The contact between two souls feels different from the contact between the body.

Long Chen seemed to feel that he and the girl's soul blended together.

Long Chen hurriedly shielded these thoughts and concentrated on absorbing the Yin Qi in the girl's soul.

Then quickly separated from her.

But even in the first few seconds of contact, Long Chen looked at the girl and felt a little strange.


After sighing again, Long Chen withdrew from the girl's consciousness.

"You can come in."

Long Chen Divine Soul returned to his body, and then said toward the door.

The door of the ward opened in an instant, and Luo Tinggan and several key members of Luo Shengmen rushed in.

Not only them, Bai Renshan also ran in.

"My daughter is really good?"

As soon as Luo Tinggan came in, he hurriedly looked at his daughter, and he was relieved when he found that her daughter's clothes were not taken off.

"Well, the symptoms have been removed, but you still need to rest for a while to wake up."

Long Chen said, leaving.

A backbone of Rashomon directly stopped Long Chen.

"You can't leave now, you must wait until the young lady is completely awake."

Long Chen frowned, a little unhappy.

But he didn't want to cause trouble, so he made progress and went to the girl.

Reached out and clicked on her.

"What are you doing, want to take advantage?"

The backbone immediately became angry when he saw Long Chen bumping on the young lady.

He must raise his fist and hit Long Chen.


But as soon as his fist was raised, Luo Tinggan stopped with an angry rebuke.

The backbone of Rashomon looked suspiciously and found that the **** the hospital bed was already awake.


Although the girl woke up, she was still a little unconscious.

Somewhat weak.

However, when Luo Tinggan heard the word "Papa", tears suddenly flowed down.

Over the years, he didn't know how much blood he shed, but he didn't even frown.

Because he always believes that men shed blood without tears.

But at this time, the man shed tears because of his daughter's father.

"Dad, what's wrong with me, I feel like I have had a long nightmare."

The girl touched her head, as if she wanted to remember what happened before.

But thinking about the fragments of those things before, she got a headache.

The yin spirit has cast a big shadow on the girl's psychology, so the girl's soul subconsciously hides that memory.

Long Chen didn't plan to help her remember this, after all, there were some things that could be forgotten.

"It's okay, it's okay, there's dad."

Luo Tinggan hugged the girl in a hug, this kind of lost and regained feeling, people who have never experienced it, can't experience it.

"Hey, I don't know who this brother is, but I feel a strong sense of familiarity."

The girl suddenly moved her gaze to Long Chen, her big eyes filled with curiosity.

Well, in addition to the color of curiosity, there is also a strange sentiment.

But this feeling even the girl didn't realize it.

Long Chen gave a wry smile, what he was worried about still happened.

He is in contact with the girl's soul, and even he has a strange feeling for girls, let alone girls.

At this time, the girl not only has a sense of familiarity with Long Chen, but if she touches a little, she will have feelings for Long Chen.

This is the sequelae of the soul fusion, um, for Long Chen, this is indeed the sequelae.

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