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As a Keeper of the Sutra Pavilion, You Will Become Stronger By Reading!

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Novel Summary

Once he traveled through the fantasy world of immortals and martial arts where human lives are like ants, he was immediately faced with Qin Feng, who was about to be kicked out of the Holy Land. At the critical moment, he was summoned by the guardian of the Sutra Pavilion who had arrived at the deadline.

Therefore, he became the successor to the keeper of the Sutra Pavilion. He not only had to memorize the locations and details of millions of books within ten years, but also provided guidance to the disciples in the Holy Land without any mistakes.

Fortunately, he has a photographic memory and completed the ten-year task within half a year. He is also able to comprehensively improve his own strength by reading classics.

[Extensive reading of “Wind and Thunder Palm”, qualification +1, understanding +1. 】

[Read “Wind and Thunder Palm” carefully… Read “Wind and Thunder Palm” carefully, qualification +2, understanding +2, constitution +2, life span +2. 】

[You have understood “Wind and Thunder Palm” and mastered the advanced martial arts “Nine Heavens Wind and Thunder Palm”! 】

[You have clearly understood the “Five Senses Blocking” and mastered the advanced secret method “Consciousness Blocking”! 】

[You have mastered the “Nine Heavens Zhengfa” and learned the advanced technique “Qiankun Tiandi Jing” from it! 】

In this way, Qin Feng worked steadily as the guardian of his Scripture Pavilion. When he was in a good mood, he would occasionally be willing to help others. He created many talented people and brought back countless new books. Until one day, Fengyun Rewinding, the world is torn apart, and under the raging evil power that reaches the sky and the earth, the Holy Land is in danger, and even the saints are bleeding.

“I am a quiet person, why should I worry about the affairs of the world? You guys really deserve to die~”

In an instant, a green light flashed past, the demon king fell, and the world was silent!

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Short Title:AKSP
Alternate Title:藏经阁守阁人,阅读就变强!
Author:Looking at the stars and the moon
Weekly Rank:#100
Monthly Rank:#51
All Time Rank:#5818
Tags:Alchemy, Male Protagonist, System, Weak to Strong, Xuanhuan,
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5 Comments on “As a Keeper of the Sutra Pavilion, You Will Become Stronger By Reading!
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  1. Unfortunately, this novel turned out to be very, very boring. I can't even fathom why it is that the main character appears in only 20% of the story, while the many secondary characters in 80%, despite the fact that I didn't start reading it because I'm interested in the secondary characters. The system unfollowable, unfortunately, and meaningless. The character of the main character is not interesting, very average, as is the main story itself. I give it a 10/2 with all goodwill, although even this is a sign of kindness.

  2. "As a Keeper of the Sutra Pavilion, You Will Become Stronger By Reading!" is pretty good. It reminds me somewhat of "Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years", in that the main character doesn't go out much, just staying inside and cheating to gain power. In both novels, the main character only personally interacts with a few people, and it's through those people's eyes that we catch glimpses into the wider world. I find some of the humor funny, and some of it is groan-worthy. 7/10 stars

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