The afternoon sun fell into the living room with a layer of white curtains, mint fell in the glass of brandy, and the whole room was lingering with a unique kind of peace and tranquility.

Wei Qingyu woke up earlier than Ji Xiao.

The bushy eyelashes blinked frequently, and the woman who was still asleep suddenly woke up.

She has always been like this over the years, waking up suddenly in every dream where she was lucky enough to meet Ji Xiao.

Then I looked at the empty room and couldn't sleep anymore.

A soft light fell into the suddenly opened eyes, and the familiar warm fragrance fell on Wei Qingyu's cheeks with the breath of the girl in front of him.

Wei Qingyu saw that Ji Xiao's heroic aura with his closed eyes became gentle and gentle, and his nervousness, which had always been anxious, calmed down for the first time with her.

The antique small table clock on one side of the cabinet was turning its gears with a click, and the peach brandy of memory was in the warm fragrance.

Wei Qingyu looked at Ji Xiao who was snuggling with him in this way, with a slight sour smile on his face.

The long hair bands of almost the same color were tangled together in a mess, and even the breath was exchanged.

Wei Qingyu felt that she really didn't need to be afraid that this was just a dream.

"Peek at me?"

At this moment, there was a sound above Wei Qingyu's head.

Ji Xiao didn't know when she woke up too, her clear eyes were looking down at her slightly.

Wei Qingyu leaned his head towards Ji Xiao's side, and lightly touched her shoulder and said, "I'm afraid you will suddenly disappear."

Ji Xiao understood the fear in Wei Qingyu's heart, lifted up the wrist pressed by Wei Qingyu, and slowly rubbed her hair, saying: "I'm right by your side, I can't run away."

Wei Qingyu grabbed Lan Jixiao's waist domineeringly, raised his head, and threatened: "If you dare to run, I'll catch you back and lock you in a small black room."

Ji Xiao pretended to be distressed when he heard this, "I really shouldn't have told you that I would be locked in a small dark room in the basement by you."

"It's too late." As Wei Qingyu said with a smile, he dexterously got up from Ji Xiao's arms, picked up a piece of clothing on the ground and put it on.

Ji Xiao is taller than Wei Qingyu, a slightly larger shirt worn by her will cover the base of her thighs.

The snow-white plump skin was looming with the steps she walked, and her slender legs were not covered by any modification, so they were displayed in front of Ji Xiao, and she looked a little confused.

Wei Qingyu stood at the bar of the open kitchen on one side, pouring water, and asked: "Would you like to drink water?"

Ji Xiao looked really thirsty, and nodded: "Okay."

She looked at Wei Qingyu's pouring water and preached thoughtfully: "Qingyu, in fact, I still have a question to ask you."

Wei Qingyu: "You ask."

Ji Xiao: "Qi Qi, Yiming and the others..."

"Only Qi Qi has the memory of that world." Wei Qingyu said and handed the water to Ji Xiao.

"Is that so?" Ji Xiao held the water glass and nodded slightly.

She thought about the people around her who matched the other world, and couldn't help but feel a little lost.

The warm water soaked the slightly dry throat, Ji Xiao thought for a moment and then asked, "What about Qiao Ni? How about Qi Qi and Qiao Ni here?"

Wei Qingyu shook his head, "Qi Qi, like me, has been looking for Qiao Ni for a long time."

Ji Xiao couldn't help but feel a little sad.

She and Wei Qingyu were able to meet again, and Fang Yiming and Sun Qianqian had reached completion in this world, but Qi Qi still failed to be with Qiao Ni.

Wei Qingyu looked at the depression in Ji Xiao's eyes, and said, "But thanks to you, she met Qiao Ni in Horgos last month."

Ji Xiao was pleasantly surprised when she heard this. She seemed to think of something immediately, and asked: "Is Qiao Ni in that tour group?"

Wei Qingyu nodded, "Yes. Qi Qi said that she is now a doctor in the First Affiliated Hospital of S University."

Ji Xiao was relieved to hear: "She really continues to be a doctor."

"Right." Wei Qing said, "Qi Qi was hospitalized yesterday, would you like to see her?"

The ending of Qi Qi in the last world lingered in Ji Xiao's mind. Now that she heard Wei Qingyu say this again, her heart that had just been relaxed and thankful immediately hung up, "It won't be..."

Wei Qingyu shook his head, "No, it's the photographer's occupational disease. She has been a photographer for so many years, and it's normal."

Ji Xiao's hanging heart immediately fell back.

She looked at Wei Qingyu and nodded eagerly: "Okay."

The elevator was not busy in the afternoon, and there was a faint sound of the elevator reaching the floor from the silent corridor.

Wei Qingyu and Ji Xiao came to the orthopedic ward where Qi Qi was located.

When the two of them arrived in front of Qi Qi's ward, the white door in front of them was opened from the inside.

Qiao Ni, in a neat low bun, was opening the door and preparing to leave in the doctor's iconic white coat.

The gentle light above the corridor fell into Ji Xiao's sight, giving Ji Xiao the illusion of time and space travel.

She felt that she had seen how Qiao Ni was the last doctor in that world, neat and dry, and her brows did not lose her former arrogance.

"You are Qi Qi's friends," Qiao Ni asked, standing at the door.

"Yes." Wei Qing said.

"The patient needs to rest. Try to stop her from working these days." Qiao Ni preached.

"Okay, we remembered it." Wei Qingyu nodded.

Qiao Ni also nodded slightly to the two of them, said "I have something to do, let's go first", and left with his pockets.

Sitting on the hospital bed, Qi Qi saw what happened at the door, and was a little surprised to see Wei Qingyu: "Qingyu? Why are you here? Didn't I say that I'm okay? You should take care of your side first."

