The sun shining brightly in a room, and the gloom and depression of last night disappeared.

The tea flower is placed in a frosted crystal vase, and the wine glass placed underneath is secretly fermented with a peach fragrance.

Ji Xiao sat on the sofa of Wei Qingyu's house, hugging her waist lightly.

She seemed to have not seen Wei Qingyu for a long time. She looked at her deeply, and said with emotion: "You really make me think of it again, after I forget everything."

The natural light fell between the two, putting reality in a light veil of illusion.

Ji Xiao just looked at Wei Qingyu, who was leaning on her shoulder, with her fingers passing through her long hair softly, "It's really amazing to think about it. You actually wrote the book that let me go through. "

"Why did you write this book?"

Wei Qingyu gently turned his head, raised his face slightly and looked at the girl beside him, and said, "In order to reunite with a very important person, in order to find you again."

When Ji Xiao heard the same words as Wei Qingyu said when he was in the coffee shop, he couldn't help but feel moved.

She looked at the woman in front of her and asked, "Then how did you come into this world?"

"After you left, it didn't take long for me to come here." Wei Qingyu preached softly.

The deep pupils looked at Ji Xiao calmly, and there was no trace of lying tension in the pure black.

In this way, she simply and concisely avoided those awkward days after Ji Xiao left her.

Perhaps the two of them were too familiar with each other, or Ji Xiao couldn't believe that Wei Qingyu would live a good life after he left.

Even though Wei Qingyu's answer was such a perfect fit, Ji Xiao's subconscious still told her that the person opposite was lying.

Ji Xiao looked at Wei Qingyu with some dissatisfaction: "Lying."

When Wei Qingyu heard the words, he smiled and held Ji Xiao's hand, and added lightly: "How can I lie to you? God might think that I disturb him every day and it's too annoying, so he threw me over."

The sunlight put a gold rim on Ji Xiao's hook in Wei Qingyu's sight, and the sharp eyebrows and nose were still the same as when she left her.

Wei Qingyu hadn't stared at Ji Xiao so closely for a long time.

The slender fingers lifted lightly and stroked the girl's familiar soft cheeks one after another, and said: "God still has mercy on me. After seeing that I have used many methods incorrectly, he gave me a hint."

When Ji Xiao heard Wei Qingyu's words, he couldn't help but feel puzzled: "You mean, did you actually come to this world long ago? How come..."

Wei Qingyu gently smoothed the small mound between Ji Xiao's eyebrows with his fingers, and smiled lightly, "Why not, I am five years older than you now, do you know?"

"So you remember all this five years earlier than me?" Ji Xiao asked.

Time seems to have no length, but five years fall on a person is so long and heavy.

Before Wei Qingyu nodded to herself, Ji Xiao continued to ask: "Wei Qingyu, how have you been in these five years?"

The voice was soft and slow, like knowing Wei Qingyu's loneliness over the years.

Wei Qingyu listened to the slight tremor of his heart, lowered his gaze a little, and nodded, "I'm fine."

"Have you a good meal?"


"Did you sleep well?"


"Do you take care of your body?"



When Ji Xiao asked, Wei Qingyu's answer was "Yes", but the thin figure couldn't deceive anyone.

The light overhead fell on the wrist that was placed on Ji Xiao's knee, and the raised wrist bones lifted the cold white skin, so slender that it was distressing to look at.

Ji Xiao couldn't help but shook the hand clasped with Wei Qingyu, and said, "But you are all thinner."

Wei Qingyu shook his head lightly, "I was like this."

"Liar." Ji Xiao groaned.

She looked at the green fingers on the side of her face, and asked with a smile: "Why have you been pinching my face? Is it envy?"

Hearing the words, Wei Qingyu carefully rubbed Ji Xiao's cheeks like fat, his cold eyes filled with gentleness.

She just looked at the girl in front of her and shook her head gently, "I think it's not real, and I'm afraid this is just a dream of mine."

Ji Xiao couldn't help but feel sour.

For himself, it was only three months, but for Wei Qingyu, it was five years and three months.

She still can't imagine how Wei Qingyu came here in the five years without herself.

Just like he would never give up Wei Qingyu, Wei Qingyu would definitely not give up himself.

Hope and despair piled up on her thin body over and over again. It was a gift from the gods and a punishment that condemned her.

Ji Xiao pulled out his hand through Wei Qingyu's hair, and took the hand on his face.

The two small peach baskets collided with a slight dab, and Ji Xiao apologized and preached to Wei Qingyu: "Sorry, I'm back late."

Wei Qingyu shook his head, the hand held by Ji Xiao always placed on her face.

She was feeling the girl she had been thinking about all these years, and she was nostalgic for the tenderness she once had, and she said in a loving and affectionate way: "It's really great that you can come back."

The scent of mint fermented between the two of them. Ji Xiao looked at Wei Qingyu's gradually enlarged face and slowly closed his eyes.

Wei Qingyu interlocked with Ji Xiao's ten fingers, slender waist leaned down and pressed down, tight sweater brought the smooth curve of spine bones.

