Kowloon 诛 “ "Master, well! Let's not discuss this topic first, I suggest you go to Tianyan City to find your sister earlier! Staying in this yellow fish town is only a bad place, no use..lā"

"Yes!" Ye Tian agreed in the heart of the Kowloon evil opinion.

At the moment, this world of dreams is full of killings everywhere. If you let the simple little glutinous rice and Ji Xiaoxiao look too much, I am afraid there will be very bad things to discover.

It’s just a world of dreams.

You can't use the food he took out from the source space.

If you don't add physical strength, then the little glutinous rice will be starved to death with Ji Xiaoxiao!

Think of this.

Ye Tian had to go into a restaurant with a small glutinous rice and Ji Xiaoxiao, and then he would eat it first.

But with the full table of wine, come up.

Ye Tiancai found a problem.

That is the currency in which he does not have this world at all.

If the boss finds that he is eating a king meal, then the situation is not good.

Ji Xiaoxiao also found something wrong.

After she left the second child, she even said, "Ye Tiange! Do you want to return the food? Just eat a few hoes."

Ye Tian hasn't answered yet, but Xiaomi is not open to heart. "Why! My young master is not without money?"

This is an export.

She feels something is wrong.

The chicken legs that were eaten by the mouth were quickly put down, and the color of worry on the pretty face was "disastrous, miserable! I forgot that this is a world of dreams for a hundred years. We have no money at all."

"Don't eat it! If you don't have money, you won't sell it!" Ye Tian shook his head helplessly. "With my ability, I am afraid I can't make money in this world?"

"This is true!" Ji Xiaoxiao nodded.

"The young master is now ready to go out to make money?" Xiaomi asked with embarrassment.

They all blame her for being greedy, otherwise there will be no such embarrassing situation.

Ye Tian did not answer, but looked at the luxurious private room opposite, suddenly had an idea.

He said, "Small you have a good meal with Xiaomi, I will come when I go, right! Xiaojin is also fed, if the food is not enough, you can call."

"Good!" Ji Xiaoxiao.

Xiaomi followed by looking at the luxurious private room. When I saw a few rich people wearing gold and silver in it, I suddenly knew what his young master wanted to do.

But she did not say it.

Instead, pick up the chicken legs in front of you and eat them with a taste.

Ye Tian secretly used the eyes of the space to inspect the surrounding situation, and then walked with his hands to the opposite luxury room.

Not yet close.

I heard the voice of a low-pitched conversation in the luxury private room.

"You heard that there is no, the patriarch of Tian Jianzong mainly started with Qin Ming, the first master of our big country. Yesterday, I personally took thousands of disciples to Tianyan City!"

"No? Who did you hear from this news? Did Qin Ming not rely on Daxiangguo to go to the dog? How could it appear in Tianyan City?"

"Yes! Tianyan City is a rebellious city. If Qin Ming is in Tianyan City, then he is also a rebel."

"You are really right to say this. If Qin Ming is not a rebel, how could he be targeted by the patriarch of the Tianjian sect, because the patriarch of the Tianjian sect is also the running dog of the king of the great kingdom!"

"Hey! Just a little sound, be careful with the ears on the wall!"


Ye Tian heard this, and he smiled.

When I stepped forward, I kicked the door of the luxury private room. "Sorry, I have already heard it. You dare to say that the lord of the Tianjian sect is a running dog. I will go with Tian Jianzong!"

"Who are you? How dare you arbitrarily slap private rooms?"

"Roll... Get out!"

The five local rich people in the luxury private room, one by one, looked at Ye Tian who walked in. Although the speech was very hard, the look of fear in the eyes could not be changed.

Ye Tian saw this scene and laughed. "Okay! I can get out, but wait until the emperor of the next day, you don't blame me."

After saying this, he turned and left.

"My ancestors, don't!" A fat-faced black-faced local rich man knows that Ye Tian is not good, and quickly got up and stretched out Ye Tian, ​​I wanted to try Ye Tian's strength, and then wait for an opportunity to do it. The countermeasures were made, but the next second he was shocked.

Because with the strength of his hands, he couldn't pull Ye Tianfen at all, but he was pulled out of the private room.

Feeling something wrong with the black-faced local rich, she was shocked by this sudden scene. She instinctively cried and asked, "This big brother, what are you going to let me go! Money and women, and Other secret news about Tianyan City, as long as you say it, I will all meet you."

"This is what you said!" Ye Tian looked back at the black-faced local rich, and the look of the face was "Listen, I want this Qin Ming's details, and... all the money on you." All handed over."

"Ah?" The black-faced local rich man heard only these two conditions, and suddenly he breathed a sigh of relief. "Good! Good! I don't know much about Qin Ming's information..."


After a while.

Ye Tian took a storage bag and sat back with satisfaction to the small room where Xiaomi and Ji Xiaoxiao were located.

"Young master, money got it?" Ye Tiangang sat down, and Xiaomi couldn't wait to ask.

Ji Xiaoxiao also looked forward to Ye Tian.

"Of course, if you don't have enough food, you can have a few more delicious dishes!" Ye Tian smiled back. "But after eating and drinking, we must go to Tianyan City immediately."

"Why?" Little glutinous rice is puzzled.

It takes at least a rest to eat and drink, so that is comfortable.

Ji Xiaoxiao is very understanding, and laughs and laughs, "Silly glutinous rice, Ye Tiange wants Qianqian sister, this does not know."

"It turned out to be like this!" Xiaomi Mi suddenly realized, but she did not mean a jealous meaning. After her big eyes, she even greeted Xiaoji with a few more dishes she had never eaten.

Ye Tian listened and shook his head, but he did not stop it.

After all, he is also a little hungry.

Fill your stomach first.

But really, at this time, he did not think of his sister Ye Qianqian, but was curious about this Qin Ming, listening to the old face of the rich man to talk about ~www.mtlnovel.com~ this Qin Ming is not simple.

With one's own strength, it has been fighting against Tian Jianzong of hundreds of thousands of people for nearly ten years. It has not fallen. Although it says that its own strength occupies a large component, it is said that no one can help.

He did not believe in killing him.

Because Tian Jianzong is in the top five in the overall strength of this dream century.

There have been many powerful people who have been stronger than Qin Ming, and they have fallen into the hands of the Emperor of Heavenly Swordsmen. Qin Ming is a special case.

Not only did he do the right thing with Tian Jianzong, but he even threatened to overthrow this dark court.

This is really interesting for Ye Tian.

Because a strong dream of a world born in a century of dreams must overthrow a court that is controlled by a century of heaven, which means a dream of a hundred years.

The strength is not very good.


This Qin Ming is also like him, drinking nine days of nectar, is the strong from the mainland.

"Hey! I don't want to. When I arrived at Tianyan City, I knew what kind of person Qin Ming was!" Ye Tianjian saw Xiaomi and Ji Xiaoxiao both ate and drank enough. In fact, they went to checkout.

After buying a map to Tianyan City with the shopkeeper, he hired a carriage and started non-stop.