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Novel Summary

The light of civilization from across the border enveloped the continent of Faerun,

This time, where will Netheril go?

Why did the crown war happen?

What are the hidden secrets of the mysterious kingdom of elves?

What are the similarities and differences between arcanists and wizards, and where is the end point?

Is longevity and eternity only God’s exclusive?

And where does God come from?

Can mortals ascend to gods? How to rise to God?

Follow the footsteps of the visitor from the earth, Xia Duo, to witness step by step.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:AL
Alternate Title:奥术之主
Author:Gusu Xianqin
Weekly Rank:#2436
Monthly Rank:#1326
All Time Rank:#3767
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fantasy World, Kingdom Building, Magic, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Slow Growth at Start, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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18 Comments on “Arcane Lord
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  1. Very dry and exposition heavy. Like most Chinese novels, there's almost no character development or interaction. Maybe 1 line of dialogue per chapter (or none), rest is exposition. I gave up around ch 350 or so.

  2. read several dozen chapter and had to stop, the guy is in another world yet China keeps popping up everywhere, can these writers leave Earth Countries out of their books when they are in literally in another planet. this nationalism thing is such to damn powerful that even another universe the MC cant escape it.

  3. Ch 600 + gets very nationalistic, I think this book will have a hidden china continent filled with op mysterious china people, he always mentions china at every opportunity despite living there for over 10 years

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