However, unexpectedly, his fist seemed to be hitting cotton, without any touch.

Directly penetrated the black air.

"Swallow you, Jie Jie!"

Yin Ling laughed terribly, and a powerful suction came.

Long Chen suddenly felt as if he was about to be sucked in by black energy.

"as you wish."

A sharp glow burst out of Long Chen's eyes, without any resistance.

The entire body transformed by the power of the soul rushed directly into the black energy, seeming to have become a part of it.

"Jie Jie Jie, I will win after all... No, how is it possible, what's going on... Ah!"

Yin Ling was originally happy because he swallowed Long Chen's soul power, but then suddenly screamed.

Because he felt that his soul power was dissipating in a large amount, there was a strong suction in his body, swallowing him.

"I said it, you are the one who kills."

Long Chen's voice came from the black energy.

His soul power is so powerful that even if he stands there and lets it swallow it, it can't be swallowed.

Therefore, Long Chen did not resist and was absorbed voluntarily, and then it was easier to break through Yinling's defense from the inside out.

"No, you better not swallow me, otherwise you will regret it!"

Yin Ling screamed, but still did not forget to threaten Long Chen.

Long Chen ignored him and increased his strength to absorb. The black energy was originally as large as fifty square meters, but it was swallowed by Long Chen two-thirds in an instant.


Following Yin Ling's unwilling scream, the last ray of black energy was swallowed by Long Chen.


Long Chen couldn't help groaning, the soul power of this Yin Ling was stronger than he had imagined.

After swallowing it, Long Chen's soul wounds were repaired a lot.

[Host]: Long Chen

【Level】: None

【Bloodline】: None

[Strength]: 15.8 (1 for normal adults)

[Speed]: 17.6 (1 for normal adults)

[Agility]: 14.2 (1 for normal adults)

[Defense]: 18.1 (1 for normal adults)

[Spirit]: 105/? ? ? (1 for normal adults)

[Skills]: Master Knife, Cat Shadow Magic Step, Domination of the World, Devouring Blood Magic Skill, King Kong Domination Body, Poseidon Seven Types, Sword Intent, Destroying Thunder, Power Fusion Skill, Destroying God Fist, Phoenix God Fire

[Ability]: None

[Experience value]: 10 billion +

Now Long Chen's spirit power has recovered to more than one hundred points, which is considered to be a normal adult level in Pangu Continent.

You know, Pangu continent is different from the earth.

Pangu Continent is in the end-time era. People there must be cautious all the time. In order to survive, they must improve their physical qualities, including mental power.

Therefore, even an ordinary person is much better than an earthly person.

If you casually bring an ordinary person from Pangu continent to the earth, they are all masters of the world boxing champion level.

The Yin Ling was swallowed by Long Chen, and the blood red in the girl's soul sea also began to dissipate.

This was affected by the resentment, and when the resentment was gone, the soul sea naturally had to return to its original state.

Long Chen walked towards the girl's soul body and was still lying on the ground. Her soul body was corroded by Yin Qi. Even if the Yin Ling was gone, the Yin Qi still remained in the girl's soul body.

If the yin Qi is not dissipated, the girl's soul will not wake up and will only become a vegetable.

"Sorry, all to save you."

Long Chen took a deep breath, lifted the girl's soul, and even kissed her directly on the mouth.

No way, the quickest and most effective way is to mouth to mouth to absorb the remaining Yin Qi in the girl's soul.