The soft lips covered Ji Xiao's lips again, and the familiar mint scent was dyed on the tip of her tongue, flowing to the heart.

Even if there is no such thing as pheromone in this world, this smell can still ravage Ji Xiao's heart like a fire, and then cause an uncontrollable heart acceleration.

What is a heartbeat, Ji Xiao thinks it is a heartbeat.

No matter how long it has passed, no matter which world you are in.

As long as she stayed with Wei Qingyu, she still couldn't help but be moved.

The daylight is bright, and the sun is scorching.

The autumn wind became restless, blowing the white curtains on both sides of the balcony door, making people unable to calm down.

Ji Xiao embraced Wei Qingyu's waist in this way, leaning on the back of the sofa and guiding her to sit on a straddle.

Wei Qingyu obediently put his arm on Ji Xiao's neck, touching her lips gently.

Insatiable, but also affectionate.

I don't know how long it took, the two people kissed a little oxygen, and then they stopped reluctantly.

Wei Qingyu was still sitting on Ji Xiao's lap, gently rubbing her neck, which had no glands, with her fingers, as if something flashed across her misty eyes.

Ji Xiao didn't notice at all, she leaned over Wei Qingyu's waist and wanted to continue.

Only when the kiss started, Wei Qingyu secretly dropped her arm, but within a second there was a pain in her ass.


Ji Xiao trembled, almost biting Wei Qingyu's lips.

She looked up at the person in front of her in a puzzled manner, but saw Wei Qingyu smirk, and whispered in her ear: "I said that if you dare to forget, I will beat you."

When Ji Xiao heard Wei Qingyu say this, she was embarrassed.

Even if Ji Xiao is no longer Alpha in this world, the physical strength between Wei Qingyu and Wei still prevails.

She gently held Wei Qingyu's hand, and fell on the sofa with her when she felt a little bit of strength.

The end is over, and autumn has become extraordinarily cool.

In this way, Ji Xiao confined Wei Qingyu together, and the slightly adjoining skin conveyed warmth to each other, as well as the insoluble ambiguity.

The deep pupils were a bit blurred, Ji Xiao looked at Wei Qingyu condescendingly, and said, "Can I apply for postponement of execution?"

Wei Qingyu didn't follow it, and Xiaoli tried to break free from Ji Xiao's confinement.

With rare grievances in her eyes, Shui Guangming looked at Ji Xiao: "No, you have to let me fight again. Do you know that you really saddened me yesterday, how can you... "

Before Wei Qingyu could finish speaking, Ji Xiao leaned down and gently kissed her lips.

The city that had already been disarmed and surrendered could be easily pried open without a single soldier, softly sweeping through it.

The wind gently brushed Wei Qingyu's forehead, Ji Xiao pulled out a hand to help her brush her long, messy hair in front of her, and preached in the softest voice: "Me too."

"Wei Qingyu, I found that my mind is really small and small."

Hearing Ji Xiao's words again, tears couldn't help but fill Wei Qingyu's sight.

There are always some bad memories that will be re-covered by goodness and put on a warm coat.

The icy cold wind in the Whale Shark Pavilion was replaced by the warm current that Ji Xiao's palm kept thinking about Wei Qingyu conveyed, and the words that were so weak and full of sorrow became lingering and full of love.

Wei Qingyu lifted the hand that Ji Xiao had released, and hooked Ji Xiao's neck in response.

The girl's soft black hair passed through her fingers again, and the alcohol volatilized in the air exuded a faint smell of peach brandy.

After a shallow kiss, Wei Qingyu stroked Ji Xiaomeng's sweaty neck in this way, and his eyes were deeply preached: "Don't let me wait for so long next time, okay."

"Yeah." Ji Xiao stroked Wei Qingyu's cheek, his tone soft but firm, "I will never let you wait for me again."

Wei Qingyu listened, pressing Ji Xiao's neck with his wrist, and kissed it again.

Once something is torn apart, it is difficult to take it back.

It was like Wei Qingyu's miss of Ji Xiao that night when he was drunk in Urumqi, or the woolen skirts that they hugged each other and were thrown on the ground casually because they got in the way.

With the sun falling into this room unstoppably, Wei Qingyu rested on the soft pillow, with one hand tightly clasping Ji Xiao's fingers.

Ji Xiao's voice sounded a little dumb, while lying next to Wei Qingyu's ear and kissing her pinna, he asked softly: "Can you?"

Wei Qingyu couldn't be more clear about what this meant.

She nodded gently, silently giving Ji Xiao approval.

But Ji Xiao suddenly became bad-hearted.

She looked at Keren in her arms, and preached knowingly: "You don't just nod your head, I don't understand."

Wei Qingyu looked at Ji Xiao with these anger, but the torn holes kept sending her the temptation that was hard to refuse.

The corners of the woman's eyes and eyebrows were all dyed red, and she replied with a soft voice: "...Yes."

The ears were satisfied. Before Wei Qingyu was ready, Ji Xiao leaned over and kissed her.

The wind blew the curtains and danced wildly. Wei Qingyu raised her white neck slightly, and her breathing was all messed up.

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