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Back To Qiqi Farming To Raise Children

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Xu Shiyan was reborn back to forty years ago, the second day of his wedding.

Shui Lingling’s daughter-in-law has just entered the house, and everything is off to the best start.

Farming, hunting, going to the mountains to dig a big ginseng, life in the 1970s was actually quite good.

I didn’t have much skill in my previous life, and I don’t have any grand wishes in this life. I just want to live a good life with my daughter-in-law and cultivate my daughter into a talent.

The eldest daughter likes to write, so let her take the Chinese department of a key university.

The second daughter likes to sing and dance, and the art school is good.

As for that bastard son, the prodigal son, he didn’t have a chance to stuff it back into his mother’s belly in his previous life, so he just wanted to be born in this life.

But why are some things different?

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Short Title:BTQFTRC
Alternate Title:重回七七种田养娃
Weekly Rank:#122
Monthly Rank:#89
All Time Rank:#1527
Tags:Business Management, Caring Protagonist, Childcare, Devoted Love Interests, Easy Going Life, Farming, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, Second Chance, Twins,
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25 Comments on “Back To Qiqi Farming To Raise Children
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  1. Its actually quite good...my first time reading that the man of the family is the one reborn and main storyteller..i wish there would be a lot of novel like these...those who love to grow ginseng can probably learn 1 or 2 things from the novel...he he he he he....if anyone had other story like this do comment on my post...thanks.

  2. A rather nice story. It's very much "slice of life" and things progress at a slow and steady pace. Aside from being reborn the MC has no powers and is just a good guy working hard to get ahead. I especially liked the side characters and recommend this to anyone looking for some quiet enjoyment.

  3. The novels are a good slice of life, and end with several chapters each of their children. I recommend reading this novel

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