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Lin Cheng got a strange system. The items exchanged by this system can be turned into portable capsules to carry with him. If he wants to, he can put a heavy house and car in his pocket for a walk-and-go trip. .

But Lin Cheng, who got such an artifact, couldn’t be happy, because what he was about to face was a huge change that would affect the world!

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Short Title:ACS
Alternate Title:末世胶囊系统
Author:Old Li Jindao
Weekly Rank:#738
Monthly Rank:#934
All Time Rank:#641
Tags:Apocalypse, Cold Protagonist, Evolution, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Ruthless Protagonist, Special Abilities, System, System Administrator, Weak to Strong, Zombies,

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14 Comments on “Apocalyptic Capsule System
  1. This novel is good because the mc has a system but the mc charateretic is really not my liking, he became arrogant when he has this system cheat, can he even think about why this people grateful to him although he didnt save them but only want to kill those monster but still to them it was the same but hus attitude is so bad they only want to thank him and not want to beg for food to him, i dont like this mc, its natural that u need to thank the person even if he didnt intntion to help, becaise u feel unconfortable thats why tgey need to thank the person and also why the author make tgis kind of mc that he didnt even think, he only know rhat it was end of the world or apocalypse so he didnt care about others, he didnt even help a 7yrs old girl its because it is apocalypse and needed to survive by his or her own but u didnt think that if he didnt have a system he is the same to those people begging for help or feel grateful if someone save him,I know that in apocalypse being a virgin mary is wrong but still this is a kid a 7yrs old girl, just only help her a little, how heartless u are if u think not caring for children, children is considered as a new hope.. why some chinese novel are always like this, once they got a cheat they became arrogant to the MAX,fearless,heartless,idiot,selfish..its really hateful to read this novel because of this MC..why not make him a little mild and not arrogant and heartless..(sorry its not my type)

  2. Not only this the worst is they collect beautiful women left and right, specially chinese fanfic novel..its really hatefull thinking this kind of mc..

  3. Really author, the mc feel anger when he see the corpse of the children, the children have a mark mean they are being tortured then the mc feel anger, bullshit author, when the mc see a 7yrs old girl being abused yet he didnt even help...really a shit..

  4. Hmmm although i continue reading, i only like his cheat, after all having a cheat and a comportable house is really great but i hope his charaterestic will improve.

  5. Hmmm why not buy space that can plant vegetable and rice and fruits or any other, its very helpful unlike the house..i hope he will have this

  6. Really hateful of this poor attitude of this MC.. sigh its really unbearable to read, why creating a novel if the mc is attitude is bad and also there is no improvement...my god i not going to continue reading this novel...sigh wasting my time again.

  7. Much better I HAVE A MANSION unlike this novel...why this author continue being an author, he didnt even know that having this kind of mc only ruin this novel, its very hateful.. its okay to be arrogant to the max but having all bad characterestic, this novel became unbearable to read..

  8. I cannot comprehend this sht. The MC is too dumb. I think it is poorly written, it's just goddamn frustrating to read.

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