Qingshi Village entrance.

The village head took all the villagers in Qingshi Village to stay there.

When I saw that only Ye Tian came alone.

One by one, cheering and welcoming.

Among these people, there are Ji Xiaoxiao and Xiaomi.

"Young man! You are really the great benefactor of our Qingshi Village!" The village chief's tears burst into tears.

Other villagers saw it and followed closely.

For a time, you can hear all the noise.

"You don't do this!" Ye Tian quickly reached for the village head: "Today's business is not worth mentioning for me, but this Qingshi Village has been discovered by the court. I advise you to move quickly! ”

“Transfer?” The village chief glimpsed, and some did not understand the meaning of Ye Tian’s words.

Under the heavens, it is not the king.

It is useless to transfer to the ends of the earth.

"It means to temporarily avoid it!" Ye Tiandao: "I have to leave, go to Tianyan City to find my friend."

"Okay! I know I can't keep the young man!" The village chief has some helplessness: "But before going, can you tell the villagers of Qingshi Village a way of life!"

Ye Tian was able to scare away the tens of thousands of horses in the court by his own power. This strength is no longer what ordinary people can have.

If you can reveal some of the world's general trends, then Bluestone Village can definitely be safe in a hundred years.

This is not a delusion, but an experience.

Ye Tian didn't think that the village head would ask this question. He smiled at a sigh: "In fact, I have already pointed out the way of life, and that is the opposite."

"Reverse?" The village chief tasted this and then laughed.

If he doesn't understand.

That is an idiot.

"Then we are gone!" Ye Tianchao Xiaoxiao, Xiaomi and Xiaojinqiu beckoned, then took the lead and headed for Tianyancheng.

The reason why I did not use magic power.

That is afraid of scaring the people in Qingshi Village.

Of course, more important is.

I don't want to destroy the balance of a dream world.

The village head of Qingshi Village and all the villagers looked at Ye Tian’s figure as a pedestrian, and they were silent.

In addition to reluctance, more is the worship of Ye Tian.

Such a small age.

The strength is so powerful.

I am afraid that no one in the capital is so high!

one day later.

Ye Tian came to a prosperous town called Huangyu Town with Ji Xiaoxiao, Xiao Mi Mi and Xiao Jinyu.

Looking at the bustling pedestrians on the street, there are all kinds of delicious, Xiaomi and Ji Xiaoxiao suddenly came to the interest, and they asked Ye Tian to buy them.

This time Ye Tian did not agree with their request.

Because in the town of Yellow croaker.

He found many running dogs in the court.

Grab people casually on the street.

Huangyu Town seems to be prosperous, but the hidden danger behind it is very big.

Most of the locals who are shopping on the streets are wealthy and powerful locals, as well as disciples of Tian Jianzong.

As for strange foreigners, there is no such thing.

In order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble.

He used the secret field and forcibly concealed the atmosphere of the little and the small glutinous rice.

As for Xiao Jinxi, he did not manage.

Because Xiao Jinyu is born to be a master of hiding.

As long as he wants to hide.

It is estimated that even he does not want to find it at a time.

But Ye Tian did this.

However, it caused the dissatisfaction of Xiaomi: "Young master, I don't want to eat something delicious! Here is not a dragon pond, what are you afraid of?"

Ji Xiaoxiao did not make a sound, but the information revealed in his eyes was directed toward Xiaomi.

In this century of dreams.

Ye Tian can be said to be an invincible existence.

There is no need to fear anything at all.

"You!" Ye Tian shook his head. "I really don't know how to say it. This dream has a world rule in his centuries. If I can arrogate, I will take you away soon. Why should I be so careful?"

"Young master, I just want to eat some corn, and mushrooms!" Xiaomi smirked.

For Ye Tian, ​​he is still a little scared.

I am afraid that Ye Tian is angry, but it is not good.

In fact, she also knows that there is no danger in the world of this dream, but if you want to leave immediately, it is simply impossible.

Because everything is illusory.

Including death.

Who knows that this thought has just fallen.

I saw a group of soldiers dressed in robes rushing past them, and then grabbed a mother and daughter from a stall selling pigs.

This mother and daughter look at the outside world.

Because there is no money, eat the bones of the roast pig on the ground.

The warrior wearing the robes saw this scene.

If you don’t say anything, just go up and catch them.

The little girl wants to resist the escape.

Cut your head without a knife.

The little girl mother saw this scene and was fainted on the spot.

Also scared is Xiaomi and Ji Xiaoxiao.

They really can't think of this **** scene in the dream world in the big day.

Ye Tianxin is also somewhat annoyed.

He is trying to kill these imperial court soldiers.

The sound of Jiulong’s evil spirits rang in his ear: “Master, don’t act rashly. The more people you kill in this century of dreams, the longer you want to go out. There are causal wheels. Do you understand?"

Ye Tian: "Isn't it? According to what you mean, I can't do anything?"

Jiulong evil spirits: "This is not the case. You only need to do it according to your heart. These soldiers who kill the little girls are actually in the cause of causality. The more they kill, the more the world’s order will collapse. The sooner."

Ye Tian: "Okay! I listen to you, but I have a feeling that the heavenly consciousness of this dream century is deliberately done. The purpose is to let me make a causal round?"

Jiulong evil spirits: "The master is smart, your strength has surpassed the heavenly consciousness of this dream for a hundred years. For your own safety, the heavenly consciousness is likely to give you the next set."

Ye Tian: "I know that things are not so simple. Peng Peng is the king of the gods. The nine days of nectar are not so delicious!"

Jiulong evil spirits: "Hahaha master said something that can be changed~www.mtlnovel.com~ You really want to leave, suicide or use space to shuttle, I think a century of heavenly awareness can not keep you !"

Ye Tian: "This is still used by you, but my sister, Xiaomi Mi, Ji Xiaoxiao, are they? Do you still have to commit suicide?"

Jiulong evil spirits: "I don't know this, can't the owner leave them with them?"

Ye Tian: "If I can, why should I be so careful?"

In theory, it is possible to use space shuttle to take them with them, but until now, he has not handed over the dream of a century of heaven, and if he overturns the ship in the gutter, he may not regret it.

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