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Avenue Gold List, Me! The Supreme Valkyrie Was Exposed

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Zhao Wu traveled through the world of Qin Dynasty. He wanted to be a dandy, marry a few beautiful wives and concubines, and be happy and happy.

Unexpectedly, the Dadao Jinbang turned out.

Everyone who ranks in the gold list will be rewarded with great roads.

For the first time, on the Excalibur List, the first place is the Shenlong Sword; the second place is the Peerless Sword…

Ying Zheng: “What? My Tianwen didn’t make the top ten? The top ten holders are all the gods?”

The second time, the legion list, the first place, the undead soldier, the second place, the invisible ghost soldier…

Meng Tian: “How is it possible? My Golden Fire Cavalry is not in the top ten? There is no army in the top ten in the empire?”

The third time, the stunning list, the first place, Yan Ling Ji, the second place, the Snow Girl, the third place…

For the fourth time, the killer list, the first place, Yan Fei, the second place, the scared salamander, the third place…

“My God, the top ten on the stunning list turned out to be the top ten on the killer list, do you kill with beauty?”

With the announcement of the lists one by one, Zhao Wu’s identity as the god of war can no longer go on!

And everyone was horrified to discover…

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Short Title:AGLMSVWE
Alternate Title:大道金榜,我!至高武神被曝光了
Author:Suckling pig
Weekly Rank:#5005
Monthly Rank:#5141
All Time Rank:#4330
Tags:Harem, Kingdoms, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Soldiers, Strong to Stronger,
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19 Comments on “Avenue Gold List, Me! The Supreme Valkyrie Was Exposed
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  1. It's fine. All is as expected with this novel. However this MC is probably one of the cringiest MC's I've seen. Ive not even read 20 chapters and I can't stand a word that comes out of his mouth lol.

  2. Actually scratch that. Not just the words coming out of his mouth. In 2 chapters the amount of times those women kissed his ass he'll probably have trouble sitting down for a while. The discomfort I'm feeling is immense.

  3. I recommend reading My Disciples Suck!, it was really fun for me at least. You guys can try it and see if you will also like it.

  4. Lol people here be like, "the 4th rank goes to valkyrie", then rank number 18 be like " I will find you if you don't agree to submit to me I will kill you", these dumb people think they can kill the higher rank and siezr the treasure lol these braindead people dialogs are fucking nonsense as fuck. If people are higher rank than you as a swordsman then they are fucking strong, how are you going to kill them lol brain dead author. The fucking arrogance is disgusting lol

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