More than a dozen Yun Wang Zong disciples looked at each other.

They thought, wouldn't these people be lunatics in front of them?

If it’s not a lunatic, why dare you say such things to them?

"Ha ha!"

Just listen, a disciple of Cloud King Zong smiled coldly at Ye Li and his party.

"When you say something like this, don't you want to think about your end?"

The disciple of Cloud King Zong spoke coldly to Ye Li.


But as soon as this Yun Wangzong disciple finished his words, he made a scream of horror.


A dozen Yun Wangzong disciples were shocked, and they looked at the corpses on the ground in shock.

They found that the body of this disciple of Cloud King Zong on the forehead no longer knew when there was a shocking blood hole.


what! ! !

But before they could say it, they would never have the opportunity to continue.

There were a dozen or so disciples of Yun Wangzong, but there was only one left at this time.

The remaining disciple of Yun Wangzong, the more frightened his face was, the more frightened he was.

Even he dared to swear that this was the most frightening time since he was born.

"Go," Ye Li looked at the disciple of Yunwang Zong in front of him, "Go tell you Sect Master, what I said just now."

Where did this disciple of Cloud King Zong dare to stay a little bit, and quickly ran into Zongmen, the speed has reached the fastest ever.

Yun Wangzong, the main hall.

Inside the main hall, what the Cloud Sect Master and the elders are discussing!

Suddenly, a disciple rushed in.

This disciple of Cloud King Zong has fallen into shock.

"Why panic?!"

Sect Master Yun Wang looked at this disciple coldly.

"Sovereign, so and so..."

Immediately, this Yun Wang disciple quickly uttered all the events.

what? !

Sect Master Yun Wang and the elders heard this, and they all froze.

"You said someone wanted to destroy our Cloud King Sect?"

"Yeah, the elders all died in their hands."


The pupils of Sect Master Yun Wang and the elders shrank violently.

Great elder... dead?

Of course they did not expect that the elders would die.

"Sovereign, the elders are going to the Leishan organization. Is it because the Leishan organization invited someone to deal with us?"


Sovereign Master Shen Wang said.

"Everyone, since someone came to your door, wouldn't I have the fear of Yun Wangzong?"

After finishing the speech, the Sect Master Yun Wang got up from the throne and walked out of the hall.

Seeing the elders, they also got up and went out.

It didn't take long for thousands of Yun Wangzong to walk out of the Zongmen.

Although these Yun Wangzong disciples are too weak in Ye Li's eyes, they can be cohesive but they have a tiger's attitude down the mountain.

I saw that thousands of gene warriors of Yun Wangzong had already approached Ye Li and his entourage.

"Who am I, it turned out to be the Leishan organization!"

Sovereign Cloud King Sect spoke coldly.

Seeing Yun Wangzong's gene warriors all appeared in front of him, the leader of Leishan organization and the captains of the group all had a look of horror on their faces.

"We only come here for one purpose, that is to destroy your cloud king sect."

Ye Li rushed slowly towards the Cloud Sect Master.

what? !

Sect Master Yun Wang was stunned, and naturally did not expect Ye Li to speak.

"You are also a member of Thunder Mountain?"

Sect Master Yun Wang stared at Ye Li.

"No." Food novel. Meishi2008. Ye Li shook his head.

"Since you are not the king of the cloud, why do you follow them to die?"

Sect Master Yun Wang said.

Ye Li smiled indifferently, his face naturally did not have any fluctuations, "Because you King Yunzong and I have hatred."

"Hate with you?!"

Yun Wangzong everyone froze.

They thought that they didn't even know Ye Li, how could he be hatred?

"What do you mean?"

A cloud of doubt appeared on the face of Sect Master Yun Wang.

"I killed the great elders of your cloud king sect, don't you have a hatred against me?"

what! ! !

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in Yunwangzong was shocked.

Even if he wanted to break his head, Ye Li would actually say such a thing.

"You... what are you saying?!"

Sect Master Yun Wang looked at Ye Li in amazement.

Although he knew that the Great Elder was dead, he never thought that Ye Li would kill him.

"I killed your great elder Yun Wangzong, is it hard to understand?"

Ye Li lightly looked at Sect Master Yun Wang.

"court death!"


With the order of the Cloud King Sect Master, dozens of Cloud King Sect disciples rushed towards Ye Li.

In just an instant, dozens of Cloud Wang Zong disciples came to Ye Li.

Just as they were preparing to shoot Ye Li, dozens of breaking wind sounds appeared.

what! ! !

What followed was a scream!

The screams are really numb.

There was still no fluctuation in Ye Li's face, and his expression was indifferent.


Yun Wangzong everyone froze.

Naturally, I didn't expect Ye Li to be so scary!

"Junior, it seems that you are still a bit capable."

Sect Master Yun Wang smiled coldly at Ye Li.

"so so."

Ye Li said indifferently.

Sect Master Yun Wang looked at Ye Li's face and couldn't help but look cold.

"But you shouldn't think that you can live your life alone!"

Ye Li sighed with a sigh. Why did he not understand this cloud king Sect Master?


Suddenly, Ye Li took Taiyuan Longyuan Sword out of the system space.

The sounds of swords and dragons began to ring up.

A five-clawed blood dragon lay on top of Ye Li's head.

how is this possible? !

Everyone present looked at such a vision, and all of them could not help but startled and fell, they would never dream that they would have such a terrible vision.

"This and this..."

Sect Master Yun Wang was also shocked.

When the horrible vision disappeared, everyone present looked at the Taiyuan Longyuan Sword in Ye Li's hands.

It doesn't matter if you don't look at it, you are all terrified at first glance.

Just because in their view, the Archaic Longyuan Sword in Ye Li's hands is really terrifying. It seems that as long as he takes a look at it, he can't afford to live any more.

" could you have such a horrible sword!"

Sect Master Yun Wang looked at Ye Li with great fear.

"Are you shocked?"

Ye Li lightly looked at Sect Master Yun Wang.

Sect Master Yun Wang was of course shocked. He was not only shocked, but also shocked to the point that he could not be more irritated.

Isn't it true that everyone present is so.

Together with the Leishan organization and the captains, they also froze in place like woodcarving clay sculptures.


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