Artifact Planting Space

Ye Tian is known as a genius throughout Lava Town. He opened his public region sea at the age of 10 years of age, and historically, can be said the first genius to do so. Later in Mo Academy, his awakened talent is just a waste field [Black Soil Space Field]. But he found that [&.... Read more

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v4 Chapter 254 Breakthrough, new start! (End) v4 Chapter 253 Tian Jianzong v4 Chapter 252 Destroy human warriors

v4 Chapter 251 One's own strength v4 Chapter 250 Another encounter v4 Chapter 249 Save people v4 Chapter 248 blind v4 Chapter 247 Crying identity v4 Chapter 246 1 dream 0 year world v4 Chapter 245 9 days of nectar v4 Chapter 244 Lost inheritance v4 Chapter 243 Wilhelm County

v4 Chapter 242 Apocalypse Buddha's change v4 Chapter 241 Heart is like water v4 Chapter 240 Go to Tianyue Bridge

v4 Chapter 239 Save people v4 Chapter 238 Zeng Yi’s surprise v4 Chapter 237 Have you made a mistake? v4 Chapter 236 Judge v4 Chapter 235 Worries and countermeasures v4 Chapter 234 The minds of the strong v4 Chapter 233 High price v4 Chapter 232 Ye Tian's plan v4 Chapter 231 Thunder shot!

v4 Chapter 230 Zhang Yunhua, dead! v4 Chapter 229 Magic power [swallowing the sky] v4 Chapter 228 Zhang Yunhua, who is not as good as a livestock v4 Chapter 227 Ye Tian’s suggestion v4 Chapter 226 Ji Zilong arrived v4 Chapter 225 blackmail v4 Chapter 224 Pick up Huo Xiaobao v4 Chapter 223 Porridge v4 Chapter 222 Zhang Wei, dead! v4 Chapter 221 Zhang Wei v4 Chapter 220 breakthrough v4 Chapter 219 Zeng Yi’s careful eye

v4 Chapter 218 邋遢道尊 v4 Chapter 217 9 days in Luo v4 Chapter 216 Fighting star shift v4 Chapter 215 2 live treasures v4 Chapter 214 plan v4 Chapter 213 1 cut in the calculation v4 Chapter 212 Antiphasic v4 Chapter 211 Resurrection v4 Chapter 210 bad news v4 Chapter 219 Good news v4 Chapter 218 This time is a brother v4 Chapter 217 Woman

v4 Chapter 216 Unexpected v4 Chapter 215 How can Ye Tian be so powerful? v4 Chapter 214 Tianluo v4 Chapter 213 Zhang Tianzhu's end! v4 Chapter 212 I surrender! ! ! v4 Chapter 211 Winning and losing v4 Chapter 210 True artifact town Tianyin v4 Chapter 209 First court v4 Chapter 208 Wuhu City v4 Chapter 207 Empty city Guanghe County v4 Chapter 206 Heavenly oath v4 Chapter 205 Strong enemy

v4 Chapter 204 Black smog v4 Chapter 203 Obstruction v4 Chapter 202 Refinery v4 Chapter 201 Next step plan ~ Two hundred, what is despair? v4 Chapter 199 Legendary strong bloody v4 Chapter 198 2 difficult v4 Chapter 197 Stay in the back of Shuangyu City v4 Chapter 196 Fine soldier? v4 Chapter 195 Ye Tian is coming! ! ! v4 Chapter 194 Slaughter city! ! v4 Chapter 193 Unexpected help

v4 Chapter 192 Tune the tiger away from the mountain v4 Chapter 191 Arms order v4 Chapter 190 Agreement v4 Chapter 189 Sad reminder of ice dragon v4 Chapter 188 Awkward ice dragon v4 Chapter 187 Ice Dragon v4 Chapter 186 Ice palace v4 Chapter 185 Go to the ice lake v4 Chapter 184 Complete space v4 Chapter 183 Trapped v4 Chapter 182 Ice city v4 Chapter 181 The origin of dead wood

v4 Chapter 180 seek death v4 Chapter 179 Dead wood v4 Chapter 178 Emperor Dragon v4 Chapter 177 Interrogation v4 Chapter 176 Lost the lady and lost the soldiers v4 Chapter 175 Interracial v4 Chapter 174 Backhand v4 Chapter 173 consult v4 Chapter 172 Previous life v4 Chapter 171 No coffin, no tears v4 Chapter 170 Mayan Idol v4 Chapter 169 Cruel little golden dragonfly

