Chapter 907 Hunting

  How many Wall Street institutions could not grab the shares of ICQ if they wanted to snap up them, but now they can get a controlling stake in ICQ with US$20 billion. Is it worth it? !

  If you are not optimistic about the Internet industry in the current situation, then you are taking a risk.

  ICQ looks precarious. It seems that it can fall apart at any time. It owes a lot of debts. The major industries under its umbrella all want to stand on its own. With more than 20 billion dollars, it is likely to buy an empty shell and come back in the end.

Of course, if you are optimistic about the Internet, it will be another scene. Now Song Yang only needs to use a part of the dollars he cashed out from ICQ to get ICQ, American Telecom, ICNC TV, NBC Group, and Comcast TV. Internet, Universal Music, Universal Pictures and other industries!

The situation is different, and the scenery we see is naturally different. The reason why Wall Street, Silicon Valley Venture Capital and other investment institutions began to avoid ICQ like snakes is that ICQ's main Internet business has suffered too much losses, and it is carrying a buttock of debts, which may go bankrupt at any time. Lei, don't care how many properties it owns, it may end up going bankrupt, and the properties under it will be auctioned off one by one...

  Wall Street is not a charitable organization, and certainly would not be willing to pay for ICQ. Let them cut leeks, and cover the bottom line for ICQ.

"If you can get a 30% stake in ICQ from General Electric, and then buy more than 5% of the stock from the market, the North American Global Investment Foundation will be able to regain control of ICQ. The overall cost is expected to be 23 billion U.S. dollars Within the knife!"

  Marcus thought about it for a moment and said, this is all real money. In the current market, no stocks, bonds and other big pies are feasible. Everyone now only recognizes dollars.

This Internet crash has profoundly affected the changes in the entire Silicon Valley and the Internet. From then on, there will be a subprime mortgage crisis a few years later, so that major technology companies are clinging to their own money bags, and there is no one in their accounts. Hundreds of billions of dollars in cash flow, I can't sleep well...

   "The key is to see if Immelt is willing to let go. I heard that the board of directors of General Electric and many investors are dissatisfied with Immelt."

  Grek frowned and said, what did Immelt rely on in the first place, and now he is backlashed.

  At the beginning, Immelt became the head of General Electric, which was "desired by all", because he could raise the stock price of General Electric, bring huge returns, stock dividends, etc. to the board of directors, Wall Street institutions, and investors.

   But now, the stock price of General Electric has plummeted, and ICQ is in jeopardy. Don’t talk about dividends. Seeing that General Electric is about to fall into the ditch, those who praised Immelt at the beginning now have a lot of opinions on him.

  "He will agree, Immelt will make the "right" choice, let ICQ leave, and GE will follow through!"

Song Yang said, no one can do it if you are hindered. It is very difficult to accomplish one thing, but if you want to hinder one thing, then... there are means, just see if you are willing to use them. The people on Wall Street Hei, dare to do anything, Song Yang is just not willing to use those methods, and it's not like he can't!

  General Electric urgently needs a life-saving dollar, and also needs a federal financial guarantee for it, and then borrows a large sum of dollars to restore GE's various businesses, especially the financial lending business.

Why are congressmen on Capitol Hill making bad remarks about General Electric, shorting GE’s stock price, creating public opinion, and preventing the Bank of America from providing loans to General Electric? The little cowboy said a few words in private that he might not save General Electric in the future. After this set of combined punches, it was enough to make things worse, and General Electric couldn't afford it and walked away.

   It depends on whether Immelt is sensible or not. He will kill him while he is sick. Now General Electric is in a weak period.

  Of course, if the position is changed now, it is estimated that Immelt will be more ruthless. Refer to General Electric’s deal with Alstom, and you will be able to know Immelt’s wrist. There is no right or wrong in this kind of thing, only the size of the benefit!

When Gleick and Marcus went out, they passed Bezos who was waiting outside. The two nodded to Bezos. Gleick and Marcus, for the current impression of Amazon, are just a family. "Small" companies, if it weren't for Song Yang's favor for Amazon, maybe they wouldn't care about Amazon at all, and now they are ready to hunt for a behemoth like General Electric.


