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Copywriting one:
Ji Xiao found himself in the abo novel that was confiscated in class, and the dying Omega who was tortured by him in front of him was the dying Bai Yueguang heroine Wei Qingyu mentioned by his classmates.
Knowing that in the future, Wei Qingyu would give him a tooth for a tooth, and that life would be better than death, Ji Xiao wanted to cry.
In order to survive, Ji Xiao decided to offer Wei Qingyu as an ancestor.
During the fever period, she was handed inhibitors. The classmates bullied her to vent her anger. Alpha’s father wanted to take her. Ji Xiao, an unfilial daughter, gave him a stick.
Ji Xiao looked at Wei Qingyu, who was in a fever, and the smell of mint in the room was so mesmerized that she couldn’t open her eyes.
But the strong desire to survive made her dare to tag her forcibly as written in the book, injected her with inhibitors and ran away.
Later, Wei Qingyu became an upstart in the upper class. The first thing he did was to capture the Alpha who had bullied her.
Ji Xiao realized that he had not been able to influence Wei Qingyu, closed his eyes and prepared to receive the embrace of death, but was filled with the familiar taste of mint.
Wei Qingyu, who has never waited to see her, had red eyes and hooked her skirts, “Ji Xiao, mark me.”
Copywriter 2:
The year when Wei Qingyu split into Omega was the beginning of her life’s nightmare. His parents died unexpectedly, his inheritance was embezzled by his father’s friends, and he was forced to send it to others.
She looked at that Miss Ji Jia who stepped herself under her feet, her eyes full of hatred.
Only one day, this eldest lady suddenly changed her temper. She would ask herself whether it hurts, whether she needs medicine, and she seemed to be her own dogleg.
Wei Qingyu only thought that the eldest lady had come up with some wicked trick to correct herself, and kept a distance from her vigilantly.
But later, Wei Qingyu couldn’t help but pacify the gangster who was troubled by Ji Xiao, helped her with tuition and got admitted to the same university as himself, and rescued her from the burning house…
Standing in the dark room, Wei Qingyu looked at Ji Xiao who was asleep, and finally understood what Ji Xiao hated himself.
——I fell in love with her while he killed her family.

1. The abo world is privately set up like a mountain, Alpha does not have a second set of organs! no! ! (Super loud!)
2. The main campus will enter the society in the second half of daily life, he!

Content label: Close to the water tower A perfect match for the book Wearing a book campus
Search keywords: Protagonist: Ji Xiao, Wei Qingyu Supporting role: Others:
One sentence brief introduction: I who just want to die, and Miss Suffering.
Idea: Everyone is equal, don’t do evil for small

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Short Title:BYOAWTMM
Alternate Title:白月光Omega总想独占我
Author:Pigeons can't coo
Weekly Rank:#683
Monthly Rank:#582
All Time Rank:#2252
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Black-bellied Female Lead, Bullying, Campus Life, Female Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern World, Omegaverse, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters, Yandere,
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  1. Ji Xiao transmigrates into a book where Wei Qingyu is the female lead It's a happy ending, our leads reunite in the original world (non-ABO world) and some friends also remember their past life . . . . Spoilers... ..... ..... .... Wei Qingyu falls in love with Ji Xiao instead of Jin Nanfeng (the male lead) Ji Xiao’s glands still get removed but through a fire accident (to save her life) Ji Xiao still dies in the book by protecting Wei Qingyu from a bullet and then returns to her world Ji Xiao meets Yan Su (Wei Qingyu) who is the author of this book through a book signing event and they exchange contact information Apparently Wei Qingyu came to Ji Xiao’s world but back in time and she’s older than Ji Xiao by 5 years Ji Xiao’s world is a regular world (no ABO, no pheromones but Wei Qingyu wears a mint-scented perfume) There’s a higher being so to speak (aka a God) that prevented Ji Xiao from sharing information about this novel world to Wei Qingyu, yet it’s the same God who allowed Wei Qingyu to move to Ji Xiao’s world

  2. Would someone be okay with spoiling the novel? I was trying to read it recently but couldn't really understand what was going on. I am loving the manhua and would love to know how the story unfolds!

  3. I keep seeing Bai Yueguang, i know it literary translate to white moonlight but what does the term really mean? In some context it seems like first love and in some somewhat ideal type or the perfect girl/boy so so which is which? Anyways, I'm just about to read this one, I'm on chapter 32 on the manhua but I can't wait for the next update so I decide to check out the novel.

  4. You might have found an answer now, but White Moonlight is both. Because they're the first love that was never achieved, it seems like they're perfect in every way as there was no opportunity for them to see their bad points.

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