v4 Chapter 168 醍醐 顶 top v4 Chapter 167 Greedy v4 Chapter 166 Conspiracy v4 Chapter 165 Successful migration v4 Chapter 164 Ye Tian shot v4 Chapter 163 King Kong v4 Chapter 162 Invincible v4 Chapter 161 crisis v4 Chapter 160 Unexpected joy v4 Chapter 159 Yangmou v4 Chapter 158 Amazing insider v4 Chapter 157 Young to doubt life

v4 Chapter 156 Smile face tiger v4 Chapter 155 Someone is going to suffer v4 Chapter 154 Treating others with their own way v4 Chapter 153 plague v4 Chapter 152 Infinite expansion v4 Chapter 151 Evolution of green sky v4 Chapter 150 remind v4 Chapter 149 Good use of words v4 Chapter 148 Teaching magical power v4 Chapter 147 Fortune favors fools v4 Chapter 146 bride price v4 Chapter 145 Little glutinous rice

v4 Chapter 144 purpose v4 Chapter 143 Clone grass v4 Chapter 142 Double sword v4 Chapter 141 What is the difference with salted fish? v4 Chapter 140 Lei Tiangong v4 Chapter 139 How do you know these secrets? v4 Chapter 138 Opening a warehouse v4 Chapter 137 Don't brag v4 Chapter 136 Soul control v4 Chapter 135 Do not arrogate v4 Chapter 134 No money v4 Chapter 133 Founding of the country

v4 Chapter 132 Ye Tian's plan v4 Chapter 131 Ye Tian shot v4 Chapter 130 Soldiers under the city v4 Chapter 129 fate v4 Chapter 128 Time and space door v4 Chapter 127 Big worry v4 Chapter 126 Ye Tian’s means v4 Chapter 125 The cause of the source and Ruru v4 Chapter 124 1 year later v4 Chapter 123 Who is a fool? v4 Chapter 122 Today is not the same v4 Chapter 121 Come back home

v4 Chapter 120 Hunger marketing v4 Chapter 119 Black fire v4 Chapter 118 Founding power v4 Chapter 117 Trick v4 Chapter 116 Time and space v4 Chapter 115 Different space v4 Chapter 114 Save people v4 Chapter 113 Born 5 lines v4 Chapter 112 Arrogant geranium v4 Chapter 111 See the machine v4 Chapter 110 plan v4 Chapter 109 Big secret

v4 Chapter 108 Amazing insider v4 Chapter 107 Sadly reminded the army of the demon v4 Chapter 106 Ye Tian was injured v4 Chapter 105 Sitting in the town of Mojiacheng v4 Chapter 104 Take precautions v4 Chapter 103 Don't die, don't die v4 Chapter 102 Tong Ling Quan v4 Chapter 101 Reunion v4 Chapter 100 Late, the Taoist left v4 Chapter 99 Epiphany v4 Chapter 98 Warfare v4 Chapter 97 Antiquity

v4 Chapter 96 Shura lion v4 Chapter 95 Repression v4 Chapter 94 Amazing insider v4 Chapter 93 The kingdom of the Eastern Jin Dynasty v4 Chapter 92 How old are you? v4 Chapter 91 Come back home v4 Chapter 90 Plant world v4 Chapter 89 Hidden danger v4 Chapter 88 Retribution is coming v4 Chapter 87 Tsuten eyes v4 Chapter 86 breakthrough v4 Chapter 85 Distress

v4 Chapter 84 Battle of Red Gold v4 Chapter 83 Treating v4 Chapter 82 Sick little glutinous rice v4 Chapter 81 Amazing discovery v4 Chapter 80 retribution v4 Chapter 79 Evil creature v4 Chapter 78 go away v4 Chapter 77 Small country space v4 Chapter 76 Little glutinous rice v4 Chapter 75 Ye Tian’s suggestion v4 Chapter 74 Killing v4 Chapter 73 Shot

v4 Chapter 72 Mind v4 Chapter 71 Invincible swords return! v4 Chapter 70 Greed v4 Chapter 69 Liu family leader v4 Chapter 68 Save people v4 Chapter 67 Liu Qingshan v4 Chapter 66 Buddha Mountain v4 Chapter 65 Red mother boat v4 Chapter 64 Pit man's leaf day v4 Chapter 63 unexpected result v4 Chapter 62 3 swords holy, dead! v4 Chapter 61 The plan of the king of 鲲鹏

