Name of the work: Waltz of despair and hope.

Author: malongxiao (breeze pray)

"Oh, don't be afraid. They will leave soon."

A man comforts his wife in the dark. The woman was pale and slender, and the man was covered with scum. The room in the two-bedroom room was dark and the bitter cold was drilled from the window door into the room.

The footsteps of the doorway gradually faded away.

"It seems that we have bought a movie ticket for New Year's Day." The man said with a mocking tone.


"Don't worry, these two days, we are not discovering that these zombies rely on sound and smell to find food? In the summer, my mom's purchase of toilet water in the supermarket is not in vain. I can't support the food at home. I am going to look at the supermarket in our community. ""

"Yu Jin, is your father and aunt still alive?" the woman whispered.

"If we can live, this may go slowly." Yu Jin did not answer his wife's question.

In the past few days, all kinds of shouts, roaring, and crying voices disappeared. Yu Jinxin understands that for the elderly and children, the chances of being able to live in the last days are too small. In addition, Long Hao's parents live in a densely populated city center, and the survival rate is minimal.

Originally, the husband and wife were ready to drive to bring their parents back to the hometown of the suburbs to take refuge, but Yu Jin suddenly thought of this sudden disaster. Everyone’s first thought was to drive outside the city. Once the traffic jams, their chances of survival will be Greatly reduced, so Yu Jin just moved two boxes of mineral water and a box of instant noodles in the downstairs commissary.

"The curtain, our community is close to the outer suburbs, the hope of living can be great. You don't want to think about it any more, I am going to the supermarket to find some food." Yu Jin said as he walked to the kitchen and gently turned it up. .

It didn't take long for Yu to walk out of the kitchen. When I found it in the shoe cabinet for a long time, my grandmother changed the shoes to the feet. He felt that the footsteps of the shoes at this moment would be better than the sports shoes and the hammers found in the kitchen were also in the hands. I was preparing to go out and suddenly thought that a family in the opposite building had a light but was not besieged by zombies until the hostess of the family yelled from the window and jumped off after being knocked down by dozens of zombies. And enter.

After this happened, Yu Jin was more certain that the zombies would not be attracted by the light, and only the sound would scent the appetite. Thinking of this, Yu Jin decided to implement his supermarket looting plan tomorrow morning.

The next day, the sun rose on time, and the sun dyed the bones on the square with the warm blood. A figure that is not tall or short, slowly circumvents the residual limbs on the ground and the zombies whose skin becomes dark and the hair gradually falls off.

Yu Jin’s dress at this time is a very standard “stolen mine”. The upper body is covered with several layers of thermal underwear. He does not wear a fat coat, and his lower body is wearing jeans and a pair of new thick-soled shoes. A white towel was attached to the head, and the eyes were worn with waterproof glasses for swimming. One of the four boxes of masks bought by the mother's trustee during the SARS epidemic was on the mouth. The body smelled of pungent water, apparently after Yu Jin put on his clothes, the curtain announced to him that he had a baptism of water, and the swimming glasses were probably to resist the pungent smell of the toilet water.

"Call, walk slowly, walk slowly. In theory, the zombies should not be able to find me. In theory, this is the case." Although Yu thought this way, the jitter of the legs could not be controlled.

I turned two bends and saw the supermarket in the community. There are a lot of messy items on the door of the supermarket. Obviously, Yu Jin is not the first to have this idea. However, Yu Jin is not very concerned about the empty scene on the supermarket shelves, because he knows that supermarkets usually have warehouses. A lot of goods will be stored in the warehouse, and the average person should not think of looting the warehouse.

Slowly walked into the supermarket and saw a zombie looking down at the front of the freezer. Yu Jin walked slowly and saw that there was some frozen meat in the freezer. Because of the power outage, the meat was slowly thawed and a little blood was flowing out. It seems that this zombie is also a good luck, and the meat just noticed when it began to thaw.

Yu Jin looked around and found that there was only this zombie. Pick up a plastic canister and gently still in front of the zombies, the zombies heard the sound slowly coming over to find the sound source. Yu Jin waved the hammer in his hand and smashed it against the black and bright head. Hey, the black brain flew out. The zombie fell forward, and Yu Jin quickly grabbed the zombie's back collar and slowly placed it on the ground.

"Voice." The voice of vomiting fainted from the throat, and the rest of the hands were shaking with both hands, not because of the inner panic, but also because of the reckless movement. In the unlikely event that the zombie's head is not fatal, the action of the neck collar after he reaches for the zombie is a precursor to being dragged down by the zombies. Yu Jin stood quietly for a minute, stopped the trembling and the strong creep of the stomach, and slowly touched the zombies with a hammer. After repeatedly confirming the death of the zombies, Yu Jin slowly leaned down and looked at the hole in the zombie's head.

The place where Yu is curious is that the skull of the zombie does not seem to be as hard as ordinary people. The head that is struggling to survive is like a ripe watermelon, and the black mucus flows out of the hole. It seems that this black mucus is a zombie. The so-called brain. Yu Jin looked down at the zombie's head, hoping to find some places where zombies are different from ordinary people. The zombie's arm is very strong, it seems that the role of the hands in the predation is relatively large. Then I looked at the legs of the zombies. Yu Jin found that the zombie's calves are more like ordinary people, and some are soft. The zombie's sole is very rubbed before and after.

