Luo Tinggan gave Luo Tinggan a stare at what Su Shi wanted to say.

"Su Shi, please don't be nosy. I respect you and don't want to conflict with you."

Luo Tinggan threatened and followed into the ward.

He said to his hand before entering.

"Without my permission, don't let anyone in and disturb you."


A little leader of Rashomon shouted and blocked the door of the ward.

"Su Shi, do you want me to break in?"

Shentu asked, with his strength, these little guys couldn't stop him.

Su Shi hesitated for a moment, but shook his head.

"Rashomon is too powerful to offend, and you said before that Longyang has a high level of medical skills. Since he voluntarily entered, he should be sure. Let's wait outside."

Su Shi said.

I am afraid that there is no one in Jiangnan City who can make him the top leader.

It can be seen that Suzhou City still attaches great importance to Long Chen.

After entering the ward, Long Chen walked directly to the girl.

The girl was struggling violently, her mouth was roaring and her eyes were red.

There was a black air faintly radiating from the center of the eyebrows. Of course, no one else could see this black air, only Long Chen could see it.

The girl looked very thin, but her strength was amazing at this time, and the strong men were all sweating profusely.

"Let her go."

Long Chen said.

The brawny men were taken aback when they heard Long Chen's words.

Let her go?

They know very well how powerful the young lady is now, and several brothers have been severely injured by her.

Now it is not easy to control, how can it be easily let go?

Seeing a few people didn't listen to his own words, Long Chen looked at Luo Tinggan.

After the latter hesitated for a while, he said to the disciples of Rashomon.

"Listen to him, let go."

In fact, Luo Tinggan didn't want these strong men to touch his daughter, but the girl was very dangerous at this time and had to stop it.

The sect master had all spoken, and the strong men did not dare to be disobedient, so they could only let go.

As soon as the hand was released, the girl immediately rushed towards Long Chen, opening her mouth and biting at Long Chen's neck suddenly.

"Be careful!"

The brawny men were surprised when they saw it, but there was no time to stop them.

But just when they thought that Long Chen was going to be killed by the young lady, they saw Long Chen standing calmly in place.

When the lady was only a few centimeters away from Long Chen, Long Chen finally moved.

I saw him quickly make a move, and **** touched the girl's brow.

The black air surrounding the girl's eyebrows immediately followed Long Chen's fingers into his body.


Ye Qianxing's eyes burst out with a burst of light.

After absorbing the black energy, he felt that his soul had recovered a small part.

Although this repair was negligible compared to his extremely traumatized soul, it also made Long Chen feel much better.

This black energy was actually similar to the Yin Qi that Long Chen had absorbed in Antique before, and it could be used to restore his spirit.

The black anger disappeared, and the girl's hideous expression suddenly converged, her eyes closed with anger, and she fell straight back.

Long Chen's hands were quick and quick, he hugged the girl's back directly, and then gently placed her on the hospital bed.

The girl was still looking crazy just now, and she passed out the next moment, which shocked the brawny men, including Luo Tinggan.

If it hadn't been for seeing Long Chen with their own eyes, they just clicked on the girl's eyebrows, they even wondered if it was forcibly knocked out.

In fact, they also tried to calm the girl with tranquilizers or anesthetics, but they all failed.

Unexpectedly, the young man in front of her was just a little bit, and the girl fainted.

It's a miracle.