"What if it's not like that? Even Bai Renshan has nothing to do with Yingying's illness. Only he can cure it. We can only choose to trust him."

Luo Tinggan gave a wry smile, he hadn't experienced this feeling of powerlessness for a long time.

"Hmph, I hope he can really save Yingying, otherwise if Yingying suffers the slightest harm because of him, I will definitely make him regret living in this world!"

The Rashomon backbone clenched his fists, exuding a sharp killing intent, and said coldly.

In the ward, only Long Chen and the **** the bed were left at this time.

Long Chen sat down on the hospital bed and lifted the girl up to face him.

"Hey, I'm also trying to save you, so I have no choice."

Looking at the immature face in front of him, Long Chen sighed.

To save the girl, he needs to integrate his soul into the girl's soul.

The communion between souls is more sensational than the physical communion.

This feeling can only be unspeakable.

But Long Chen is not a person who likes to hesitate.

He narrowed his eyes, and pointed his fingers together at the center of the girl's brow.

An invisible divine soul power appeared from Long Chen's body and poured into the girl's soul sea along his fingers.


As soon as Long Chen's soul entered the girl's soul sea, he felt a chill coming.

At the same time, a fierce scream came from my ear, as terrifying as eighteen layers of hell.

In the girl's soul sea, it was blood-red at this time, full of cold air.

Long Chen glanced around for a week, and finally stayed in one place.

There lay a figure.

Long Chen walked over and found that this figure was a girl. He was lying quietly on the ground with his eyes closed.

A wave of black air entangled the girl's body, which has eroded two-thirds of her soul.

Yes, this figure is the soul of the girl.

The whole body was entangled with black energy, and in a few days, it is estimated that he will be blackened.


Suddenly, Long Chen felt a cool breeze coming from behind.

The experienced Long Chen swiftly flashed to the left, and then blasted towards the place where he was standing with a punch.


A powerful force struck, Long Chen took a few steps back.

Looking up, I saw a strange thing covered in black air appeared a few meters away.

"Did you attack me from the outside world just now, kid, you're doing it for death!"

A permeating voice, both male and female, came from the black air, but Long Chen's expression was indifferent.

He was the lord of the universe before, so how could he be afraid of a ghost?

If it were in its heyday, this yin spirit would only feel a trace of Long Chen's divine thoughts, and it would be frightened.

It's a pity now that Long Chen's soul has been injured, and Huluo Pingyang has been bullied by dogs.

"I'm afraid you are the one who died, right?"

Long Chen sneered. Although his soul was wounded, the skinny camel was bigger than a horse.

No matter how weak Long Chen's soul is at this time, it is also a soul, and the yin spirit in front of him is just the soul of a mortal with a greater grievance.

How can it be compared with him?

"Your spirit power seems to be quite strong. If you swallow you, it should strengthen my spirit power a lot."

"Boy, for the sake of your free delivery, I will let you die a little easier!"

Yin Ling let out a gloomy sly laugh, then turned into an afterimage and dashed towards Long Chen.

"Swallow me?"

Long Chen dismissed a smile, this Yin Ling had the same purpose as him.


Long Chen yelled violently and hit Yin Ling with a punch.

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