"Hey, what you said is true? After Ye Tian’s talent breakthrough, is it only an ordinary field? Not a rare... or a god-level field?"

[Mingya Tea House] The second floor of the window, a white-haired girl with a clear eyebrows, shouted out with a small mouth, and the eyes of the phoenix were shocked.

In her opinion...

Ye Tian’s luck is too bad, right?

"Hey... can you make a small noise? Do you want people in the whole lava town to hear it?" The middle-aged man in purple robe sitting opposite the white girl, heard the words and looked around carefully, seeing them only on the second floor. The father and the daughter can't help but sigh: "The latest news that your big brother brought back in [Mo School] is absolutely wrong. Once he was one year old, he opened up the talented genius Ye Tian, ​​I am afraid it will become the biggest joke in Lava Town. ”

The white girl’s pretty face showed a look of regret: “That... Hey! Do I still want to associate with Ye Tian?”

"Of course it is to stop immediately!" The middle-aged man in purple robe was annoyed: "Ye Tian's talent, after awakening, after the identification of the Five Elements, is the garbage to die [black soil space field], do you expect to live with such a person? lifetime?"

"This...is right! I will not live with such a mediocre waste for a lifetime."

The white girl took a sip of tea and frowned. The whole person fell silent.

The natural world in which her talents coexist and the strong are respected, refers to the special instinct that life has when born, such as the speed, strength, agility, space, time, spiritual power, etc. Wait……

At the beginning of the opening of talent, it is a vague and rudimentary form. It is generally difficult to see good or bad before it is cultivated and awakened into the field.

It is the awakening that needs to be identified by special means, such as inputting the power of the source into the five elements of stone, in order to stimulate the field manifestation in the body.

A few days ago, Ye Tian, ​​Ye Qianqian, Zhou Ziqiang, and her more than a dozen talents who started their talents, were identified in the [Mo School] through the Five Elements, to identify the domain attributes after the awakening of talent.

However, in order to protect the safety of talented genius, [Mo School] did not publicize the results of the appraisal.

Instead, we will wait for the teachers of the college to go to Lava Town and follow the fields of their own expertise to reveal the answer.

Ye Tian's identification results, her father will know in advance, it is because her eldest brother Lei Ruojun in the [Mo School] is responsible for the identification of the Five Elements.

Tell her in advance that the purpose is already obvious, that is, to alienate Ye Tian, ​​close to other geniuses with high ability to awaken.

This way...

Through marriage.

The status of his family.

In order to be in an invincible position in the town of Lava, and even the entire Mojiacheng.

There are five kinds of talents in the ranks of ordinary, advanced, rare, god-level, and even legendary ancient blood.

In general, the probability of having a gifted creature is very low, only less than one in ten, and the same is true for humans.

Once you have the talent, as long as you practice hard to break through your own shackles and awaken the exclusive field, you will definitely have a chance to become a peerless powerhouse.

Ye Tian.

At the age of one, he opened the genius of talent in Dantian. This is unprecedented in the town of Lava, and is known as the first peerless genius!

As long as it does not fall before the awakening of talent, 100% will become a strong.

However, who would have thought of it, the talent of Ye Tian, ​​the talent of Ye Tian, ​​after awakening turned out to be an ordinary [black soil space field].

[Black soil space field].

In the field where the mainland is a defense-assisted type, it is necessary to attack without attack, and force has no power. It is the most garbage field after all the talents are awakened.

Even if you practice hard, you may only become an ordinary assault type.


Not what she wants to see!

Nor is it the future companion she is pursuing!

"Yes! Hey!" The white girl who thought of this suddenly returned to the middle-aged man who was curiously looking at the opposite purple robe: "This time we lava town went to [Mo School] to identify the talents of the 16 cultivating geniuses. Whose talent is best?"

"Haha... I know you will ask!" The middle-aged man in purple robe smiled happily and revealed the yellow and yellow teeth: "In addition to Ye Tian is an ordinary talent, there are 13 other ordinary talents, but Zhou Jia Zhou Ziqiang is a high-level talent, and the awakening is the flame field."