All these phenomena made Yu Jin more convinced that the zombies should not be good at running fast. After all, even if he had not observed the zombies so close, he also squatted in his window and observed the zombies downstairs for several days. I saw the zombies rushing. After checking all this, Yu Jin stood up and walked to the back door.

The warehouse in the back door of the supermarket did not have a lock, and Yu Jin looked down and determined that there was no hidden lock, and slowly took two steps back.

“Is it that the supermarket employees are self-stealing?? There is no professional ethics.” Yu Jin whispered, in order to confirm that there were no zombies in the warehouse, or the survivors of the corpse, Yu Jin picked up the mop next to him, rhythmic. I knocked on the door of the warehouse a few times and did not respond after one minute. Yu Jin once again knocked on the warehouse door several times according to the previous rhythm, and the result was still unresponsive. Yu Jin put down the mop and prepared to use his hand to pull the door. Suddenly a sound came from behind the door.

"If you can hear, don't touch the door handle, I put the electric wire on it!" There was a deep man voice inside.

"I only need a little food and water. I believe that you have a lot. Can you give me something?" Yu Jin whispered to the door of the warehouse, and at the same time, he was also glad that he had not slammed the door, even if there was no zombie. . It was enough for him to return to the Tang Dynasty.

"Fast, there is nothing extra for you here." The man inside said a little excited.

"I haven't eaten for two days. Anyway, it's dead. Let's do a pair of deaths together?? Tell you the truth, you can't stop the pediatric traps, you can't stop the zombies, as long as I break my fingers and go to the blood. The smell comes over, let's make a fish and give it to the zombies." Yu Jin believes that people are selfish, but they can't use materials to exchange their lives. If you really encounter this kind of dying thing to eat, then he can only admit that he is unlucky.

Hey, a box of pure water and a box of instant noodles are pushed out of the door.

"Hey, ham sausage? So you can't eat it! Zombies are pure meat. How can you get some help for your brother!" Yu Jin won this gamble. Since he won, why not pursue it? For a box of water and a box of instant noodles, it was obviously inappropriate for him to toss for such a long time.

"Hey! Is it fun with me to play the hob meat?! Also TM ham, these uncles, I can't bear to give you! Do you want these? Don't hurry! I don't have time to give you nonsense here!" The ground stopped pouring, although the sound was not big. But it is enough to express the angry attitude of the gentleman behind the door.

Yu Jin smiled after hearing the little squats that were no less than talk shows. He understands that the more embarrassing and dark the sky, the more people can explain that the people inside are just paper tigers. There is really no kind of thing that will make a zombie block up here. What's more, as the saying goes, the dog that bites people doesn't call. The more you can explain, the more people inside are just courageous, so Yu decided to play with him.

"Brother, can you talk about it? Is there an estimated toilet? The environment is definitely awkward. Can you keep these things to starve and die? I don't think so. I can run here and you can see my brother." A little bit of a problem?? Do you want to pull the zombies that have been tripped over at the door to show you? I don't want much, you can afford it. Maybe you are saved because of this broken thing?" Persuaded, he believes that under the dual pressure of the environment inside the warehouse and the zombies outside, the gentleman's heart in the warehouse will be able to withstand the bottom line. At this time, give him some hope that he should be able to exchange more benefits.

"You are really killing the zombies outside?? Don't lie to me! I have seen someone cut them with a knife! The arms are cut off, the intestines are flowing out, they are still not dead!" The man's voice continued to wretched from behind the door. The outgoing, with a trace of doubt, with a hint of excitement.

Yu Jin helplessly pulled the zombie just now and placed it in a position that can be seen from the crack in the door. The door slits were slowly opening, much larger than the gap. A wooden stick sticked out from the crack in the door, and the zombie was smashed. After the reaction was found, the door suddenly closed.

"Dad, the brother outside is not lie to us? The monster really does not move, let's go with my brother, it is so stinky, it is so cold." A quiet voice came out behind the door, it seems to be a little girl.

"Younger brother, it seems that you are capable. You come in, just sorry." The door gradually opened again. The man inside put down the defense line at the bottom of his heart and opened the door to let Yu Jin go in.

"You push the door all the way out. If I go inside you and then pull out three or five heroes to unload me, it’s too worthless. If you don’t die in the hands of dead zombies, then I am not in the evening?" In a frivolous tone, these words are spoken. After all, people can do anything before the disaster. It is not a joke to change food in ancient times.

The door was pushed open by the people inside, and a stench came. One big and one small figure stood in front of Yu Jin. The owner of the male voice seems to be more than 30 to less than forty years old. There is a 14-year-old girl standing next to him. Both of them are wearing sportswear. Look at the situation. Lazar should be in this warehouse. Yu Jin walked in slowly, although he couldn't bear the smell inside. But standing outside is not always a good idea. If you go inside, you can find something useful. It is definitely a good idea to rely on the door to shoot the gun.

"My name is Xu Jie, the boss of this supermarket. This is my daughter, Xu Jingxun. I am not malicious. If I am alone, I certainly can't live in this place and die. But my daughter is following me, I really don't have the courage." "Running with the child." Xu Jie said calmly, the reason why he was trapped here, and also solved the embarrassment of Yu Zhongxin. After all, the door did not see the zombies wearing the supermarket staff clothes, nor did they see being artificial. Killed corpse. This shows that Xu Jie should not be a cruel person, and will not kill others because of the looting of materials.

