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Lei Xue found that all the zombies in the zombie gathering area disappeared, and was shocked to meet the disciples of Qingshan Sect.

Knowing that in the middle of the angry sea, a powerful dark race in the Dark Demon Forest is heading towards the fourth-order Heavenly Emperor level.

The largest city in the central part, the Dragon King City, is attacked by dark races and zombies, which is already in jeopardy.

Qingshan Sect has always been the door of Lei Xue's longing. After Ye Li sent Lei Xue to Qingshan Sect, he went to the Dragon King City in central China.

After arriving in the middle, a large number of zombies were found heading towards the Dragon King City.

Ye Li and the Last Army began to synthesize zombies! After all the zombies will be synthesized, they will be discovered by the Epee Undead.

The news came out immediately, and the Central Dragon King City also learned of the news.

The Epee Undead Tribe began to look for Ye Li, because they didn't find it, so they had to give up searching and attack the Dragon King City.

Countless Epee undead and zombies attacked the Dragon King City, and the army and gene warriors on the outer defense line of the Dragon King City resisted with all their strength.

Everyone knows that the Dragon King City can’t resist, and more than 70 million people in the city will be slaughtered by dark races and zombies.

Ye Li appeared behind the dead and dead zombies.

The Apocalypse Legion and him began to synthesize zombies crazy, and the synthesized zombies continued to attack other zombies. Because of the mad synthesis of the Apocalypse Legion, when the current undead race recovered, all the zombies had been synthesized by Yang Qi.

Incorporate the zombies into the corpses of the last days. The corpses of the last days break through to the second-order heavenly emperor level. The gene warriors and the army in the Dragon King City see the vitality and attack the dead sword clan madly.

Just as the Epee Undead Clan was almost exhausted, the Epee Undead Clan Patriarch, the fourth-order Heavenly Emperor Epee Sword Undead was born.

Ye Li merged with the last-day legion, and fought against the fourth-order Heavenly Emperor Epee Undead, and finally killed the fourth-order Heavenly Emperor Epee Sword.

After beheading the undead of the fourth-order Heavenly Emperor Epee, Ye Li also became the hero of the Dragon King City, and Huang Tuhuang, the Lord of the Dragon King City, reported to the Emperor of the Dragon Empire.

After learning about the Dragon Empire, he personally invited Ye Li to go to the capital city of the Dragon Empire.

At the same time, I learned that the dark race of the dragon-slaying dragons in West Death Mountain will soon attack the capital.

Under the notice of the Emperor of the Dragon Dragon Empire, Ye Li went to the life-forbidden area, a place of zombies. There are countless zombies in the zombie land. Ye Li and the Apocalypse Legion entered the zombie land to synthesize zombies for half a year. Eventually, he broke through to the ninth-order Heavenly Emperor Class, and the Apocalypse Legion also broke through to the Eighth-order Heavenly Emperor Class.

At this time, the dark race of the Xiluiling Dragon Slaughter also began to attack the capital city of the Dragon Empire.

On the occasion of a desperate attack, the emergence of Ye Li and the End of the Legion made Tulong the dark genocide.

The Emperor of the Dragon Empire ordered to clear the nation's dark race!

The whole world was shocked by the news!

But one wave after another!

The holy city in the center of the world, the sky suddenly shines with evil light.

And the existence of a lord of darkness spoke the words of the world.

The dark evil light from the Lord of Darkness enveloped the Holy City.

Everyone in the world knows that the Lord of Darkness is the most terrifying existence.

After the Dragon Empire cleared all the dark races, the emperor told Ye Li this news.

The system tells Yeli that after all, it is necessary to fight the Lord of Darkness, which is also the meaning of the existence of the system.

Ten days later, everyone in the Holy City, including the gene warriors, became zombies, and the sea tribes were born and marched to all parts of the world.

The world is about to perish!

Ye Li came to the Holy City!

He fought against the Lord of Darkness. The battle lasted for half a year, and finally beheaded the Lord of Darkness.

The holy city, zombies around the world, became humans!

After all the zombies have turned into humans, the dark races around the world have been cleared for a year.

The world is back to calm!

And Ye Li has become a hero remembered by all mankind.


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