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At the Beginning, Indra Chakra Broke Out

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Traveling to the Uchiha clan, taking into account the relationship between Konoha and Uchiha, based on the principle of shooting the first bird, even with the standard plug-in of the traverser, Liu Feng has always been a low-key person.

[Ding, you defeat the Uchiha Madara (Junior Edition) projection, and get: Indra Chakra, Fire Dunge, Fire Fighting! 】

[Ding, you defeat the Thousand-Hand Projection Between Pillars, and get: Ashura Chakra, Perfect Immortal Human Body + Mu Dun! 】

[Ding, you defeated Datongmu Huiye Projection, and obtained: Blood Rescue Snare, Nine Gouyu Jade Reincarnation Writing Round Eyes! 】

Low-key? Low-key ghost! ! !

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Short Title:ABICBO
Alternate Title:开局爆出因陀罗查克拉
Author:Naruto cedar
Weekly Rank:#317
Monthly Rank:#322
All Time Rank:#657
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Bloodlines, Eye Powers, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Mind Control, Naruto, Ninjas, One Piece, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Rebirth, Ruthless Protagonist, System, Time Skip, Transmigration, World Travel,
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95 Comments on “At the Beginning, Indra Chakra Broke Out
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  1. Saran buat yang pengen baca kalau enggak mau lihat protagonis utama dalam sebuah cerita asli berubah jangan baca disini Naruto jadi tumbal tapi bagusnya di kakek kang korupsi clannya terbantai semua sebagai kompensasi untuk Konoha serta nanti si kakek korupsi juga nanti mati konyol owh iya si komplotan si kakek korupsi yang pengen jadi hokage juga di bantai clannya serta dia mati di tangan adeknya Tsunade lalu si Luffy enggak bisa jadi bajak laut kayak cerita asli yang ada disuruh jadi angkatan laut terus si Nami dan Robin juga di colong MC enggak tahu nanti siapa yang gantiin Nami dan Robin di team Luffy terus ya walau di end masih bisa berlayar tapi bukan jadi bajak laut melainkan petualang dunia ke 3 itu Bleach enggak tahu nanti bakal kayak mana.

  2. In my opinion this fanfic is pretty good. Thw only shortcomings is because it's too short. The author's like trying to make a short story. For example, the author just skip a few years to reach the plot and even WWN4 start 2 or 3 years earlier than it supposed to. But the most regret thing is that the author doesn't add Shizund,Kurenai and Ino into MC harem. Three of them is also a top beauty, especially Kurenai. Princess Vivi is also the same from one piece. If it was me I give 3.5 star.

  3. There are no longer update here since this novel is from faloo. Faloo novel=hiatus/dropped novel in this site unless the novel is already completed when it's uploaded here.

  4. The author of this story rarely finds good information before. No, the Navy doesn't search Porelli. The Navy already knows where Raleigh is in the anime Garp Young. being held in slavery The Navy knew a long time ago where we Lie. To catch it, it's not worth it, but it's not worth it. Because Rayleigh is no longer a pirate, if he catches Rayleigh, the navy will be seriously damaged, and Rayleigh isn't afraid. Navy too Because in this novel, Raleigh is at its peak, a golden age. The body is not yet old. like in anime The Navy must be afraid of Rayleigh.

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