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Meng Qingqing is an orphan. She is grateful to the parents of Dabo, and she is grateful for the care of the uncle. One day after she graduated from college, she accidentally discovered a secret that caused her to subvert all cognition. She also suffered a demise. After the disaster, she woke up and found that she had returned to the age of twelve, more than a month before her father died…

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Short Title:BtT
Alternate Title:回到十二岁
Weekly Rank:#2096
Monthly Rank:#3524
All Time Rank:#2373
Tags:Adultery, Age Progression, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Character Growth, Child Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Devoted Love Interests, Familial Love, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Mature Protagonist, Modern, Modern Day, Netorare, Rebirth, Second Chance, Tragic Past, Weak to Strong,
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7 Comments on “Back to Twelve
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  1. At first it was bearable, although the plot is somehow cliched in having greedy relatives and jealous classmates... Then more dogblood drama with beloved relatives dying at a time *sigh* then betrayals ans more stuff to come... I couldn't endure reading anymore. I quit half way because It's too painful to read for me. Honestly the characters are relatable and realistic, which is a good point of this. But I was annoyed to death on how almost all of the characters love to lie yap lies! It's like they are living in the world full of lies, then suffer the consequences of it afterwards. And they never learn their lesson (─.─||) A lot of major characters feel totally s*upid and blind like seriously, example is the Mc's father who seemed rushing to die all the time while making hypocritical reasons like seriously dude?, her friends who think that a villain can easily turnover into a white lotus, her mom who foolishly hid her meetups with MC and MC father which led to her own husband's suspicion of possible derailment, that couple not telling mother-in-law which caused mother-in-law's suspicion and unhappiness with MC mother ahh I give up this will just give me headache and stuff

  2. Oh we're the same I can't stand that the Female Lead life is full of troubles and bad people like isn't to much her relatives hates I can understand but her friends too not to forget her classmate like can't anyone be nice I feel it's too dark and the Viciousness is too much to read

  3. Hmm, im not sure since people had a different taste but If you want to read a lot of dogblood drama then bam (• ▽ •;) I always face palming while reading this tho

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