"It's okay that the hospital called me so many calls yesterday?" Wei Qingyu said, pushing the door and walking in.

"Aren't you my emergency contact." Qi Qi preached lightly, "It's all old problems, just have an operation."

Ji Xiao couldn't help listening as usual, copying his pockets and jokingly said: "Sister Qi, no matter what kind of illness is so simple in your mouth."

The girl's hearty voice came from the door, and Qi Qi was stunned.

This familiar but distant feeling made Qi Qi a little unbelievable. She looked at Ji Xiao who walked in from the door, her pupils dilated.

"Here, give it back to you."

After that, something was thrown out of Ji Xiao's hand and flew towards Qi Qi.

Qi Qi subconsciously raised his hand to pick it up, but saw that it was a long tube of lipstick, the color number he had given to Ji Xiao.

Wei Qingyu looked at Qi Qi with a look of surprise, and preached to her: "Ji Xiao remembers it all."

Qi Qi couldn't help but straightened up with excitement. She looked at Ji Xiao who was walking towards her, and asked excitedly: "Really? Sister Xiao, do you really remember it?"

Ji Xiao looked at Qi Qi in the hospital gown and held her shoulders: "You are a little more stable, you are six years older than me and so unstable."

Qi Qi arched her nose unconvincingly, "Cut, you are steady, so steady that you quarreled with us because of the past."

"You are really good at being jealous of yourself."

Ji Xiao lowered his head and smiled embarrassed when he heard the words, "Who makes my mind small."

She looked at the big basket of apples on the bedside table and asked, "Do you want to eat apples?"

Qi Qi raised his head and said, "You can cut me off and eat."

"Okay, who told you to be a patient?" Ji Xiao said, picking up an apple and a knife.

Wei Qingyu looked at these two people, knowing that it would be inconvenient for him to chat with them, so he took the initiative to say: "You talk, I'll go to Qiao Ni and ask about your surgery."

The warm sun shines through one side of the windowpane to warm the ward, and the green and yellow leaves hang on the side of the treetops blowing in the wind.

After Wei Qingyu left, Qi Qi and Ji Xiao talked about various things that had happened during her absence in the ward.

Ji Xiao's heart was full of sourness.

She put the pared apple in her hand into Qi Qi's hand and said, "Really, thank you Qi Qi. If it weren't for this world, there is someone like you who knows what happened in that world. People, I still don’t know how sad it will be in these years."

Qi Qi shook her head, "If I didn't speak softly, I would not have had a good time all these years."

She looked at the girl who was five years younger than herself, with a sighing smile on her face: "Although I did not witness you together in that world, in this world I am the only witness of your two stories. I feel very lucky."

Ji Xiao felt a little guilty when he heard Qi Qi say this: "In fact, after you left, I did something very awkward to Wei Qingyu."

Qi Qi didn't scold Ji Xiao, but put her hand on her hand, saying: "But the final result is good. Just look forward. Not everything will be smooth sailing."

Ji Xiao nodded, "You always live better than me."

Speaking of Ji Xiao, he seemed to think of something again, and urged: "Then you should hurry up and chase Qiao Ni, don't mention that you have a first love."

Qi Qi listened to a soft "um" and preached firmly: "I will definitely."

Then she looked at Ji Xiao's slightly swollen eyes, and said, "Learn your lesson."

The voice fell, and there was a burst of laughter in the quiet and quiet corridor of the ward, hearty and full of youthful air.

The sparrows resting on the treetops soaked in the sun were lazily, and everything seemed to be back to the days when they used to go over the wall to buy milk tea.

After coming out of the hospital, the sun has hung on the westernmost part of the sky.

The red sunset hung over the sky, slowly dyeing the entire sky red, Wei Qingyu carried Ji Xiao directly back to her house.

The induction lamp in the hallway lights up in the dim room, and a faint light shines on the two people's heads.

Ji Xiao couldn't adapt to the darkness, and when he raised his hand to turn on the light, he was caught in his arms by a force when he didn't want to.

Wei Qingyu's longing for too long was released today, and the time at noon was not completely satisfying at all.

She clings to Ji Xiao's back with a sense of taste, her soft lips kissed behind Ji Xiao's ears, and she preached in a low voice: "Tonight, don't go back, okay?"

The lip kiss was a little messy, but it was enough to stir people's hearts.

Ji Xiaoang turned his neck to look for Wei Qingyu's lips. After two kisses to cater to her, he hummed a soft "um" in his nose.

The kiss back is like sparks falling on the letter, with the crackling sparks bursting out, and intensifying.

The shirt on Wei Qingyu's body was still the one worn by Ji Xiao. After kissing, Ji Xiao untied the button with the body temperature very skillfully.

One, two...

Until the loose shirt fell from the shoulders overwhelmed, the snow-white shoulders and necks were exposed to the cool air.

The indentation of the thin shoulder strap is like a winding path, with a light red color, seductively going down.

Fragmented kisses carried a scorching heat, from the woman's white neck to the round shoulders.

Then down the path, kissed the collarbone, and the small mole above the mouth of the heart.

The shoe cabinet at the door shook, and many things were swept to the ground.

Wei Qingyu was weightless, and before she could react, she was picked up by Ji Xiao and placed over the counter in the next second.

Cold wood products came from under her body, and Ji Xiao's slender fingers passed through her long hair, bringing warmth into her brain a little bit.

The two temperatures hit one place from different directions, pulling Wei Qingyu's body into a little bit of sinking.

It's just that this decline hasn't lasted long, and a burst of monotonous music comes from the door.

To be precise, it was the door of the room beside the two of them.


It is the sound of the smart door lock at the door being opened from the outside.