"Xu Ge, let's take a look at the door lock and you don't have to worry about self-reporting the door, and then lock the door and say it." Yu Jin reminded Xu Jie, probably because Xu Jie is a little excited, just closing the door. I took the door with me, which made Yu Jin very worried that they would be killed after the zombies in this discussion.

After Xu Jie closed the door, he turned the bottle and took the red star Erguotou from the box and threw it to Yu Jin. He said casually: "The first thing is to drive the cold, the warehouse is still a little cold, and the light will stay numb." Xu Jie Take out two packets of peanuts and hand them to Yu Jin.

Two small wines came down, Xu Jie began to say: "Brother, yes, know to go straight to the warehouse. Do not hesitate, these days, not only have you come to the warehouse to shop, they are stupid to take some outside. Just ran, yesterday, the best one urinating with trousers, while running with a large pack of sanitary napkins, if I was afraid of scaring the zombies. I really want to shout there without preservatives and can not be eaten as bread."

"So there are a lot of people living in the community? Shouldn't it? I haven't seen a few signs of activity from the window these days. Are these people all running without snow?" The words that think of humor are with Xu Jie.

Chapter two

"Brother, where are you hiding for so many days? You also see the environment of the warehouse. Although there are these materials, it is not a long-term solution in hiding here?" Xu Jie turned the topic and asked the key places. . This is also the topic that Yu Jin doesn't want to talk about most. After all, he still has his own wife at home. It is too sloppy to go back home with unfamiliar people.

Just when Yu was in trouble, the sound of broken glass was heard outside.

"The other zombies smelled the meat in the refrigerator!" Yu Jin jumped up at once, and he understood that if there were zombies coming, it would be more than one or two simple.

The freezer is closer to the glass window near the wall. The noon sun can easily freeze the meat in the freezer during the power outage, and the zombie smell is more sensitive, so the loss should be gathered for a picnic.

"This trouble, there are some raw meat in the supermarket freezer, when it comes to a little frozen. I did not expect to encounter Xu Ge you, a chat to forget this thing, quickly, find out the toilet water or perfume in the warehouse!" Yu Jin almost cried out in a hurry.

"It's all winter, there is toilet water, it's been processed in the fall, and an old lady bought two boxes and went back..." Xu Jie said this, Yu Jin was a little bit stunned, now he understands How many flowers and dew are bought in which supermarket?

"Perfume is also good, there are things with strong taste! Just be quick, wait for the loss to notice that even if you remove the taste of the body, you may not be able to run away!" At this time, the calm and calm mind began to panic, if He died outside, and the curtain was afraid that he could not live alone.

"The cheap perfumes in such a small supermarket are on the shelves. There are only insecticides and air fresheners in the warehouse. Are these two lines?" Xu Jie was also very anxious at this time. Xu Jing smoked her favorite daughter.

"These two things don't work against zombies. I don't know. I only know that if these things are completely sprayed in the warehouse, we must all lie down!" Yu Jin was even more anxious, and his heart was also struggling. . If you leave the father and daughter, you may have a glimmer of hope to survive, but the hearts of the people are long and fleshy. Although Xu Jie was not friendly to him at first, he finally let him enter the warehouse. More importantly, He didn't want Xu Jing smoked such a small girl to die at this time.

At this time, Yu Jin thought of the head of the zombie that was headshot. Perhaps this dead zombie can help them escape from birth? ?

"Xu Ge, open the door, let us pull in the dead zombie." Xu Jie listened to the stunned, do not know what the idea of ​​Yu Jin this kid.

\"I don't want your daughter to die, I don't have time to sharpen it!" After I finished this, I don't know if it was a stern words, or if he splashed his mouth and woke up Xu Jie, Xu Jie quickly opened the door. I saw a zombie outside from the crack in the door. Xu Jie felt that the next one was tight, and a hint of urine flashed.

Yu Jin dragged the zombies at the door to the warehouse, and then used his eyes to signal Xu Jie to close the door. At the moment of closing the door, several corpses in the corpse turned back to hesitate to face the sound source and turned their heads back to the freezer.

"Zombies should use the sense of smell to distinguish the same kind, so we should fool them with the body fluid of this dead zombie." Yu Jin said as he rummaged through the warehouse.

"Brother, are you not kidding? This stuff has become estimated to be infected by a virus? You will not be infected if you apply it to your body!" Xu Jie is really a bit scary this time, even if it is not It was discovered by the zombies that it would be better to die if the corpses were changed.

Yu Jin also ignores Xu Jie, who is next to him. He pulls out a pair of scissors and cuts the zombie's belly. Scared Xu Jingyan, while fainting beside him, while hiding in the corner and carrying his body.

"Xu Ge, don't look at it. Come and smell that the stumps that got down are not different from the smell of the internal organs. I smell a little smelly in the smell of water." Yu Jin looked down and didn't look at Xu Jie's words. .

"This is just a joke, vomit, this is too T! M! D! Crazy! Vomit!" Xu Jie endured a strong stench in the smell of zombies and internal organs.

