Everyone else is a tribute, but he is a vengeful enemies. Is there any humanity?

"Young man, less heroes!" The burly man rushed to the entrance of the village with hundreds of villagers. When he saw the warrior riding the horse on the horizon, his face suddenly changed.

However, their eyesight is not as good as Ye Tian, ​​and no scorpion is found in it.

"You all go back to the village and stay in your own home!" Ye Tian turned to look at all the villagers behind him: "The next thing is handed over to me."

"This... how is this going?" The burly man connected.

Nowadays, it is a time of life and death in Qingshi Village. It is impossible for him and other villagers to hide.

"Give me back!" Ye Tianyi glanced at the burly man, and flew in the direction of the scorpion.

Originally, he didn't want to shoot directly, but the blind man annoyed him, and he couldn't do it without it.

"This this……"

"My God! Will the young man fly?"

"The young man is the master of the day!"

The villagers such as the burly man saw Ye Tianfei, and they stood in the same place.

By this time, they finally knew why Ye Tian was so hard.

It turned out to be confident in my strength!

If they follow the past, they will become cumbersome and they will not be able to help.

On a plain 100 kilometers west of Qingshi Village.

The blind man saw the flying leaves.

He was so surprised that he stopped his horse and shouted: "Who are you, know the consequences of blocking us?"

"How. You don't know me?" Ye Tian looked down from the sky with a scorpion: "I fixed your eyes at the entrance to the village last night. Have you forgotten so soon?"

"Is it you?" The blind man's eyes widened. After returning to God, the eyes appeared in the eyes of the stern color: "Hey! How is that, I have asked you to cure my eyes, you But it is voluntary."

"I am willing?" Ye Tian was furious: "You little man, I finally know why your eyes are smashed, but you should not be too happy, I can cure your eyes, you can also Rub your eyes again."

"Is it by you alone? Hahaha..." The blind man raised his head and laughed.

The other fighters couldn’t help but laugh at this time.

Due to the large number of people, it was a long time.

They all reached the sky above Qingshi Village.

Ye Tian didn't want to talk nonsense at this time. He felt that he was saying a word to the nephew. It was a shame. He immediately grabbed two leaves and waved it, and threw it at the scorpion.

Since he said that he wants to keep his eyes open, he will never quit.


The two pieces of the leaves were wrapped in strong inner strength, and suddenly became a weapon. When they passed, the air exploded.

Its speed, it is almost instant.

It is not something that warriors can stop at all.

It is not something that warriors can find.


The leaves passed through the eyes of the scorpion, and then passed through the bodies of hundreds of soldiers. The strength was slowed down, and then the scent of the sorrow disappeared.

"Ah! My eyes!!!" The blind man glared at his own eyes, and the pain screamed and fell from the horse, mixed with the muddy soil on the ground.

Other warriors who are crossed by leaves.

At this time, the wolf fell to the ground and struggled to get up.

It is found that the body is not at all dominated.

Then I only felt a black eye.

There is no consciousness at all.

Because of his good strength, Xunzi did not directly die.

It retains a touch of breath.

This silky breath can only make him linger between life and death.

Nothing can be done.

However, the scorpion only regrets at this time.

No other ideas.

In fact, he should have long thought that the young man who saved him is a peerless master.

Unfortunately, it was blinded by fame and fortune.

In the end, it was the end of the game.

If life can come back.

He will never be right in choosing to save his young man.

It’s a pity that it’s too late to regret it.

Because he has succeeded in arousing the anger of Ye Tian.

The other warriors saw that Ye Tian was so fierce, and they were scared so long that they had no fighting power. After returning to God, they even turned around and fled.

Just in the blink of an eye, I ran without a trace.

Ye Tian did not stop.

Because of this kind of dream of a hundred years of world.

It is still not his turn to manage.

If there is no guess.

It won't be long before.

The power of this world will be changed.

As for the running dog of the court.

Naturally, someone will come to pick them up.

There is a revenge for revenge.

One can't run.

It is only today that he has understood one thing.

Poor people must be hateful.

I want to save people in the future.

Think twice before you go.

If you are in a situation like a scorpion.

It is estimated that he will be mad.

Seeing that the scorpion was on the ground, there was still a breath, and Ye Tian walked slowly with his hands on his back: "Are you regretting now?"

"After...repent..." The blind man has already said nothing~www.mtlnovel.com~ Ye Tian smiled: "Then I will give you a chance to repent, talk about...you have been in trouble before in Qingshi Village After being cared for by the villagers of Qingshi Village, why should they lead the army of the court to deal with the villagers in Qingshi Village?"

This is the case.

The blind man did not know where the strength came, and he struggling to sit up. After spitting a blood, he said: "Would they take care of it? Knowing that I am blind, but let me be a watchdog at the entrance to the village. This hatred has a chance that I have to report it."

"You...there was a twist in your heart!" Ye Tian finally understood why the nephew would report it to the enemy. It turned out to be not a normal person.

"What about it? Those villagers in Qingshi Village, they can all have their own houses, the grain of the granary is full, but I am!" The scorpion cried, crying very sad: "I only have no purpose in the village." Waiting for the charity of other villagers, don’t they know that I was the military champion of Qingshi Village?"

"Hey! I finally know why you are a blind man, because you are narrow-minded. If the villagers in Qingshi Village don't know that you are a champion, will you let you live in the village?" Ye Tian sighed and turned to Going to the village entrance of Qingshi Village.

Poor people must be hateful.

This is really true.

This scorpion is definitely not a good thing until it is ruined.

Otherwise, it will definitely not be so meanly treated by Qingshi Village.

He has no idea now.

Asked will add.

The blind man heard Ye Tian go far.

At this time, I was on the ground and wanted to go back to the village of Qingshi Village.

However, it was discovered that there was no strength at all and no courage.

"God! Why do you treat me like this!" The scorpion tried his best to scream at the sky, and then he fell down.