   Bezos entered the study, and Bezos immediately said to Song Yang, "Thank you for your support of Amazon!"

  No matter why Song Yang is so supportive of Amazon and what his intentions are, Bezos must thank Song Yang. At this time, the outside world is looking down on Amazon, and only Song Yang is still supporting Amazon.

  Song Yang poured a glass of wine and pushed it in front of Bezos, "This is the brew of Seagram Wine Industry, and it is not easy to find on the market!"

Song Yang is now sparing no effort to promote the brand wine of Seagram Liquor Industry. The Bruno Family Club mainly provides Seagram wine. As for whether the Bronfman family will be worried, it is not Song Yang who needs to consider. that's it.

   "On the day of Amazon's listing, I promised that Amazon's market value did not exceed US$1 trillion, and I would not sell Amazon's stock." Song Yang said to Bezos with a smile.

Bezos couldn't help laughing when he heard this. He only thought that Song Yang was joking. Amazon still has a market value of trillions of dollars. Now it seems that it is going to die all the way. Amazon’s market value is less than US$4 billion, which is 250 times less than the market value of US$1 trillion. That is to say, Amazon’s current scale needs to be doubled by 200 times. Bezos dare not dream of that dream now.

Bezos said to Song Yang, "Song, I don't know why you are optimistic about Amazon, but Amazon is two completely different models from eBay. Amazon needs a warehouse center, a distribution center, and enough employees. To complete sorting, delivery and other business!"

Now the two giants of e-commerce, eBay and Amazon, are both industries in the hands of Song Yang, but the situation is completely different. Amazon’s stock price has plummeted, while eBay’s stock price has dropped a lot, but it still has a market value of more than tens of billions of dollars. Life is much better than Amazon.

"I see!"

Originally, I wanted to persuade Song Yang to let Song Yang know that everything Amazon did was necessary, including the current burning of money and expansion, etc., but as soon as Bezos opened his mouth, he heard Song Yang's words and made him The rest of Bezos' words were stuck in his throat.

  Song Yang looked at Bezos, "I know Amazon, and now I have encountered some "little" troubles, some flies are eyeing Amazon, I believe Amazon can tide over the difficulties, and I am willing to help Amazon!

Spark Fund will continue to acquire Amazon stock, provide funds for Amazon, let Amazon repay the 125 million dollars owed to the bank, subscribe for Amazon's bonds, and the voting rights of the board of directors can still authorize Bezos to you, but North American Global Investment Fund and Spark Fund , To become a major shareholder of Amazon! "

Song Yang has invested in eBay and Amazon, which respectively represent different models of the e-commerce industry. Even if he plays tricks, it is just the two models. Fighting, it is better to become the major shareholder of eBay and Amazon, no matter how you do it, it is the same pot of meat, and the rot is also rotten in Song Yang's pot.

  “Of course, the North American Global Investment Fund will also get rid of the few flies surrounding Amazon.

   I hear that Surya guy, now in a hedge fund, seems to want to short Amazon! "

Song Yang said that the cloud is calm, but Amazon feels murderous. He has heard that Song Yang is hunting down the Wall Street short sellers on the double-click company. Now, Bezos does not know whether Song Yang will Again.

"make a deal!"

Bezos took a deep breath. He also hated Surya's gang who were chasing after Amazon to bite him. Naturally, he was happy to let Surya's gang stumble, "I will transfer 5% of the shares to Spark Fund!"

Bezos gave up 5% of his shares, leaving 35% of his shares in Amazon, while Song Yang, through the North American Global Investment Foundation and Spark Fund, jointly held 41% of Amazon shares. If you buy a part of the equity on the Internet, the Amazon equity in your hand can even exceed 51%.

At that time, Song Yang and Bezos may hold more than 85% of Amazon's shares together, and the remaining shares in the market may only have more than a dozen percent. If it is Amazon, the gang of Wall Street hedgers For the fund...

  (end of this chapter)

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