"Xu Ge, don't complain. There is something different, tell me, we don't have much time." Yu Jin said that he was not alone.

"The smell of a rotten egg here in the intestines, the smell of the limbs seems to be a bit like a smashed pork. This thing that doesn't know what it is is the strongest smell, I can't stand it! Vomit!" Xu Jie said with The liquid flashing from the mouth ran into the corner and vomited.

"This stuff is the pancreas. It seems that what we are looking for is this stuff." Yu Jin Yu Jin said these things, holding a slimy pancreas in his hand for a while. I found an iron bucket, threw the zombie's pancreas in, and brought a few bottles of mineral water into the bucket to stir it.

"Xu Ge, come on, don't save energy at night. Just take it off. Put all the clothes off and throw it inside. Open a few mineral waters and wipe the sweat on your body. Wash it with soap. Remember to wash the clothes with soap. "Yu Jin also took off his clothes when he finished, compared to when he came out in the morning. The smell of the water on the body is getting weaker and lighter. He feels that it is more secure to use the zombie card with water.

"Dad, can I do this too?" Xu Jingyan couldn't help but ask Xu Jie, even though she didn't want to spread that disgusting thing all over her body.

"Mirror smoke, you wash down the back of the box, I wash the warm underwear in the warehouse for you to take over." After saying this, Xu Jie turned and took a shot and told him to give him a back, two The wretched man snorted and quickly slammed in the warehouse door.

"Xu Ge, you slow down, I have a small squat on the back, you don't smash it." Yu Jin said in a whisper, while the towel in his hand rubbed the lost water in the bucket and wiped the whole body.

"Amount, nothing is okay, you said that I almost broke it for you." Because Yu Jin suddenly said this, Xu Jie was nervous, and the little one on the back of Yu Jin had a little dark red.

"Okay, let's finish all three. I am carrying this bucket of water, Xu Ge, you take some chocolate and wine. The mirror smokes some pure water and compresses the biscuits, let's go slowly when we go out. Remember! Go slowly!" After Yu Jin finished, he took a deep breath and opened the door and walked slowly.

The zombies outside the door are still gathering next to the freezer, and the sound of the door is open. Let two or three of the zombies go back and pay attention to it. After a few seconds of pause, the zombies turned their heads back and continued to watch the meat inside the refrigerator.

The three slowly walked out, regardless of age. They are constantly screaming, Yu is cold, the other two...

Hey, hey, hey. A series of rhythmic knocks sounded, and the curtain slowly opened the door. Seeing Yu Jin from the crack in the door, immediately open the door. With tears to embrace Yu Jin.

"Let's go ahead, there are two spectators here..." After finishing the rest, he walked into the room with the curtain, and Xu Jie followed Xu Jingyan.

"Hello, I will call you a younger brother. My name is Xu, called Xu Jie. This time is not Xu Laodi, we have to die in the supermarket warehouse this morning, this is my daughter Xu Jingyan." Xu Jay said as he introduced the beautiful little girl standing behind him.

"It’s good to come back, hey, I’ll just like you to come back. I’m going to be crazy when I wait. I thought you couldn’t come back anymore, hehe.” The curtain screamed with tears, Yu Jin, Yu Jin Every minute outside, she had more fear and panic, and she had made the worst plan. If Yu Jin didn't come back until the night, she would take a whole bottle of sleeping pills and break her own.

"Sometimes, the gap between hope and despair is like the elegant waltz. Rotating in the light, when despair slowly fades, hopes come after all." The person behind the telescope whispered, all this, in his eyes It looks like a movie that has just been staged. It doesn't matter at first, the important thing is that the film is not going to end now.

Chapter III Eve of Disaster

"Xu Ge... trouble you...we are...four fast...have to go back to the warehouse...get something to eat..." Very hard to say, but for him to have a high fever, talking is very difficult.

"Nothing, brother, you have a good rest at home. You can work hard in these few days. Just took our father and daughter home and started to have a high fever. Now it can't be cured." Xu Jie said, helping Yu Jin. Under the quilt. Turned his head and said to Xu Jingyan; "Mirror smoke, this time with my father, must bring more food back, by the way, you can find some antipyretics."

"No! Xu Ge, you can't let such a small child go out to risk with you!" The curtain was anxious, Xu Jingyan was still small, and it was so dangerous outside. Xu Jie actually wanted to go with his daughter to find food, which was for Xu Jingyan and The curtains are so cruel.

"Sister, I understand what you mean, but how much food can I bring back? The lives of our father and daughter are all saved by Yu Di, and now the younger brother has a fever. How can we afford two of them?" Yu Di?” Xu Jie said with some excitement, he understood. In this end time, I may not be living all the time, not like this. It is better to hone the mirror under the present, and then, with the attention of the zombie flower dew, it should not cause the siege of the zombies.

"Xu Ge, don't say it, I will go with you, let the mirror smoke at home with Yu Jin. Our family's storage room has a tricycle where the parents are placed here, we ride it to the warehouse, can pull more Something came back." The curtain recalled that the father-in-law had put their tricycle in their storage room, even though she was afraid. But her inner good side does not allow the mirror to smoke such a small child to go out to risk with his father.

"That younger brother, let's go and go, time waits for no one." Xu Jie recovered calmly and was ready to go to the supermarket warehouse immediately.

