The second thousand and thirteenth chapter of the text, the problem of three views is very serious.


After a moment of silence, the black robe woman finally uttered two words.

However, Lin Cheng was dissatisfied with her answer. The knife in his hand reached nearly half an inch forward again, and said coldly: "Say your full name."

"Ishikawa Yuko, my name is Ishikawa Yuko."

Feeling the sharp point of the knife almost piercing into the skin, the black robe woman panicked, she didn't dare to continue to support her, and quickly replied.


Seeing that this woman is not very stupid, Lin Cheng nodded and continued to ask: "Miss Ishikawa Yuko, I need you to tell me, is the Sagawa-sama you just mentioned is Sagawa Kazumasa?"

"Don't call the adult's name directly!"

Hearing him suddenly say Sagawa Kazumasa's name, Yuko Ishikawa, who had been more cooperative the moment before, was startled and shouted angrily at him!

Facing Yuko Ishikawa, who could not help but turn around and scold him, Lin Cheng couldn't help but feel a little amused, "Hey, it has only been a few days, so Sagawa Kazumasa has already brainwashed people to this degree?"

Who knows, Yuko Ishikawa snorted after hearing his words, and said disdainfully: "This is not brainwashing at all. The power of Sagawa-sama, you outsiders will never be able to understand, but you have seen the strength of adults. Almost all people have joined the adults voluntarily, and those stubborn fools can only sleep forever in the snow of Xianbei City!"

"Have your mother taught you not to be so in the second grade when talking to people?"

Seeing that Yuko Ishikawa’s piety towards Sagawa Kazumasa seemed to be overflowing, Lin Cheng couldn’t help but shook his head and said, “Also, how powerful your Sagawa-sama is, it won’t take me long. I will know, but there is one thing I have to know before that, that Sagawa Ichi seemed to be a very famous ogre when he was in peaceful times, and after seeing and hearing along our way, is it possible that he still hasn’t changed his liking. Cannibalism?"


Hearing his words, Ishikawa Yuko couldn't help it again. Regardless of the tip of the knife against the back of her neck, she turned to face Lin Cheng and said with an extremely unkind expression: "Master Sagawa has been here since he came to Xianbei City. I've never eaten people again, when will you idiots who only listen to others' opinions come to your senses?!"

Although Yuko Ishikawa got rid of his threat for the time being, Lin Cheng was not worried at all. He couldn't help but laughed, "Huh? So you mean that even if you Sagawa-sama have eaten people before, you only need to later If you don’t eat anymore, everything will be fine? You Dongying people have a serious problem with the Three Views!"

"It's useless to say more!"

Facing Lin Cheng’s unabashed sarcasm, Ishikawa’s face turned black, and he cursed angrily: “You who are disrespectful to Sagawa-sama will only end up with one, and that’s to die here with the same stupid people. !"

Before she finished her words, she suddenly raised her hand, and a circle of black mud instantly appeared under her feet, and quickly spread towards Lincheng!

Lin Cheng was not surprised by this woman's behavior, and saw that he took a step backward without hurriedly, and then handed the long knife forward in his hand, and heard a soft sound of "cock", seemingly not rushed. After the long sword broke out of his hand, the speed suddenly increased, and Yuko Ishikawa pierced her left shoulder instantly without any protection!


Due to the speed of the long sword, Yuko Ishikawa felt pain until the blade pierced her entire left shoulder blade. He groaned in his mouth and the black pool under his feet disappeared instantly.

Looking at Yuko Ishikawa, who was half-kneeling on the ground after his shoulder injury, clutching the wound, Lin Cheng snorted, walked a few steps forward, and said quietly: "If there is such an unruly behavior, next time you The result is not as simple as being stabbed."

"In the end what you want?"

Several fights have made Ishikawa Yuko fully understand that she is not the opponent of the man in front of her. Faced with Lin Cheng who seems to be standing in front of her defenselessly, she never dared to have any thoughts anymore, gasping for him. Asked.

Hearing this, Lin Cheng gave a chuckle, turned his head and looked at all the Bai Ling people who had returned after finding that there was nothing dangerous here, and then retracted his gaze and said to her: "I just said that, I am more impressed with Sagawa Kazumasa. Interest, although originally we didn’t intend to have any intersection with you, but you guys stretched out too long to even let it go on the other side of the lake more than ten miles away from Xianbei City. In that case, we have already paid What do you think I should do when I get started?"

Hearing Lin Cheng's words, Ishikawa Yuko couldn't wait to chop off his hands.

God knows that she has been operating for more than two years and has killed countless passing survivors. The spirit formation will break into such a group of people today. At the beginning, she thought that Lin Cheng was just a relatively more powerful survivor~www If you use your own strength, you can solve these thorns in a few minutes, but she is countless, but she did not count that the people who broke in were not thorns at all, but Demon King!

After regretting for a while, Yuko Ishikawa took a deep breath, looked up at Lin Cheng, and said in a cold voice: "I can let you go, as if we have never met before, and I can guarantee that I will be at Xianbei all the way. You will not be hindered in any way within the area of ​​the city."

Looking at Yuko Ishikawa who was swearing, Lin Cheng smiled and shook his head, "Sorry, the previous lesson told me that it is best not to believe the words of the enemy without a punctuation mark."

"What I'm saying is true!"

Seeing Lin Cheng's unbelief, Ishikawa Yuko was a little anxious, "I have great authority, and the entire guards of the city will almost follow my instructions! You don't understand what you will face if you rush into the city. Consequences, I let you go now completely for your lives!"

"Your last sentence is even less credible."

Seeing that Yuko Ishikawa was about to jump up in a hurry, Lin Cheng still shook his head.

He believes that what the other party is saying should be true. After all, after seeing his strength, the other party will never want to have any friction with him as long as there is no water in his mind. Letting them leave is the only choice.

But previous experience told him that people like Yuko Ishikawa are completely unreliable. She may be sincerely letting them go at this moment, but when they do leave, this woman will probably happen today. The matter was reported immediately, and at that time, how things will develop is not something that a small underling like her will be able to control.

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