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Back to the 80s to Raise a Wolfy Boyfriend

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[Sweet pet text, strong men and strong women, 1V1, portable space]

Only after Gu Jin died did he know that the only person who collected her body and avenged her by any means was the little wolf cub who had a good meal.

After rebirth, she found the little boy who was being bullied and thinned into a lute bone, and adopted him regardless of everyone’s opposition.

In this era of business opportunities everywhere, Gu Jinyin accidentally stepped into the world of supernatural powers, holding the space and starting his cub-raising career.

But I don’t know when, she accidentally raised the cub crooked…

Many years later.

Gu Jin watched the handsome business emperor on TV, but in reality, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth.

She thought she was raising a caring little padded coat, but she never thought that the other party was a cannibal little wolf dog.


The resurrection of life Gu Jin changed his fate against the sky and became a respected little nine master.

No one knows everything from aristocratic families to the wealthy and upstarts.

Ancient art is in hand, wealth and power are in hand!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:R80
Alternate Title:重生八零养狼崽
Author:She's a Flower
Weekly Rank:#115
Monthly Rank:#50
All Time Rank:#219
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Cultivation, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magical Space, Rebirth, Slow Romance, Time Travel,
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12 Comments on “Back to the 80s to Raise a Wolfy Boyfriend
  1. Anyone know what and where this story is: Flower Farmers in the Two Worlds After graduating from xx university, he did not enter the workplace or stay in school for further study. Instead, he returned to his hometown, a small town, with that yard, growing flowers and grass by himself. But one day, a strange jade he dug in the back mountain gave him the ability to go to another world. So a protagonist who gathered the strengths of the two worlds and worked hard to plant flowers appeared. After so many years, when the cultivators in the cultivation world looked at the scarlet bloody, fearsome cannibal flower in the secret realm, they heard a sincere sigh, "It's so beautiful!" Everyone in the cultivation world: "... " This is an article about farming (planting flowers) with golden fingers. The protagonist wears it on both sides, and the plot is cool on both sides. The appearance is indifferent and the heart is gentle. When I become jealous, I even attack myself in the form of soul fragments in the early stage, but will merge into one person in the later stage.

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