What the King Sect Master Yun did not expect anyway was that Ye Li said the next sentence.

I saw that Ye Li slowly opened his mouth towards the Cloud Sect Master:

"Never be shocked, because everything I do will shock you for three days and nights."

All the people present listened to Ye Li's remarks, and their faces all showed a deep horror.

After a long time, Sect Master Yun Wang finally recovered, he stared at Ye Li coldly.

"Even if the sword in your hand is scary, don't forget where is this place?"

"The ants are the ants."

Ye Li shook his head, and he had already taken out the Taiyuan Longyuan Sword. Why did this cloud king Sect Master still not understand?

Sect Master Yun Wang heard the words and couldn't help but get furious.


With the order of the Cloud King Sect Master, all the Cloud King Sect disciples rushed towards Ye Li.

Just as the disciples of Yunwang Zong rushed in, Ye Li also raised the Taiyuan Longyuan sword in his hand.

Taikoo Longyuan Sword has already condensed a terrible cold mountain.

call out!

Suddenly, the sword fell.

A terrifying sword that was beyond reproach, flew towards the disciples of Cloud King Zong.

Oh my God! ! !

Yun Wangzong's disciples could not help but see the horror of the sword, and they fell.

They found that such a terrible swordman could not be avoided.


Suddenly, the screams kept coming up.

This sword, half of thousands of Cloud Wang Zong disciples fell in the pool of blood, the scene looks really terrible.

Ye Li's face still had no fluctuations.

"how can that be?!"

Sect Master Yun Wang and the elders looked at the scene, and they couldn't help but fall down.

Even if he wanted to break his head, he would not have thought that Ye Li was such a powerful genetic warrior.

The remaining disciples of Yun Wangzong have been frightened, and how dare they continue to attack Ye Ye.

But Ye Li was holding Taikoo Longyuan Sword, and walked slowly towards them.

Cold sweat, has wet their entire body.

The disciples of Yun Wangzong looked at Ye Li in horror.

"You... don't come over."

"Of course I have to come."

Ye Li smiled lightly.

I saw that he raised the Taiyuan Longyuan sword in his hand again and shouted:

"Destroy Sword Art!"

The sound falls, the sword falls.

SSS god-level skills, World Extermination Sword tactics shot out.

Suddenly, countless horrible swordmans flew out.

The screams rang out again.

Sect Master Yun Wang and the elders looked at such a scene. They were already scared and stupid. They were as scared as they were.

At the same time, they wouldn't think that Ye Li was such a powerful genetic warrior if he wanted to spend ten days and ten nights.

"It's your turn."

Ye Li lightly looked at the Cloud Sect Master and the elders.

Sect Master Yun Wang and the elders have fallen into horror at this time, where can I say a complete sentence.

"Did you commit suicide or let me take the shot?"

Ye Li rushed slowly toward the Cloud King Sect Master and the elders.

Sect Master Yun Wang and the elders looked at each other. There was only one idea in their minds, and this idea was to escape.

Immediately, the cloud king sect master and the elders flew and fled.

It's a pity that they have ten legs, and they can't escape Ye Li's palm.


Suddenly, Sect Master Yun Wang and the elders all screamed.

With the screams of the Cloud King Sect Master and the elders, their lives have forever disappeared from this world. 168 library. 168 shuku.

auzw.com Ye Li's face is still very indifferent.

The leader of the Leishan organization and the captains looked at such a scene, and there was no words to describe the shock in their hearts.

When Ye Li asked them to come to Yun Wangzong, they were still very horrified, but now they know how ridiculous their horror was.

"Senior, are you the most powerful genetic warrior in the world?"

The leader of the Leishan organization suddenly said to Ye Li.

"What do you think?"

Ye Li confronted the leader of the Leishan organization.

The leader of the Leishan organization knew that he might have lost his word, and he dared not continue to ask.

"Let's go back."

Ye Li said.

The leader of the Leishan organization nodded.

Immediately, the group walked back.

It didn't take long for Ye Li, the leader of the Leishan organization and the captains of the team, and they all returned to the Leishan organization.

Returning to the Leishan organization, Lei Xue got the news. She was carved in wood and made her tongue open.

At the same time, she was also terrified.

Just because in her view, fortunately, there was not too much offending Ye Li outside the Leishan organization, otherwise they might have disappeared in this world forever.

"Oh, do you know where there are zombies?"

Ye Li looked at Lei Xue faintly.

"Zombie gathering place?"

Lei Xue was stunned. Naturally, he didn't expect Ye Li to say such a thing.

"Senior, what are you looking for where the zombies gather?"

"Don't ask about this, you just need to tell me where it is."

"Senior, shall I take you there?"

Lei Xue looked at Ye Li.

Ye Liwen nodded.

Vertical day.

Lei Xue took Ye out of the Leishan organization.

Half an hour later, Lei Xue took Ye to a zombies gathering place.

This is a small gathering place for zombies.

He released the End of the World Army from the system space.

"This... this is a zombie?!"

Looking at the end-of-life legion that suddenly appeared, Lei Xue couldn't help but startled.

"Yes, they are all zombies."

Ye Li nodded.

Lei Xue listened to Ye Li's answer, and there was endless shock in her heart.

She never thought that Ye Li could actually control the zombies.

"Senior, you are so amazing."

After a long time, Lei Xue spoke to Ye Li.

Ye Li smiled calmly, he didn't say much, but let the Armageddon Army go to the small zombie gathering place in front of him to synthesize zombies.

It didn't take long for the End of the Army to return to Ye Li.

"Senior, what level of zombies are they?"

Lei Xue knew that the ranks of the End of the Army must not be low.

"All are first-order heavenly emperors."

Ye Li said.

First order... Heavenly Emperor? !

Lei Xue seemed to have heard words that could never be heard in this world. The woodcarving clay sculptures stiffened in place and could not recover for a long time.

Ye Li's face still had no fluctuations.

"This should be nothing surprising?"

Lei Xue regained his spirit.

He thought that his predecessor was his predecessor, so horrible!

"Senior, then why do you let these zombies go inside the zombies gathering place?"

A light of curiosity appeared on Lei Xue's fair face. She naturally wanted to know why.


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