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Apocalyptic God-level Zombie Synthesis System

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Novel Summary

Go through the end times and get the super synthesis system.

Two level 1 zombies can be combined into level 2 zombies, and the synthesized zombies are 100% loyal.

The higher the level of the zombie, the higher the face value.

Zombies have their own unique skills, fists of the earth, and a series of swords that kill three ghosts.

Zombies also produce zombie chests every day, which can be opened to good babies.

After Ye Li had a super synthesis system, he began to synthesize zombies crazy in the last days.

The system is in hand, I have the world.

In the last days, tremble! I Ye Li has come!

- Description from soxs


Short Title:GLZSS
Original Title:末世之神级丧尸合成系统
Author:Battle green armor
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Urban Life
Weekly Rank:#16
Monthly Rank:#6
All Time Rank:#236
Tags:Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Post-apocalyptic, System Administrator, Zombies,

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