"Wait until the morning to start again, Yu said that the zombies have no vision, and now it is near dark. We have to rely on the eyes to judge things, so the darkness is not good for us." After finishing these, the curtain went back to the bedroom to help Xu Jay and her find some suitable clothing for the event. Under the visual observation of the curtain, Xu Jie just had a little belly than Yu Jin, and their bodies were very close.

"It seems that they are ready to go out again. Shouldn't they help them? The older brother who is lying in bed is afraid that it will not last long. Compared with the courage, the remaining three are too much." The person behind the telescope opened again, with an unusual calm in his tone, as if he was watching a movie, he was just an audience outside the scene.

"Giggle, still help them. After all, they are not good to play outside, giggling." The man talked to himself and made a chilling laugh. Standing in front of the window, he seemed to be hiding in the shadows of the demon, constantly making a disgusting laugh.

In the early morning of the next day, the faint sunshine sloppily sprinkled on the ground, as if the sun was no longer in love with this place full of zombies. A man and a woman are slowly marching on the road on a tricycle, and the lost are moving aimlessly. This scene is like an abstract painting before the end of the world.

The tricycle went to the door of the supermarket. The corpses of a few days ago are now gone, leaving only a few zombies in the supermarket. Xu Jie picked up the hammer and walked over to the zombies to trip them one by one. Xu Jie, the follower of the curtain, entered the warehouse of the supermarket and moved the food in the warehouse with some daily necessities into the tricycle.

"Well, Xu Ge, let's go. These things are enough for us to live for a while." The curtain announced the goods on the tricycle while talking to Xu Jie.

"Let's go to the pharmacy at the entrance of the community. The younger brother's illness can't be so delayed. If you burn your brain, you will be in trouble. This world, healthy people can't live, let alone patients." Xu Jie rode on the tricycle and took the curtain to ride to the gate of the community.

"Hey, please let the people inside open the door, and then a man and a woman who will go out will die." There was a sound of knocking at the door and talking to the man. At this time, Yu was still asleep. Jing smoked to hear a man and a woman said, and suddenly stunned, and immediately walked over to open the door.

"Giggle, little sister, you are more beautiful than the telescope. The man is your father? When you came to this house, you have been hiding behind him. It seems that the father and the daughter are right. Giggle." The man's pale face with a little unnatural smile, while talking to the mirror, went to the living room.

Yu Jin was awakened by the conversation outside, and when he got up, he said; "The curtain, let me get some food, I am so hungry. The head is no longer hurt, just hungry."

Yu Jin went to the living room and saw the pale man sitting in the living room. Yu Jin went around and found that Xu Jie had not followed the curtain, only to see the mirror smoke standing there.

"Mirror smoked, how long has your father gone out with the curtain to announce the aunt?" Yu Jin said as he found some compressed biscuits in his stomach. This feeling of hunger made his stomach fire, and it was very uncomfortable.

"Hello, I didn't expect you to wake up. I was going to come here to find some toilet water and then go to save a man and a woman. Now you are better. Let's go hand in hand~" The man is serious The expression said something that made people look sick. As soon as the words fell, Yu Jin threw down the things in his hands and ran over to pull up the man's collar.

"What happened to the two of them?! Quickly say how much the toilet water will give you. Do you know that the two of them are dangerous!" Yu Jin said very excitedly.

The man wiped the saliva on his face and tried to open the hands that he was holding on his collar, but he found that no matter how hard he tried, he could not open his hands. After trying a few times, the man smiled.

"My name is immortal, giggling, you are really excited, little brother, I am a little breathless, and I will be a little later." The immortal man still plays with the disgusting tone. Excellency.

"Since you got up, give me some things in the iron bucket. I will help you find the man and the woman. They are very dangerous now. They are stupid enough to go to the pharmacy at the entrance of the community. There were several survivors at the door of the community yesterday. In order not to know what is going to be fired outside, it is called a miserable, and he lives a person. He is full of blood and runs to the pharmacy. Such a strong **** smell will definitely attract a lot of zombies. The two of them went. I haven’t come back for so long. The explanation is trapped over there.” Immortal still said with a smile to Yu Jin.

"Why help us, this time you will not be able to live, I can't think why you are so kind, what purpose do you have?" Yu Jin let go, cold and cold to say immortal.

"Why help you? Giggle, because I appreciate you. I live opposite your building. The zombies broke out for so many days. The chop in this community is all running like a mad dog. You are with some sensible people. It was wise to choose to prepare some materials at home for a while. It was not only that you escaped this robbery, but those who broke the building, some could not stand the hunger and loneliness and rushed downstairs to die, did not carefully observe the behavior of the zombies. Only you! Did not let me down, giggling." Immortal is a bit excited, as if the child found his beloved toy.

"So many zombies, even if we used to solve them in the past? You should have a solution, or you will not go back and talk about it if you run back." Yu Jin looked at the madman in front of him and asked him.

"Little brother, have you ever played the road to survival? Giggle, so the technical house can save the world, giggling." After the immortal, I went to the kitchen of this family...

In the pharmacy outside the community, Xuan Xuan and Xu Jie are at the door of the pharmacy. "I thought they had their taste, even if there were more zombies coming in at the door, it would be fine. How can they still linger at the door!" Xu Jie said anxiously.