v4 Chapter 60 Come back home v4 Chapter 59 Zhong Lianshan v4 Chapter 58 Tianyan wings and pieces - degrees v4 Chapter 57 accident v4 Chapter 56 Level 6 v4 Chapter 55 Evil creature v4 Chapter 54 Old acquaintance v4 Chapter 53 闯 God of War Test Tower v4 Chapter 52 Victim v4 Chapter 51 Devil Ye Tian v4 Chapter 50 Arrogant v4 Chapter 49 Dwarf

v4 Chapter 48 3 swords san v4 Chapter 47 Honorary city owner v4 Chapter 46 Large army v4 Chapter 45 Rotten god v4 Chapter 44 Shuangyucheng v4 Chapter 43 Go to Shuangyucheng v4 Chapter 42 Black sand well v4 Chapter 41 1 family reunion v4 Chapter 40 Tianyan wing v4 Chapter 39 The strongest v4 Chapter 38 Sacred rise v4 Chapter 37 Ice beads

v4 Chapter 36 9 dragons v4 Chapter 35 嫉妒 v4 Chapter 34 Seeing relatives v4 Chapter 33 Ice and snow v4 Chapter 32 Loser v4 Chapter 31 Shot v4 Chapter 30 sneak into v4 Chapter 29 Ambushed v4 Chapter 28 Capture the Mohcheng City v4 Chapter 27 get together v4 Chapter 26 Eye of the soul v4 Chapter 25 Back to Lava Mountains

v4 Chapter 24 Destroy the gods v4 Chapter 24 Jin Hao inheritance v4 Chapter 23 0 poisonous beast, dead! v4 Chapter 22 Greedy ears v4 Chapter 21 Grilled wild boar v4 Chapter 20 Arrow pig king v4 Chapter 19 Red mother v4 Chapter 18 Strange thing v4 Chapter 17 Black armor v4 Chapter 16 Wang Si's field v4 Chapter 15 Ye Tian's injury. v4 Chapter 14 Antiphasic

v4 Chapter 13 accident v4 Chapter 12 The strong is born v4 Chapter 11 Mirage v4 Chapter 10 ?tide v4 Chapter 9 Get into trouble v4 Chapter 8 That's it v4 Chapter 7 Arrogant end v4 Chapter 6 Almost v4 Chapter 5 Escape from the predicament v4 Chapter 4 Dead air v4 Chapter 3 Eclipse v4 Chapter 2 Golden beast

v4 Chapter 1 Illusion v3 Chapter 279 prophecy v3 Chapter 278 Intrigue v3 Chapter 277 Skills v3 Chapter 276 螳螂 螳螂 蝉 蝉 在 v3 Chapter 275 Pit **** leaf day v3 Chapter 273 Undead field v3 Chapter 272 Catch up v3 Chapter 271 The sneak attack is not successful, let go of the life! v3 Chapter 270 Amazing insider v3 Chapter 269 Arrogant little prince v3 Chapter 268 Little prince arrival

v3 Chapter 267 Sacred rise v3 Chapter 266 Do not force yourself! v3 Chapter 265 Wrong v3 Chapter 264 Nie Jia 3 v3 Chapter 263 Is it a blessing? v3 Chapter 262 You idiot idiot v3 Chapter 261 This misunderstanding is big v3 Chapter 260 8th-order defense soft armor v3 Chapter 259 Wuyuan space upgrade v3 Chapter 258 Invisible face v3 Chapter 257 Do you know who I am v3 Chapter 256 New magical space [space shuttle]

v3 Chapter 256 Heavenly oath v3 Chapter 255 螳螂 螳螂 蝉 蝉 在 v3 Chapter 254 plan v3 Chapter 253 Unloading and killing v3 Chapter 252 浑源录录 v3 Chapter 251 2 instrument spirits v3 Chapter 250 special treatment v3 Chapter 249 Don't know each other v3 Chapter 248 Life and death v3 Chapter 247 who are you v3 Chapter 246 Arrogant end v3 Chapter 245 Unexpected

v3 Chapter 244 First to be strong v3 Chapter 243 Space 1 v3 Chapter 242 Plan is not as good as change v3 Chapter 241 Heart and **** and realm v3 Chapter 240 Test v3 Chapter 239 Amazing effect v3 Chapter 238 Refining new weapons v3 Chapter 237 Anxious source and Tongtian v3 Chapter 236 Riddle from the earth v3 Chapter 235 Invisible pit v3 Chapter 234 Ye Tian shot v3 Chapter 233 Sit from the ground

v3 Chapter 232 Dumb loss v3 Chapter 231 Paper talk v3 Chapter 230 Planting inheritance token v3 Chapter 229 Scary price v3 Chapter 228 Am I like a person who lacks a stone? v3 Chapter 227 misunderstanding v3 Chapter 226 I just broke through accidentally. v3 Chapter 225 Defeated v3 Chapter 224 Endangered v3 Chapter 223 Soldiers under the city v3 Chapter 222 Illusion field v3 Chapter 221 God of War, strong, dead!

