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Apocalypse: The Fat Lady Strikes Back

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Qiao Lingxiang, who weighed two hundred and five and had a fat physique who drank water, was beaten to death in a farmland. She had not crossed or reborn, and opened her eyes to cheat her corpse.

Then, he got a strange ability, as long as he loses a little weight, he can have healing power.

She thought she had something that could cure all diseases.

But I found that I could still urge more plants and touch rocks to form minerals.

So, the first step in survival is to quickly go out and set up a stall… Selling piranhas, killing monsters and assisting weapons, selling fairy grass, necessary hemostatic medicine when going out of the city, selling energy mines, mothers no longer have to worry about power outages at home NS.

Oops, I said, next door, the little brother who is number one in the apocalyptic master list, will you go out to practice the stall tonight?

Cen Yi, who had been resting in the window, took the book off his face when he heard the words, looked at the smiling sister next door outside the window, raised a slender finger towards her, and said arrogantly:

“You get closer to me, brother has all the supplies for tonight.”

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Short Title:ATFLSB
Alternate Title:末世胖妹逆袭记
Author:Bag purple
Weekly Rank:#2014
Monthly Rank:#1729
All Time Rank:#2472
Tags:Abusive Characters, Apocalypse, Black Belly, Fat to Fit, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Military, Personality Changes, Siblings Not Related by Blood, Slow Romance, Special Abilities, Superpowers, Time Skip, Ugly to Beautiful, Weak to Strong, Zombies,
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  1. Great novel twist on a typical apocalypse novel. People devoting powers? Yes! But it delves into the inconvenient problems of superpowered people, with morally ambiguous consequences. Pyrokinesis? Great. How do you put the fire out? ‘Water’ ability? Where does the water come out? The author has a seriously twisted mind.

  2. Sorry, I don’t remember. I don’t think she uses them like ordinary mutants, and not for a long time. Pretty sure it was after getting a space.

  3. first and foremost lol I'm just at Midway of the story and decided to leave this story, i mean it's too much for me iguess? she was abused! :< i can somehow relate to her. although few people shows her kindness but that kind of feeling that you are struggling but no one's really tried reaching out deeper? tried understanding her? although yeah the theme is the apocalypse that's why yeah it's doesn't really always work like that but she deserves more :< i don't know if the story will improve later on after this but I'm too heartbroken to read this hehe. don't mind my comment.am just aggrieved lol

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