"Xu Ge, may not be our problem. When I came in, I saw the bodies that had been eaten by the zombies at the door. It should be these **** smells that brought them! I am looking for something to stand at the door, you insist on it!" I turned around and pushed the table in the pharmacy.

"Well, Xu Ge, let's hurry to find it. Run out from the back door!" The curtain said, looking for the pharmacy's goods.

"You two don't move, the pharmacy's things are mine! Putting the cough drops down, it's all mine, it's mine." A man with blood is coming out from behind the counter, and he can still see on his exposed arm. To a piece of pinhole, holding a bottle of cough water in his hand.

"How can you come in from so many zombie people! Quickly TMD said, I will hack you if you don't say it!" The man looked sly, took a knife in his hand, and pointed to the loud voice of the curtain.

"Don't worry, brother, don't worry. We will come to get some medicine for treating fever. When you finish it, you will get the medicine. I will tell you how to avoid the zombies." Xu Jie said as he walked toward the man.

As soon as Xu Jie approached the man, he quickly grabbed the knife in the man's hand. However, the man was in a state of tension, and once he saw Xu Jie reaching for the knife, he stepped back and fell to the ground. Xu Jie couldn't control his strength and fell to the ground with the man. The blood instantly dyed Xu Jie's clothes red.

"We can walk together, you scum! Now you and I can't go!" Xu Jie finished, regardless of the pain in the abdomen, his hands clenched the man's neck. The man's face was red, his eyes were prominent, and the knife in his hand kept tweeting in Xu Jie's abdomen.

"Xu Big Brother, don't do this. Don't fight with him! You still have a mirror!" said the curtain, and came over to open the two. At this time, Xu Jie was so painful, and with the curtain of the curtain, the man was softly released.

"Grandpa, want to kill me, I will kill you first!" The man climbed up from the ground and ran to Xu Jie. The curtain hurriedly pushed Xu Jie away. The man's knife was tied to the chest of the curtain, and a large piece of blood spouted. The knife reached the heart of the curtain, and the bright moment in the eyes of the curtain was dimmed.

"You bastard, killing us two, you thought you can run away? Let's die here together! The zombies are looking for food by smell. Now the house is full of **** smell. You and I can't run!" When Jay finished, the hammer on the ground smashed the glass window of the pharmacy.

The zombies crawled down the broken glass window, and Xu Jie leaned back against the counter of the pharmacy. Said in the mouth; "Yu, help me take care of the mirror smoke, if there is a next life, my brother, I will give you a cow. Brother, sister, I am sorry for you, I am sorry for you..."

The door of the “哔哔哔哔” pharmacy made a sound, and the zombies who did not climb into the pharmacy were attracted.

"Hey!!!!!" A loud noise in his life, the sound of the ground exploded, it turned out to be a gas tank. After the explosion, two figures from the street rushed to the pharmacy.........

Chapter IV Outer Suburbs

Yu Jin sat there with the body of the curtain, sitting there, no crying, no crying, just holding the curtain quietly. Immortally solved the dead zombies one by one near the window, and squeaking laughter in the mouth while killing these zombies. After solving the zombies at the door, I entered the pharmacy immortally and saw the lingering glory on the ground.

Did not go to comfort, turned around and found Xu Jie fell in the counter. At this time, Xu Jie did not break his breath, but he had more bloodshed and his face was pale.

Immortal walked over to stand in front of Xu Jie; "This big brother, do you think you still have the hope of living? If you take it with you, the zombies will follow the **** smell of you."

"You... go back to the supermarket warehouse... In the sportswear I took off... There is a small villa in my outskirts... the key... The mirror smoke will bring you the way... Don't worry about me... help me take care of the mirror smoked... Tell Yu Jin to say that I am sorry for him." The pale face of the immortal still carries a smile, coldly said to Xu Jie: "Or tell yourself, giggling ""

Immortal toward Yu Jin, kicked him with his feet; "There are still living people waiting for you to arrange, when are you going to hold your wife's body in a daze? Don't let me down, it is really meaningful to live. thing."

Yu Jin stood up and swung his fist to the pale face of immortality. He was knocked down to the ground with immortality, and his mouth giggled. Yu Jin did not care about the immortal lying on the ground and walked over to Xu Jie. I found some Yunnan Baiyao at the counter, and sprinkled it on Xu Jie’s wound.

"He still can't die, giggling, only hurting the flesh, not getting visceral." Immortal stood up from the ground, wiped the blood off his mouth, and said: "He has a **** smell, how far can run ?"

"Don't talk nonsense, go home with a mirror, you can't stay here. On the dressing table in my bedroom, put my car key and drive it to the door of the community." Yu Jin said while carrying Xu Jie. Go outside.

"Giggle, no problem, but I only drive the car in the game, I think, it is not too difficult to open the car in reality." After the immortal just finished, Yu Jin came over and kicked his **** on the anger. Said: "If you don't drive, just say, how much nonsense! Bring Xu Big Brother to the supermarket warehouse and put all the useful things on the door. Waiting for me at the gate of the community, if Xu Jie is dead in your hands, I will let you cool. pole!"

