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As Superman’s Younger Brother, I Became a Native of the Motherland

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Wonder Woman: Why are you Superman’s younger brother? Eric replied: On the first day of travel, I, who was also a baby, climbed into Superman’s baby capsule, pushed him out, occupied the nest by myself, and became a “son of Krypton”.

Superman: Why don’t you save the plane? Eric replied: I will not lift things by stepping on the air.

Batman: Why didn’t kryptonite work for you this time? Eric replied: I originally wanted to get along with you as a Kryptonian, but in exchange it was alienation.

Okay, I’m not pretending anymore, I’ll showdown, I’m a native of the motherland. …… This is a story about a man who was mistaken for a Kryptonian with a template of the motherland, but is actually a sinister and black guy who is doing things in the world of superheroes.

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Short Title:ASYBIBNM
Alternate Title:身为超人弟弟的我却成了祖国人
Author:Yoshiichi who escaped
Weekly Rank:#1508
Monthly Rank:#1972
All Time Rank:#4995
Tags:Anti-social Protagonist, Antihero Protagonist, Evil Gods, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist,
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  1. Que novela más mierda 280 caps tiene Racismo no tiene harem el mc es muy retardado hacen ver a los personajes como idiotas que son niños sin cerebro

  2. Me too, as a reader said in the comments: I've been thinking about dropping CN soap operas lately, I'll probably stop reading everything. Because of all the racism and nationalism going on in it. I'm totally fed up. My mind has constantly degenerated from the poisons in them. It feels suffocating. Like I'm drowning. I'm glad that all this rubbish that has racism is stupid nationalism I drop it soon after seeing it started to appear.

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