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As the Villain, All the Female Protagonists Want To Push Me Back?

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Su Mingyuan travels through the villain in the novel world of Chengdu. As long as he plays the villain well and completes the plot, he can get the villain value, and he can return to the earth if he saves 100,000.

Unexpectedly, Su Mingyuan, who had saved enough travel expenses, unfortunately encountered the turbulence of time and space when he traveled back to the earth, and the time went back to the first day when he was the villain.

Everything has to start all over again. “Isn’t it just playing the villain again? My acting skills have long since changed. Look at me this time for a year, no, I will accumulate enough villain value within half a year!” Su Mingyuan is optimistic and confident.

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Alternate Title:身为反派,女主个个想逆推我?
Author:a heart
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Monthly Rank:#2426
All Time Rank:#6131
Tags:Enemies Become Lovers, Handjob, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, System, Villain,
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22 Comments on “As the Villain, All the Female Protagonists Want To Push Me Back?
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  1. Well this kind of dish is not my taste, i prefer Become a Villain in a Book, and the Female Designs collapsed. Although villain but this is just sadomastic realtionship in reverse. Every heroine make so mamy calculation even toward his friends or competitor this kind setting, are you really heroine ? Even simple minded person like ruo something got calculated

  2. I like this new idea but mc is kinda being played by woman's well leaving that can anyone recommend me a novel that has similar story like in first life he acted like villain so he can go back home but for some reason he has to replay his role and not only he but other female lead also come back to be with him But twist is that this time system got upgraded and now he will not play villain and his story will change to mose like reborn person that needs to take revenge on to people maybe it my come a little bit strange but this kind story will be good as those people will suffer that killed him after that he can go back home I don't know if there is novel like that or not but I am looking forward to one

  3. I do have some! There is one I am currently reading now on another website. It is called "Become a Villain in a Book, and the Female Designs collapsed". Although I would not say that this novel would be better, as there is really too many girls falling in love with the Villain mc and can't really be compared to this, but it is still quite a quality read.

  4. For those who wants to find the chapters up to 181, the link is http://www.bixia.org/book/2729/. The last chapter here continues at 159.

  5. Trash novel. Mc is always screwed up by these dumb bitches who 'believe' some shit that mc wrote in his previous life while mc after failing always comes up with the excuse that next time it will be fine instead of introspecting and finding out where and why things went wrong, especially when it's related to the girls. This mc is a complete waste. Trash mc 😡

  6. What do you mean when you say he is trash? The MC cannot do anything about it, he is the villain of the so-called plot and he is forced to follow it, he can't act out of line. It is not like he can ask the fmcs or talk about anything related to the plot (the system would punish him). The condition of writing the diary was for him to relieve stress, on the condition that the diary was not seen by others, so he would have never known that this diary could be seen by others. Even if it was seen, how is it his business? After all, he should have left the world by then (I said should). So he is indeed correct to not think about why things went wrong because his thought process is incorrect in the first place. If we were in the same position, we would be clueless too. And this makes his actions believable. Plus, you really do not consider the perspective of the female protagonists. They believe the things he wrote because it is true (if you have read on, you should have known that the main male protagonist's so-called junior brother is him, and his actions are genuine. As the identity of junior brother, he goes to help the fmcs in the name of the main protagonist, which is the cause of the fmcs loving the main protagonist in the first. When they realize that is the villain that they initially hated to be that "knight", of course, they would fall in love with him. The villain saved them on multiple occasions and encouraged them. For example, for Murong Hongxue, the villain did not call her "dirty" in simple terms, being a child of a prostitute, and saved her on multiple occasions, and became her so-called light.). And this is pretty realistic in my opinion. I highly suspect you have only read the early chapters in the beginning and gave up, because there are many plots that need to be deep-dived and could be analyzed, for example, why are they acting this way, like why are these fmcs choosing to act in certain ways, and the villain's character development in the later stages, when he starts accepting the situation and accept the fmcs love. Or you could be too lazy to do so because of your lack in interest. I do not know why many of you hate Chinese novels like this, but I do like some of their plots, like this one, because it is unique. I wrote this so many other readers would not be misled by your opinion. The above is just my take on this novel (I do like it a lot), and if you do not agree that is fine with me. But I just want to give another perspective to readers considering reading this novel. I do find it a unique read among a lot of the Chinese novels I read. It is hardly repetitive, considering the unique circumstances the villain is thrown into. It was enjoyable nonetheless. If you do not like such an mc, then I am sorry for wasting your time.

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