v3 Chapter 220 Meeting in the narrow road v3 Chapter 219 Exposed prototype v3 Chapter 218 First step v3 Chapter 217 Murong Shusheng v3 Chapter 216 Unexpected breakthrough v3 Chapter 215 White hair old man v3 Chapter 214 Destructive power v3 Chapter 213 Test v3 Chapter 212 Salt on the wound v3 Chapter 211 Far from the horizon, close to the front v3 Chapter 210 Perceived field v3 Chapter 209 Mastermind emerged

v3 Chapter 208 The power of space boxing v3 Chapter 207 Submersible v3 Chapter 206 misunderstanding v3 Chapter 205 The crisis that surfaced v3 Chapter 204 Epiphany v3 Chapter 204 Desperate v3 Chapter 203 What do you want to add? v3 Chapter 202 5 color best spirit stone v3 Chapter 201 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon v3 Chapter 200 Invisible face v3 Chapter 199 Defenses can not do without v3 Chapter 198 Strange thing

v3 Chapter 197 Secret of space boxing v3 Chapter 196 Red gold scorpion strikes v3 Chapter 195 The Butterfly Effect v3 Chapter 194 I am afraid of hurting you. v3 Chapter 193 You... can’t scare me! v3 Chapter 192 Good dog is not in the way v3 Chapter 191 Big accident v3 Chapter 190 Shun Peng God King is trapped v3 Chapter 189 Enter the rules of the library v3 Chapter 188 Spirit Little Green Dragon v3 Chapter 187 Planting key v3 Chapter 186 Bamboo sound and piano magic

v3 Chapter 185 Looking for dead Sima Yan v3 Chapter 184 Space boxing v3 Chapter 183 Pit **** leaf day v3 Chapter 182 Poor 3 headed **** dogs v3 Chapter 181 3 **** dogs v3 Chapter 180 Unlock the secret of the Elf Crown v3 Chapter 179 Grabbing the apprentice v3 Chapter 178 New hidden danger v3 Chapter 177 tell a story v3 Chapter 176 Confuse v3 Chapter 175 Chijin Tianzhu v3 Chapter 174 Take precautions

v3 Chapter 173 Sima Feng's end v3 Chapter 172 action v3 Chapter 171 Six and nine stupid and unclear v3 Chapter 170 Amazing secret v3 Chapter 169 God of War v3 Chapter 168 Planting the Elf Crown v3 Chapter 167 Elf crown v3 Chapter 166 Sapler v3 Chapter 165 Soul Eater v3 Chapter 164 Appraiser v3 Chapter 163 Underground auction house v3 Chapter 162 Sorrowful Simayan

v3 Chapter 161 Discrimination v3 Chapter 160 Field 9 heavy tower v3 Chapter 159 Mohist College v3 Chapter 158 Thick and thin hair v3 Chapter 157 Mixed feelings v3 Chapter 156 醍醐 顶 top v3 Chapter 155 To turn the arrogance v3 Chapter 154 Who is the hidden power v3 Chapter 153 accident v3 Chapter 152 The Mozu struck v3 Chapter 151 Scared v3 Chapter 150 Talk collapsed

v3 Chapter 149 Am I like a person who lacks a stone? v3 Chapter 148 I don't know if I am wrong? v3 Chapter 147 Killing slaves v3 Chapter 146 Dragon tooth lock v3 Chapter 145 The first piece of the plant v3 Chapter 144 misunderstanding v3 Chapter 143 Privilege does not need to be white v3 Chapter 142 It’s a pity to beat your face. v3 Chapter 141 Fox Day ~ One hundred and forty v3 Chapter 139 Tsing Yi girl v3 Chapter 138 Mohist 5 lines of magical array

v3 Chapter 137 Frightened v3 Chapter 136 Identity token v3 Chapter 135 Most distinguished guest v3 Chapter 134 White selfless v3 Chapter 133 The firstborn is not afraid of the tiger v3 Chapter 132 Who dares to do it? v3 Chapter 131 Invisible face v3 Chapter 130 Tongtianhe v3 Chapter 129 v3 Chapter 128 Mo’s end v3 Chapter 127 Planting piles v3 Chapter 126 Encounter ambush

