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He shall call forth the bone dragon! Summon the lich and the grim reaper! Li Jiayu, the dark summoner, has been reborn and everything returned to the moment before the outbreak of the devastating apocalypse.

Spaces tremble violently and dimensional cracks connected to various worlds appear! In an instant, never-seen-before civilizations invade our homeland. Insects the size of humans and walking corpses sweep through Earth in legions. An imminent crisis is approaching humanity and billions of human lives are at risk!

In regards to Li Jiayu’s uncorrupted soul, his summons shall no longer be limited to creatures which lurk in the darkness. They will also include the entities that bask in the light.

Under the lingering shadow of death, he vows to prevent a repeat of past tragedies!

Struggling within the exhausting apocalyptic world, he chooses to trudge on the bloody path of slaughter.

Walking hand in hand with death, he no longer lives under the cold embrace of the darkness. He shall embark on the bright path towards glory.

‘This is an opportunity to make a comeback… I will put everything on the line to right the wrongs and to protect the loved ones that were once lost.’

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:末世之黑暗召唤师
Author:Minuet of Dusk
Weekly Rank:#1669
Monthly Rank:#1736
All Time Rank:#949
Tags:Adapted to Manga, An*l, Androgynous Characters, Angels, Antihero Protagonist, Apocalypse, Arrogant Characters, Beast Companions, Charming Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Dragons, Handsome Male Lead, Incest, Insects, Kingdoms, Lack of Common Sense, Magic, Male Protagonist, Military, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Monsters, Parody, Polygamy, Pregnancy, R*pe, Revenge, Reverse R*pe, Romantic Subplot, Ruthless Protagonist, Second Chance, Summoning Magic, Torture, Zombies,
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10 Comments on “Apocalypse Summoner
  1. fuck, even at early stages MC's character is bullshit, anti-hero and ruthless yet hes doing story telling the future to hes fucking classmates. the fuck, hes just retarded with that character its no wonder how he end up in hes last life.

  2. I wasn’t able to pass his character, very arrogant, stupid and thinks the world revolves around him because he knows the future. It’s no wonder he died in loneliness an old mud stick that can’t distinguish between the present and past or future. I read up to chapter 9 I understand he disliked Li Hongxia, Looked down on Sun Wei Wei because of what happened. Even huan xiaotong who had chase him he even didn’t look her in the eyes. Now he’s bitching about loneliness I just want to punch the beta sissy in the face tch.. A new start a new beginning a clean slate those girls have very good impression of him. He could make them into his woman and at the same time build a strong force but what he does he do? He acts as if they owe him money making their impression on him low. I truly hate hypocrite character especially this one he doesn’t even know how divide work among the students and build unity. Abyss summoner the main character knows his goal and do things 3 step ahead unlike this moron.

  3. Si estoy deacuerdo contigo al principio el MC es medio estupido, pero eso se debe a su pasado, ya que el fue incrimido por la humanidad asi que vivio en el lado oscuro y en soledad asi que el le cuesta ser razonable y no entiende a los demas. Huan Xiaotong No es que no le guste el la odia por que ella fue la que lo mato. Deberia agregarle el tang Psicologico por la personalidad del prota va cambiado conforme van pasando los capitulos y se recuentran con la familia.

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