After saying that Yu Jin flew home, immortal put Xu Jie on the tricycle and slowly rode toward the supermarket. Not long after, Yu Jin drove with immortality, Xu Jie and Jing smoked to go to the villa outside Xu Jie. Before leaving, Yu Jin dumped some petrol on the body of the curtain and ignited the gasoline. The body of the curtain was gradually turned into ash. Yu Jinjin wiped the tears in the corner of his eye and turned and drove to the suburbs...

"Abominable, come one step late. The people here are still dead!" A strong man stood at the door of the pharmacy and gritted his teeth. The man, led by the man, had an eight-in-one rifle in his hand.

"Wang Banchang, there are signs of explosions and wrestling. And the zombies in front of the door have all been eliminated. Maybe some of them have ran away?? I see the road in front of the pharmacy and there are tire prints, very new. They should Was it running to the outer suburbs?" A handsome young man looked at the man narrator named Wang Banchang.

"Going to the outer suburbs?! Damn, these fools! The prison on the far side of the suburbs fell off many days ago! The prisoners all ran out, they are not looking for a dead end!" The man said excitedly; "No matter Can save one is one! First look at this community and there are no living people, after the search is completed, follow the tire print to find survivors!"

Chapter 5 Villa in the Rain

"Dad, are you still hurting?? Yu Jin brother shut himself upstairs, except for occasional down to take some food, we told him what he did not care." Mirror smoked while talking, while helping Xu Jie change belly The bandage on the top, the heavy rain for several days made the room very humid, which made the situation of Xu Jie's wounds have not improved.

"Giggle, the heavy rains of these days make the losers very quiet. Look at the zombies, thirsty. All of them are holding their mouths and drinking rain, giggling." The immortal side said, tapping the table.

Suddenly, the door upstairs opened. After the beard, he went downstairs to get the food and took some compressed biscuits. Yu Jin turned and walked over to the table and grabbed the immortality. "Don't knock again, the sound of rain is already annoying!" After that, Yu Jin turned and went upstairs.

"Is it strange? I knocked the table downstairs. How could he still feel annoyed when he was upstairs? Is he a thousand miles? It seems that he still has something that interests me. He giggles." Go up.

The door was opened, and the immortal saw the rest of the bed lying in bed, deliberately using a small voice that he could not hear clearly: "It seems that Xu Jie is dead this time, and the wound just bleeding."

"Nothing to ask you to go out, take Xuge less to bother me. Yesterday you are still downstairs with the mirror smoked that did not hurt the internal organs, today bleeding again, when I am a fool?" Yu Jin said that turned back to the immortal.

"The food downstairs I changed the place today. How can you find it on the floor? You peeked?? You are so naughty?? Giggle." Immortal side, while still not walking, in The room found a stool to sit down.

Yu Jin suddenly jumped out of bed, angry and shouted at immortality: "I tell you, hurry! Don't bother me. Since I have been in this villa, my whole body is not normal! The sound of the ear is heard in my head. Like a picture with no color! I can smell a lot of strange smells in my nose, as if all the flavors around me run into my nose! This **** nose and ear will make me collapse."

"Did you evolve?? This is a big deal. Have you mastered the zombie skills?? The zombies seem to be looking for food with these two senses?? Giggle, it’s so interesting! I’m not mistaken. You! It’s so funny!” The immortal side laughed and ran to the kitchen downstairs and took the knife. He thinks that if he guessed it is correct, then Yu Jin may be infected. Not only does the senses evolve toward the zombies, but it may even inherit the zombie's vitality, but it has not become a zombie. All this makes him too Fascinated.

Immortal take the knife, rushed to the room of Yu Jin, a knife against Yu Jin’s stomach. Yu Jin did not evade, and when he got on his stomach, the blood flowed down instantly. Yu Jin fell on the mattress and said something in his mouth: "Maybe you will see the curtain again after you die. You can't keep your hands for so many days. Thank you for your immortality."

Immortal pull out the knife, sit on the stool next to it, observe Yu Jin. It didn't take long for Yu Jin's wound to stop bleeding and immortality. It is too difficult to stop bleeding on such a large wound. The remaining wounds gradually stopped bleeding, and immortal walked closer to carefully observe the wounds of Yu Jin’s abdomen. He was surprised to find that the wound was healing bit by bit, although the speed was very slow, but the immortality was very certain that the wound was healing.

"This is amazing! If I guess it is correct, as long as the head is not fatally wounded, your body will recover the injured part, but how much damage can be repaired, I don't know. Can you lose it? There is no way to determine the body regeneration. "After immortality, sit quietly, and change the image of the past crazy and start thinking calmly.

"Hey." The knocking of the door downstairs, the mirror smoked up to open the door, just to open the door. Immortal ran down from the second floor, pulled the mirror away, and whispered: "Don't care! Who should be careful in this world!" Just finished, a man's voice came out at the door: "We are the armed police who guard the prison nearby. I saw the light in this room. Come here to hide the rain, open the door, and we will leave when the rain stops."

The man’s words reached Xu Jie’s ear. Xu Jie’s slight opening said: “I’m immortal, let them come in.” “Giggle, Xu Ge, this is your home, since you decided. It must be mentally prepared. Maybe they are the prisoners of the prison." After the immortal answer, turned and opened the door, saw a group of seven or eight people outside the door, although wearing the clothes of the armed police, holding a gun, but really full of anger.

