"Yes! OK!" The village chief nodded. "So go to my house now?"

"My family, did they wake up?" Ye Tian looked at the burly man.

If you wake up, it is natural to go to the village chief.

"They used to accompany my wife in the field to catch the chickens in the field to sleep very late, and now they haven't woken up yet!" The burly man smiled.

"Then wait for them to go to the village chief's house, anyway!" Ye Tian looked at the village chief: "What do you say?"

"Of course." The village chief said that standing and talking was not a solution. He even said to the burly man: "You go to the stool and let me be nice with the benefactor."

"Hey!" The burly man quickly did.

"You don't have to sit down!" Ye Tian went straight out of the room: "If the village head is willing, let's talk outside! The air outside is fresh, just like I want to see the whole picture of Qingshi Village."

"Good!" The village chief is happy to follow.

After a while, Ye Tian came to the upper reaches of the river.

Ye Tianwen, the village head: "I don't know where to go along the east, which is the biggest city?"

"This..." The village chief thought for a moment: "Should it be the Protoss City of the Protoss? I have not been to the specifics, so I don't know."

"Tianyan City?" Ye Tian secretly remembered.

If there is no accident, Ye Qianqian should be in Tianyan City at this time.

The head of the village said: "When the benefactor asks Tianyan City, is there someone in person?"

"Yeah!" Ye Tian nodded slowly.

Ye Qianqian's things are naturally impossible to elaborate, only perfunctory.

"Hey! I also saw it early. With the ability of the benefactor, it is impossible to stay in Qingshi Village for a long time, but..." The village chief hesitated for a moment: "Now, under the universal sky, it is the land of the king. Where did you escape?" the same!"

"You mean the imperial rule of the court?" Ye Tian turned to look at the village head.

"Not bad!" The village chief did not have any taboos and returned directly.

Ye Tian smiled: "The village head is bold, but I have a word of advice. It is not a matter for you to hide here with the villagers of Qingshi Village. Sooner or later, one day will be discovered by the court. At that time, you will be destroyed. Time."

"The benefactor said what should I do? Please give directions to the instructions!" The village chief knew that Ye Tian was not a mortal, and now he asked seriously.

"This..." Ye Tian thought for a moment: "In fact, I have no good way. For now, I can only send you a word."

"What word?" The village chief was curious.

"Reverse!" Ye Tian replied.

"Reverse?" The village chief was puzzled and he did not understand it.

Ye Tian smiled and explained: "When people live forever, they live in the spring, but in fact they don't have much time at all. It is better to be opposed to the imprisonment of the court. If it succeeds, it is the blessing of the people of the world. If it fails, it will fail. It’s just that we went to another world in advance, and there is no difference at all!”

"This..." The village chief was stunned.

He feels that Ye Tian’s words are justified.

Especially when the sentence lived for a lifetime and lived in the spring, he was deeply touched.

Ye Tian sighed: "In fact, the village head does not lead the village name rebellion. The people in other places will also rebel. This is a matter of time. The court today is no longer the original court. If you hesitate, I am afraid there is no This opportunity is over."

"I know this!" The village chief smiled: "But I have to go back and think about it."

"With you, but I may not be able to help you." Ye Tian replied: "Because I may have to leave in the afternoon."

"So urgent?" The village chief was a bit sad.

"I can't help it!" Ye Tian saw Xiaomi yelling at the gate of the burly man. After shaking his head, he turned and walked over.

The village chief is behind.

"Young Master!" Little glutinous rice holding two sweet potatoes in his hand, a happy face: "This is what I dug out yesterday, wait for the young lady to bake for you to eat, can be fragrant."

"Good! Good!" Ye Tian smiled helplessly.

For him, sweet potato is not unusual at all.

But for Xiaomi, it would be strange. Because there is no such plant in the mainland, it is in Yefu, it is also a jade food, never eaten sweet potatoes.

This is good, let the village chief look at the jokes.

I don't even know the existence of sweet potatoes. This little glutinous rice is not an idiot or a problem with IQ.

"Well?" Suddenly, Ye Tian brows and wrinkles, his smile solidified on the handsome face.

"What's wrong?" asked the company.

"The people of the court are coming!" Ye Tian looked in the direction of the village entrance.

"What? How many people?" The village chief was in a tight heart.

"The number is at least 10,000 or more, and there are two innate masters!" Ye Tian said with a low voice: "The village head, quickly summoned the whole village to gather, if scattered, I am afraid that all will be killed."

"Good! Good! I am going to call the whole village!" The village chief looked anxiously: "It’s just that this bluestone village is full of cliffs on all three sides. If you want to escape only the road in the village, then if you are surrounded, only Fighting for a fight!"

"A fight for a battle will kill a battle ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ afraid of anything." Ye Tian reached out and shot the shoulder of the village chief: "You do as I said to do it! Everything is me!"

"Good!" Now, the village chief only believes in Ye Tian.

Otherwise, the final result is only one death.

Ye Tianmu sent the village head to leave, turned and looked at Xiaomi: "Little man, where did she go?"

"I haven't gotten up in the house yet!" Xiaomi went back.

"Then you go with her, bring a little golden dragonfly in the room, don't go anywhere!" Ye Tian confessed, and flew to the village entrance of Qingshi Village.

Xiaomi knows that the war is coming, and quickly picks up Xiaojin, who is leaning against his feet, and ran into the room where Ji Xiaoxiao was.


Village entrance.

Didn't see anyone.

The ground was slightly shaken.

And this kind of vibration is very rhythmic. At first glance, I know that a large army is quickly coming over.


Ye Tian glided down at the entrance of the village and looked up and looked around. What surprised him was that he did not see the previous scorpion.

"Where did he go?" Ye Tianshi did not understand.

At this time, it should be the first time to inform the village head, but it is not seen, this thing is a bit embarrassing!

Just between this thought, he saw a sky of flying dust on the horizon, followed by countless warriors wearing a stomach, riding on a horse.

The warrior who is the head is actually a blind man.

Do not!

The eyes of the blind man are now cured.

It is no longer a scorpion, but a running dog of the court.

Ye Tian saw this scene, and suddenly he was dying.

He was so hard to save people, I really didn't think it was the result.

It is better to know that it is better not to save.

But what he doesn't understand is why this nephew wants to do this.

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