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Aura Recovery: Extreme Ice Emperor

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Novel Summary

Ye Dong crossed to the blue star that was resurrected with aura, and this planet was full of wars and dangers.

In order to allow his parents to live in the iron castle with the highest safety factor, Ye Dong resolutely applied for the war college.

He originally expected to be able to awaken a C-level ability, but he didn’t expect to awaken the S-level extreme ice power at the beginning of the game. He thought it was his superior talent, but he did not expect it to be a system awakening!

Killing any creature can get enhanced points and improve the realm!

Strengthening points can not only improve the four-dimensional attributes, but even evolve skills!

From then on, Ye Dong was as if he had opened up, crushing the powerhouses from all walks of life, killing all kinds of orcs and animals, the gods and Buddhas were unstoppable!

Eventually become the battle ceiling of Blue Star!

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Short Title:AREIE
Alternate Title:灵气复苏:极寒冰帝
Author:Arrogant Piff
Weekly Rank:#718
Monthly Rank:#586
All Time Rank:#667
Tags:Aliens, Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Cheat, Cheats, Collection of Short Stories, Cultivation, Demons, Evil Organizations, Gods, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Hidden Abilities, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Reverse R*pe, Romantic Subplot, Smart Couple, Special Abilities, Strong Love Interests, Strong to Stronger, System, Weak to Strong,
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48 Comments on “Aura Recovery: Extreme Ice Emperor
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  1. It starts out strong. Mc awakens an s level power and a system his system allows him to kill enemies and increase his stats mmorpg style. While everyone else is training mc is killing mobs. The progression system is fine. The problem is things are promised that aren't delivered on. At the beginning mc is taught by a girl and you think that the author is going to leave things open so she becomes relevant in the future, but no author wants you to forget she exists. At one point mc takes a master he doesn't teach mc anything he throws him into a forbidden ground then in about 50 chapters he dies. It served no purpose for the narrative. Mc avenges him and he's never brought up again. They tease all these cool factions and then the author decides its too much work to write them well so he doesn't. Example the rebels were ment to be a group that broke away from the big bad and while still criminals they are helping the government to deal with the main bad guy. Mc just happens to stumble upon their secret never before discovered base while out training, and it turns out this organization that was teased as a cool faction is just a bunch of guys that get drunk in the woods.

  2. I am fucking irritated with how they handle that mental power chick thay would have just ended it once and for all but they keep dragging but keep blaming themselves when things go wrong and she trusts her too much he isn't suspicious of any of her behaviors.

  3. esta novela es mala . . . empieza medianamente bien y termina cuando por fin su familia puede estar en un "área segura",en dos salidas a la ciudad vieja que seria al área silvestre haciende de ningún nivel a nivel 2 y pico casi al nivel 3 y deja de subir por que quiere "probar" su fuerza y luego se pone a hacer un juego de gremios en lugar de de ascender en poder . . . como decia la clasica frase? ante el poder absoluto cualquier truco es solo una broma? parece que este autor no se la sabe

  4. I think the domineering thing ruined the novel like after hearing about it most of his points are spend trying to learn it and other skills which are left behind like he is an elementals but he is obsessed with the domineering cr*ap like I understand that it is to fight with elemental bodies but can only physical fighters deal with them? Can't your oun elemental magic do harm to them? Mc never tried he just kicked the guy and miss it. Also his personality is like a 15yrs old guy I like that he isn't a b*tch when he kills his enemies but outside battles he is too soft like I just hope that his family gets killed by his enemies for him trusting too much on other humans

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