was wearing a simple white shirt, and asked as she walked in to change shoes.

"Right." Wei Qingyu nodded calmly and explained, "Isn't there a lot of news of that kind recently? I live alone, so I simply locked the door."

Having said that, Wei Qingyu took the initiative to take the thermos barrel that Wei's mother had brought, and walked with her to the living room.

But without taking two steps, Wei Qingyu felt a warmth different from Ji Xiao's neck in her neck.

The bright lights projected Mother Wei's actions on the wall, and a guilty electric current rushed from the back of her neck to her whole body, making her heartbeat of perennial calm beating like a drum.

Mother Wei frowned slightly and brushed the very messy long hair behind her with her fingers beside Wei Qingyu, "You are..."

Time seemed to have paused at this moment, and there was only the sound of clocks moving in the silent room.

Mother Wei's tone was full of thoughtfulness, Wei Qingyu heard the whole person's heart lifted up. Just now she was too rushed to arrange her hair in front and forget the back.

Only in the next second, Mother Wei said, "Did you wake up just now?"

Wei Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief in an instant, nodded and said, "Yes."

Mother Wei looked at Wei Qingyu and nodded, "Yes, the little girl should pay more attention to this when she is at home alone."

She said that she looked around Wei Qingyu's home, looked at the living room with a thin layer of curtains, and preached particularly suspiciously: "Nanny, why are you still drawing the curtains in the daytime?"

It was another guilty conscience.

Wei Qingyu put the thermos barrel in his hand on the side bar, and secretly explained in words: "I... I was a little sun-dried at noon, and forgot to open it when I returned to my room to sleep."

After that, Wei Qingyu picked up the remote control she had left on the sofa and opened the curtains.

As the sunset gradually misted, Mother Wei watched her daughter's series of actions, with light flowing in her eyes.

"It's better to let the sun come in more to get the sun, otherwise, how can this house not see the light?" Mother Wei sat on the sofa as she thought of something, and asked: "Yesterday I saw you and Xiaoxiao were walking in a hurry. , What's the matter?"

"There is something in her school, I went out to send her to the car." Wei Qingyu brewed her favorite fruit tea for Mama Wei, pretending to be a calm lie.

"Then why don't you send her directly?" Mother Wei asked again.

"The signing ceremony is about to be coming soon. Yesterday the publishing house also asked me for something. We didn't go along." Wei Qingyu replied.

"That's it." Mother Wei nodded when she heard the words, and did not continue to ask.

The light was shining on the steaming fruit tea, and the aroma of citrus radiated from it.

Mother Wei looked around Wei Qingyu’s living room unintentionally, looked at the bunch of tea flowers in the frosted vase, and asked: “This flower, I think Xiaoxiao also held a bunch in her arms yesterday. It’s you. Are the tea flowers raised in the yard behind Grandpa?"

"Yes." Wei Qingyu nodded, "Ji Xiao brought it this morning and gave me some."

When Mother Wei heard Wei Qingyu's words like this, it became clear in her heart that she was completely relieved of her worries.

She sipped the tea in her hand, nodded and smiled: "This kid is still very emotional."

"There is a half chicken in the thermos. Drink it while it is hot. If you can't drink it alone, send some to Xiaoxiao." Mother Wei exhorted, her voice louder, "You tell her to come next time if you have time. Sit at home and I will cook her some food."

Wei Qingyu didn't hear the loud voice of Wei's mother, but couldn't help feeling happy when he heard that his mother accepted Ji Xiao.

She replied "Hey" with very little clarity, and a slight smile appeared on her face.

Mother Wei also felt relieved looking at it.

After a cup of tea, Mother Wei put down the cup in her hand and stood up and said, "Okay, I will drink the tea, and I will put down the chicken soup for you, so I won't bother you."

Wei Qingyu also got up and escorted Wei's mother to the door.

Before leaving, Mother Wei turned around and glanced at Wei Qingyu again. The delicate fingers carefully arranged her shirt and said, "Then mom is gone."

"Goodbye, mother." Wei Qing said.

The elevator door opened, and the moment Mother Wei walked into the elevator, the door closing sound also sounded in this quiet corridor.

The bright mirror in the elevator reflected this graceful and graceful woman, and Mama Wei's face had just been squeezed with an uncontrollable smile.

She took out her mobile phone and couldn't wait to call Dad Wei, her voice excitedly preached: "My husband, I told you that we might have a second daughter soon!"

"What's pregnant! It's the nanny and Xiaoxiao."

"Yes, yes, you don't have to worry about it, 囡囡 and Xiaoxiao are fine."

"Remember to tell Dad, let him not worry, he is about to have a second granddaughter!"

"Listen to your pleasure."

The sensor light in the hallway went off and on again. After closing the door, Wei Qingyu couldn't help standing at the door and stunned.

