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Back Off, Let Me Come

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Shen Tang woke up on the way to distribution, and found that the world was very unscientific.

The divine stone descended from the sky, and a hundred kingdoms competed for each other.

Wen condenses the heart, and the export comes true.

Gathering martial arts and courage, splitting mountains and breaking seas.

What she thought was a pretty boy, saying “Hold the gun and jump the horse”, the next second the armor is attached to the body, the spear is in hand, and one person forms an army, and thousands of troops can kill seven in and seven out!

The tuberculosis ghost in her eyes, she said “the stars are scattered all over the world”, the sky is like a round cover, the land is like a chess game, and the formation of troops is easy to come by!

This TM can’t be considered unscientific!

It is clear that the coffin of science has been nailed to death by theology!

And she—

“My lord, there is a severe drought in Beijun, why don’t you cry?”

Shen Tang: “…”

“My lord, Nanzhou flood, why don’t you smile more?”

Shen Tang: “…”


Looking at the ten bowls of rice that she killed, the pockets that were cleaner than her face, and a group of villagers who were starving for food, harboring malicious intentions and causing trouble all day long, Shen Tang, the village chief who was suspected of being the reincarnation of the rice bucket and a true soul painter, had to give up his beloved He was forced to embark on the road of applying for a job as a prince.

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Short Title:BOLMC
Alternate Title:退下,让朕来
Author:Fried Shiitake Mushrooms
Weekly Rank:#1571
Monthly Rank:#2434
All Time Rank:#8986
Tags:Action, Ancient Times, Army Building, Character Development, Cross-dressing, Depictions of Cruelty, Female Protagonist, Kingdoms, Loyal Subordinates, Martial arts, Mysterious Past, Personality Changes, Poor Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, Shameless Protagonist, Transmigration,
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  1. group of villagers who were starving for food, harboring malicious intentions and causing trouble all day long = does not exist

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