"what on earth do you want?"

Seeing that Lin Cheng could not go left or right, Ishikawa Yuko clenched her fist hard, but in the end she had no choice but to let go, and asked in a depressed tone.

Hearing this, Lin Cheng raised his eyes and scanned the surrounding situation, and said, "It's very simple, you take me to see Kazumasa Sagawa now, and if you see him, it's nothing to do with you."


Seeing that Lin Cheng insisted on seeing Kazumasa Sagawa no matter what she said, although Yuko Ishikawa was extremely reluctant in her heart, she also knew that if she wanted to survive, she could only do what the other party said.

But Lin Cheng smiled after seeing the other party's silence. He knew that the woman had compromised, so he waved to Bai Ling and the others, and then walked towards the Xianbei City she was talking about under the leadership of Ishikawa Yuko.

Along the way, Yuko Ishikawa, who was leading the way, raised her hand from time to time and made a strange gesture, and every time she made the gesture, within two seconds, Lin Cheng could clearly feel a sense of hostility disappearing. not see.

This made him realize that this Ishikawa Yuko is indeed as she said just now, and she doesn't want to have any conflicts with them. Now taking them to see Kazumasa Sagawa, I am afraid that what she wants to do is to minimize the previous conflict as much as possible. Fade treatment.

But just when the group of them felt that the main entrance of Xianbei City was about to enter, Lin Cheng frowned suddenly, stopped Bai Ling and the others behind him, and asked Ishikawa Yuko in a cold voice: "Who is around here?! "


Ishikawa Yuko was obviously surprised by Lin Cheng's sudden questioning, and then, when Lin Cheng was waiting in full force and Ishikawa Yuko was in a daze, a black shadow came down from the top of the city wall in an instant!


Seeing that the black shadow was aimed directly at their group, Lin Cheng couldn't care less about Ishikawa Yuko who was next to him. He let out a low shout, and saw a blue ice wall appearing in front of them in an instant!


And at the moment when the ice wall appeared, accompanied by a loud noise, the blue ice wall that had just stood up for two seconds was directly broken by the black shadow, and then saw that the speed of the black shadow did not decrease at all, and continued to move towards They are coming!

"Master Sagawa, stop!"

At this moment, Ishikawa Yuko on the side finally realized, seeing that a big battle was about to break out, she couldn't help shouting immediately!

But her yelling did not stop the black shadow from attacking. With the sound of "shua" breaking through the air, Lin Cheng, who was ready to fight at any time, frowned. Ishikawa Yuko was killed on the spot at this time!

Looking at Ishikawa Yuko lying on the ground in a pool of blood, Lin Cheng clenched his fists and knew in his heart that this Sagawa Kazumasa did not turn his back on evil as Ishikawa Yuko said, but became more violent and cruel!

Killing Ishikawa Yuko with one move, the black shadow that is Sagawa Kazumasa finally stopped, and Lin Cheng also saw the opponent's appearance clearly at this time.

I don't know how to describe it, this Sagawa Kazusho is completely different from what he imagined.

In the large black robe, one is about 1.8 meters tall. His whole body is like a shriveled long stick. His skinny cheeks make it almost impossible to distinguish his facial features. Two brown-gray eyes are staring at Lin Cheng closely at this moment. Waiting for others, completely ignoring Ishikawa Yuko who was lying beside him in a pool of blood.

"who are you?"

After a few seconds of confrontation, Sagawa Kazumasa spoke first, his voice was extremely hoarse, it sounded like the sound of two pieces of rubble rubbing against each other, which made people feel extremely uncomfortable.

Without answering the other party, at the moment this ogre appeared, Lin Cheng understood from the astonishing killing intent emanating from him, no matter what he said, this guy would never let them go!

That being the case, he simply gave up his original plan, no matter what, he had to suppress the other party first.

Seeing that Lin Cheng did not answer, Sagawa Kazumasa did not continue to ask, and with a soft "whoosh", Lin Cheng only felt a strong wind blowing towards him in an instant!


Just when he was about to raise his hand to resist, he heard a clear impact sound, and a silver shield suddenly appeared on top of his head, directly blocking Sagawa Kazumasa's thin claws like ghost claws!

"There's something wrong with this guy, we have to be careful."

Blocking Kazumasa Sagawa's attack, before Lin Cheng could speak, Bai Ling immediately reminded him.

Hearing Bai Ling's reminder, Lin Cheng nodded, and then turned Qian Ren into a long sword with a flick of Qian Ren. While being wary of Sagawa Kazusho who retreated half a step from the opposite side, he said to Bai Ling: "I will be careful, you guys stay away from me. Some, help me watch over this guy's subordinates."


At this time, Bai Ling is naturally concerned about what is more important. As soon as Lin Cheng finished speaking, she immediately ran to the surrounding area with Felton Daisy Coke and Xiao Bai to guard the surrounding area, creating a safe enough battle for Lin Cheng. environment.

Facing the conversations and plans of the few people on their side, Sagawa Kazumasa on the opposite side had no intention of stopping them at all. I don't know if it was because of disdain or because he simply couldn't understand Chinese.

And after Bai Ling and the others disappeared nearby, Lin Cheng was about to make a move, when he looked up, he saw Kazumasa Sagawa who was standing opposite him just now disappeared!


The moment he found out that the other party had disappeared, Lin Cheng's heart tightened, and he was about to let go of his six senses to search, but he heard a sudden sound of breaking through the air behind him!


Without even thinking about it, he turned around and raised his sword to block it. Following a tingling sound from the tiger's mouth, Lin Cheng stepped back half a step, and looked at the ghostly Sagawa Kazusho who appeared behind him again, frowning slightly.


Two consecutive attacks were blocked by Bai Ling and Lin Cheng. The zombie-like Sagawa suddenly let out an ugly laugh. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com seemed to think that the man in front of him was more interesting than he imagined.

But right after, his figure suddenly flickered and disappeared in front of Lin Cheng again!

Facing this pervert who would play and disappear so fast at every turn, Lin Cheng was completely unconvinced. With a quick turn of his mind, he saw the A-level battle suit instantly wrapping his whole body in it!

Entering the fighting state, Lin Cheng's ears moved slightly, and he quickly locked on the position of Kazusho Sagawa who had disappeared. A few seconds later, he saw the long sword in his hand suddenly swung to the side, and he heard a "click", and disappeared for a long time Sagawa Kazusho appeared in an instant!

It's just that Lin Cheng didn't expect that this guy's defense was much stronger than he imagined, and the indestructible Qianren couldn't pierce his defense, which is outrageous!

Since cold weapons can't hurt the opponent, Lin Cheng didn't want to waste time. When the opponent attacked him again, he saw his whole body instantly turned into an afterimage, and disappeared behind him before Kazumasa Sagawa could react. before!

Seeing Lin Cheng who disappeared in an instant, it was Sagawa Kazuma's turn to be confused this time, but Lin Cheng didn't intend to let this guy be confused for too long, the next second, with his cold shout, Sagawa Kazuma only felt himself There was a sudden chill that hit the bone marrow behind him!