Those slender fingers slowly landed on the collar that Mama Wei had just stroked. The linen texture was soft and cool, and it was a material she rarely touched.

Just before Wei Qingyu was sure, the door of one side room opened.

Ji Xiao encircled her from behind Wei Qingyu, resting her sleek chin on her shoulder like this, and said, "How is it? Auntie didn't find anything, right?"

"I feel like my mother is seeing something." Wei Qingyu said.

Ji Xiao couldn't help being surprised, "How to say?"

Wei Qingyu touched her shirt and explained: "Just when I went out, she touched my shirt. I hardly wear this style of clothes."

Because she didn't understand Wei's mother, Ji Xiao was inexplicably worried: "What should I do then."

"I will wear more clothes in the future." Wei Qing said in a relaxed tone, turning around and looking at Ji Xiao.

The slender arm fell on the girl's shoulder, and Wei Qingyu had a smile in his eyes: "It's not a bad thing, at least my mother likes you very much."

When Ji Xiao heard this, he felt a sense of relief, and the hand holding Wei Qingyu couldn't help tightening a bit.

The small tip of the nose touched Wei Qingyu's nose again and again, depicting the ambiguity as if nothing.

Neither of them made much movement, and the sensor light above their heads dimmed.

Ji Xiao looked at Wei Qingyu who was close by with the light projected from one side of the living room, and asked, "What about you, do you like me?"

"Does this still need to be said?" Wei Qingyu asked softly.

Ji Xiao didn't follow her, clinging to her tightly, and begging: "I want to hear you say it again."

The coolness of autumn revealed from the dark night scene outside the window, and the narrow entrance was filled with love but became gradually hot.

Wei Qingyu didn't answer in a hurry, fingers inserted into the long hair behind Ji Xiao's neck, and sank for a while before saying, "I like it, I like it very much."

"It's the kind of liking that I don't want to be separated even in this life, in the next life, in the next life."

Wei Qingyu's voice was cold and gentle, as if it was a confession that was many years late, and finally said it to that person in the fifth year since time has passed.

The dim light fell on her face, and even though the dark eyes were no longer turquoise, they were still as clean and pure as gems.

Ji Xiao held Wei Qingyu's cheek in this way, the only thing he saw was still himself.

The light in the hallway lights up slowly, and a kiss falls naturally.

Stumbled all the way, the two people moved to the guest bed.

The faint smell of log furniture exuded in the rooms where very few people lived, until the two of them were a little lack of oxygen, the lingering kiss barely ended.

"Me too." Ji Xiao stroked the back of Wei Qingyu's head, responding to Wei Qingyu's confession to himself just now, "I like you too, Wei Qingyu."

"I know." Wei Qingyu replied before leaning over and kissing.

The window glass reflects the neon lights in the city center in the evening.

Wei Qingyu squeezed Ji Xiao's chin, trimmed and rounded fingers gently rubbed her delicate skin with a kiss, as if holding the dominant power in his hand.

The pine nut-shaped button was unbuttoned in a place invisible to the light, and the snow-white skin was still exposed under the sunflower-white shirt.

Wei Qingyu was just above Ji Xiao's sight, and the light from all directions fell on her, like the tulle draped on the saint of the temple.

"What are you thinking?" Wei Qingyu looked at Ji Xiao's eyes for a moment, and leaned over her eyebrows.

The warm and moist feeling brought the mint to the girl's eye sockets, Ji Xiao also kissed Wei Qingyu's earlobe back, and said: "I want you."

The word "Yao" was accented, and the hand holding the waist was submerged in Kuibai before the voice fell.

The night breeze swept across the newly planted trees in the community, and the turquoise leaves were weakly shaken in the autumn night.

The white neck was raised up in the mess that was reflected outside the window, and his long black hair was covered with a thin layer of sweat and covered with stars, falling like a waterfall on the pair of beautiful butterfly bones.

The moonlight gradually became clear and bright, and the thin quilt casually hung over the two cuddling together.

Ji Xiao rested on the soft pillow, looked at Wei Qingyu who had closed his eyes, and gently called her name: "Wei Qingyu."

Wei Qingyu was a little tired, but he still said "um" after hearing Ji Xiao call her name.

The voice was a bit dizzy and drowsy, soft, like glutinous rice dumplings that could only be bullied.

Ji Xiao couldn't help but raise the corners of her mouth.

The soft white light fell in her sight, and she looked at Wei Qingyu like this, and suddenly felt that the hole in her heart that had always been impossible to make up was easily filled.

Ji Xiao couldn't help it, and kissed again while taking advantage of the emptiness.

The hour hand slowly stopped on the Roman numeral "XI", the neon signs outside the window were even worse, and midnight had just begun.

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