"I'm... crossing?"

Long Chen squatted on the ground, rubbing his head with one hand.

After digesting the memory of this body, he finally determined that he had really passed through.

And also traveled to the last days when zombies walked all over the floor, fierce beasts were like dogs.

Hundreds of years ago, the last days came, and countless humans became zombies and animals became beasts.

At the time when human civilization was almost dying, the evolutionary was born and established human cities to protect the safety of human survivors.

"Damn, it doesn't matter if I travel to the end of the world, why let me be born in the dead city?" Long Chen smiled bitterly.

The dead city is a town occupied by zombies and fierce beasts. It used to be a human territory, but now it has become a paradise for zombies.


A horrible hissing sound came into Long Chen's ears. He looked up and his face changed drastically. Two zombies that had only been seen before on TV were walking towards him with their teeth and claws.

Long Chen's pupils shrank, and he subconsciously held his breath, feeling a sense of fear all over his body. His body slowly moved back, but he quickly hit the wall and there was no way out.

"What to do, what to do, dying?"

Long Chen trembled all over, he was desperate, facing two zombies, how could he be an ordinary person to survive?

"Ding, the god-level pickup system has been activated and is binding the host..."

"Binding succeeded."

At this moment, a mechanical sound suddenly sounded.

As a teenager in the 21st century, he naturally knows what the system is, and that is the welfare of the traversers.

"Ding, it is detected that there are falling attributes within five meters of the host, do you pick it up?"

As the voice sounded, Long Chen saw several light **** falling from the two zombies.

"Pick up!" Long Chen hurriedly shouted in his heart.

"Ding, pick up successfully, get strength attribute points *10."

"Ding, pick up successfully, get strength attribute points *5."

"Ding, pick up successfully, get defensive attribute points *10."

"Ding, pick up successfully, get speed attribute points *8."

"Ding, the host's personal attributes panel is open, please check it yourself."

Mechanical sounds kept ringing in Long Chen's mind, and at the same time, a virtual screen appeared in front of his eyes.

Strength: 115/100

Speed: 108/100

Agility: 100/100

Defense: 110/100

Spirit: 110/100

Skills: No

Note: The attributes of a normal adult male are 100

Long Chen squeezed his fist and found that his strength seemed to have increased a lot.


At this moment, the two zombies had already arrived in front of Long Chen, and they were rushing towards him.

Upon seeing this, Long Chen quickly rolled on the spot, avoiding the attack of the zombies. He saw a brick beside him, and he was overjoyed, and quickly picked it up.

Then he slammed it at the back of a zombie's head.

Long Chen's power was already much stronger than before. When the bricks went down, the zombie fell directly to the ground.

However, Long Chen did not take it lightly. He knew that the vitality of the zombie was very tenacious, so he continued to fill a few bricks towards the back of its head.

He didn't stop until his brains spilled out.

At this time, another zombie also rushed over, and Long Chen repeated his old skills, and soon smashed the back of its head with a brick again.

At this time, Long Chen discovered that two more light groups had fallen from the two zombies.

"Ding, pick up successfully, get experience points * 10."

"Ding, pick up successfully, get experience points * 10."

"Experience? What is this?"

Long Chen asked doubtfully, and the system reply sounded the next moment.

"Experience points can be used by the host to increase the skill level."

Long Chen did see the skill line on the attribute panel, but it showed no, so this experience value is temporarily useless for him.

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