"what about me?"

The white girl asked.

"Don't worry!" The middle-aged man in purple robe took a sip of tea and slowly said: "If you are awakened by your talents, it is a rare field of swordsmanship. However, Ye Qianqian's talented Ye Qianqian is also a rare field."

"Ye Qianqian... She is also a rare field... What kind of rare field?"

The girl in white is very curious, and at the same time she has a hint of vinegar in her heart.

Ye Qianqian, an abandoned baby, is beautiful and does not say that she has the same talent as her. It is too unfair to be honest.

The middle-aged man in purple robe lowered his voice: "Ye Qianqian's field is even more powerful than yours. It is a field of life. If it is not an auxiliary type of field, it can be classified as a god-level talent."


The girl in white is dumb.

To say that Ye Tian has a god-level talent, she is not surprised at all. After all, Ye Tian’s one-year-old talent has emerged, but Ye Qianqian’s weak look, even with a god-level talent, is really unexpected.

The middle-aged man in purple robe said: "What is impossible, good! Nothing else, I have to go, I have to prepare for you [Mujia College] reading books, remember, wait for the next day to find When you fish, just tell him clearly, and ask him not to entangle you any more."

"I will, oh!" The girl in the white phoenix eyes showed a firmness: "Just the big brother said that Ye Tian's talent awakens, is it really ordinary [black soil space field]?"

If she made a mistake, she would miss a peerless genius!

"You kid, will your older brother make a joke about your happiness?"

The middle-aged man in purple robe said that he was not angry.

Wuxing Stone belongs to the rare fifth-order mystery. Under normal circumstances, 100% of the talents below the **** level can be identified. Unless the legendary ancient blood talent, it will not be identified.

However, ancient blood talents did not appear in the entire mainland for tens of thousands of years, so a step back said that Ye Tian could not be an ancient blood talent.


The white girl smiled, but her heart was full of inexplicable uneasiness. In order not to let the middle-aged man in purple robe see the clue, she turned her head and looked out the window.

On the street diagonally opposite the window, among the bustling crowds, a young robes of Yushu Linfeng, holding a fishing rod in the left hand, holding a bamboo pole in the right hand, and a pretty girl wearing a green dress, talking and laughing [Mingya Tea House] Comes.

This young green boy is Ye Tian.

As for the pretty girl behind him, Ye Qianqian.

The white girl looked at Ye Tian, ​​who was coming from the street. She was inexplicably nervous at a time~www.mtlnovel.com~He came with Ye Qianqian..."

"Oh... is it coming?" The middle-aged man in purple robe turned his head and looked out the window. After confirming that it was Ye Tian, ​​he reached out and patted the shoulder of the white girl: "Then I am gone. If something happens, look for Fubo." He is downstairs."


The white girl nodded and watched her father walk down the second floor.

Just looking back, thinking about waiting for Ye Tian to open.

Hey~! Hey~~! Hey~~!

The footsteps were heard on the stairs, and then Ye Tian and Ye Qianqian’s figure appeared in the sight of the white girl.

"Come on!" Looking at Ye Tian, ​​the white girl's face barely squeezed a smile.

For Ye Qianqian who is even more beautiful than her, she chose to ignore it.

"If you are wrong, I feel that you are not right today!"

Ye Tian put the fish and bamboo raft on his hand on the table, and looked at the girl in white and asked.

"No!" The white girl looked at Ye Qianqian, who was quietly beside Ye Tian. She was impatient in the eyes of Feng Xiao: "You... can you avoid it? I have something important to say with Ye Tian."

"What important things need my sister to avoid?" Not waiting for Ye Qianqian to open, Ye Tian did not have a good breath: "If you, if you treat my sister as an outsider, then there is nothing to say between us, what you said The important thing is not to tell me."

"You!" For Ye Tian's short support, the white-haired girl's pretty face emerged with an annoyed look: "This is what you said, then you listened, I... The important thing I told you is, Please don't entangle me in the future, it's impossible between us!"


Ye Tian felt the first time to react.

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