v3 Chapter 125 Invisible face v3 Chapter 124 Asking for trouble v3 Chapter 123 Little girl v3 Chapter 122 Niutou Mountain v3 Chapter 121 Baishui Town v3 Chapter 120 help v3 Chapter 119 court death v3 Chapter 118 Heroic Ye Tian v3 Chapter 117 Obstruction v3 Chapter 116 Don't be greedy v3 Chapter 115 Hand over v2 Chapter 114 Rough

v2 Chapter 113 Face v2 Chapter 112 Spooky crystal ball v2 Chapter 111 Strange command v2 Chapter 110 Meditate v2 Chapter 109 Scared people [2nd v2 Chapter 108 Devil Ye Tian v2 Chapter 107 Deer antler v2 Chapter 106 Tianluo v2 Chapter 105 Sneak attack v2 Chapter 104 Bully man v2 Chapter 103 task v2 Chapter 102 Frozen field

v2 Chapter 101 punishment v2 Chapter 100 Zhong Huiling v2 Chapter 99 Innocent little glutinous rice v2 Chapter 98 Ice beads ~ Testimonials Chapter 97 Ice in the fire Chapter 96 the truth Chapter 95 The villain appears Chapter 94 Father's whereabouts Chapter 93 Wushan Token Chapter 92 Collecting spoils Chapter 91 kill!

Chapter 90 Resilience Chapter 89 Wushan mother-in-law Chapter 88 The power of 9 pieces of magic armor Chapter 87 Lei Tianbao, dead! Chapter 86 Insider Chapter 85 螳螂 螳螂 蝉 蝉 在 Chapter 84 Shuangyucheng Chapter 83 Two-headed lava giant leader, dead! Chapter 82 World War Two-headed Lava Giant Leader Chapter 81 Cold water lake Chapter 80 Fox fake tiger Chapter 79 Flying palace

Chapter 78 Frightened Zhou Luotian Chapter 77 regret Chapter 76 Weird intuition Chapter 75 Dead week family Chapter 74 Frightened Zhou Luotian Chapter 73 Counterattack Chapter 72 The power of the water source gun Chapter 71 The first water source gun was born Chapter 70 Ye Tian shot Chapter 69 Water source gun Chapter 68 Red gold snake Chapter 67 Lava Giant's weakness

Chapter 66 Dilemma Chapter 65 Lava giant leader Chapter 64 Golden light shield Chapter 63 Flame Palm Chapter 62 [Sleepy God Vine] Chapter 61 Wushan mother-in-law Chapter 60 Xuanwu boat Chapter 59 浑源吞 Chapter 58 Difficulties Chapter 57 The reason for touching the unicorn butt Chapter 56 Ink Chapter 55 The pitted leopard

Chapter 54 Save people Chapter 53 Fire unicorn Chapter 52 Small storm Chapter 51 accident Chapter 50 Tsing Yi female elf Chapter 49 Purchase materials Chapter 48 breakthrough Chapter 47 Real world Chapter 46 Insider Chapter 45 Leafy day Chapter 44 Re-identification Chapter 43 Face warfare

Chapter 42 Look down on Ye Tian Chapter 41 Magic armor Chapter 40 God of War Chapter 39 Stunned everyone Chapter 38 Save people Chapter 37 Mechanical 傀儡 Chapter 36 The beginning of the war Chapter 35 Zhongzhichengcheng Chapter 34 White lie Chapter 33 Number, does not represent strength Chapter 32 Not willing to live Chapter 31 Famous teacher

Chapter 30 Ye Jia Foundation Boxing Chapter 29 Happy event Chapter 28 Anti-kill Chapter 27 Wars Chapter 26 The oriole is behind Chapter 25 Bonfire Chapter 24 Stealth field Chapter 23 Amazing insider Chapter 22 Blade beast, recommended ticket] Chapter 21 Hidden danger Chapter 20 Comprehend the space field Chapter 19 Tufa

Chapter 18 Funny big hammer Chapter 17 Violaous Zhou Luotian Chapter 16 Ye Jia’s counterattack Chapter 15 Surprised leaf mother Chapter 14 Ye Tianfa Chapter 13 Ye Tian shot Chapter 12 Big elder leaf bursting king Chapter 11 Ye Xu Chapter 10 Countermeasures Chapter 9 Insider Chapter 8 Beast Chapter 7 3rd-order mystery [spirit of the snake]

Chapter 6 Amazing discovery Chapter 5 [Source bracelet] Chapter 4 Zhou Luotian's sinister intentions Chapter 3 Chaotic black soil space Chapter 2 This word is wrong! Chapter 1 Ye Tian

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