"This **** rain, when people drink into their mouths, they will have a fever and become zombies. We have more than 20 people. We have left these now. If we don’t want to avoid the companions who become zombies, we will not take this. The big one is here to ask for help." The man said as he took off his raincoat and the hair on his head.

"How was this big brother injured? Is this room for you to live with?" The man asked the mirror to smoke, and the other people were in the living room.

"My father was stabbed in the pharmacy in the city a few days ago. In this room, I was with my father and two older brothers." Jingfu just finished, and the man smiled. Said to the person behind him: "It's okay, tie the rest of the people, this is ours, Mom, so many days starved to death!"

"What are you doing!" Yu Jin was shot down by a man with a strong face and murderous gun. The immortal and mirror smoked downstairs were tied.

"You... these bastards... What are you doing... let you... come in... What do you want?" Xu Jie said eagerly.

"Let's come in, you are smart, mom! I know that just a few people, I still knocked a fart. Doors! If these grandchildren were scared by the armed police, I would like to knock on the door to ask your grandson to ask you!" After a punch in Xu Jie’s face, Xu Jie’s face was **** and fainted.

"Giggle, isn't it good?? You want to take it, we have no guns and no guns, what are you afraid of? Besides, big brother, so many zombies outside are so bloody, you have to Know that the zombies will come along the smell of blood." Immortal sitting on the ground said to the man.

"Less TM takes the zombies and scares me. These days, the zombie door is in the rain, and I won't eat people everywhere. I will kill you here and they won't come over!" The man said, his feet were immortal.

"Giggle, this is also the case, but the rain won't keep going. When the rain stops, you still can't avoid them. Big Brother let me follow you. I ran out of the police station in the city. I know how. Can avoid the zombies, we are all the same people, if these two grandchildren have to let me go with them, I can not be here. Big Brother, give me a loose, I will find out what to eat, give the zombie water You, I will mix with you in the future." The blood of the immortal mouth, still laughing and talking to the man.

"Look at you, you know that you are not a good bird! What zombie water? You TM must dare to lie to the old scorpion, I am killing you!" The man said as he gestured to the person next to him to loosen it.

"Giggle, I can run out of the city with these people because there are these zombies, and the zombies will not smell your smell." Immortal carrying the bucket to the man, the man will watch the bucket Grab it.

"Well, you go to the side, follow my brother, I will, and ultimately you. If you lie to me, I will kill you!" The man finished, turned his head and saw Yu Jin was glaring at him, he went to the rest "Why look? Don't be convinced? Laozi has a gun and is a grandfather! The old man who has been a soldier has killed several, and it is not bad for you."

"You are a bastard, Xu Ge lets you in, you treat us like this. Hey, give me a chance to kill you!" Yu Jin gritted his teeth and said something to the man, how could he not think that this group of people was so ungrateful? He thinks that even a prisoner should be human.

"Ah!!!!!!!!!!! I yell at you uncle!!!!" Yu Jin’s eyes spurted out blood, just in the moment when he had finished talking to the man, the man pointed at Yu’s Eyes.

Due to the severe pain, Yu Jin broke the rope tied to his body and punched the man. The man sneaked away and hit the back of the brawny. Just listening to a bang, the strong man vomited blood to the ground. Immortal to see this situation, immediately pick up the scissors on the table. Going behind Yu Jin, holding Yu Jin,

Whispered; "Bastard, don't drive me crazy! You don't want to live, there is Xu Ge and the mirror smoked, this time you have to slap you a knife, you will not die. Hold on until they sleep and say! Remember I must not die!" After that, immortality slammed into the heart of Yu Jin, he was convinced that Yu Jin’s ability to regenerate would not let him die, because he had never seen a zombie stabbed in the heart and died.

The blood sprang from the body of Yu, and Yu was subconsciously hitting the immortal head with elbows. The immortal fainted to the ground, Yu Jin shouted; "Even if I am dead, I will wait for you in hell!! This group of bastards!" The last strength of exhaustion, the powerless fell to the ground.

"Mom, I want to kill me. When Lao Tzu kills, you still have milk!" After he walked over to the fallen strong man, he glanced at him, and the fallen strong man was shattered by Yu Jin’s fist. It’s all blood, it’s definitely dead.

"This bastard! Before the death, I killed three fat people and scared me!" The man turned his head and saw the mirror smoked; "I will take you to suppress the shock!" After that, the man’s hair with the mirror will be full. The face of tears was dragged to the room on the second floor.........

"Tiger brother, let a few brothers open their shackles, don't just let you alone." Seeing the man named Tiger brother came out with his trousers, a tall man couldn't help but Tiger brother said.

"Go, don't play the little girl, and cry and make trouble, but it looks pretty! Remember! Don't kill her!! Before we found another girl, our fire would depend on her. It’s gone!” After the tiger’s brother finished, he kicked the next immortal, and slowly rose up and swayed his head. It’s still a bit confusing.

"Well, look at the part of you who killed the kid, this girl also has a copy of you, it is Lao Tzu who appreciates you." Tiger brother said, while pulling the immortal.

Immortal sitting in the living room, seeing the room upstairs, people come back and forth and go back and forth some do not know why. Until the man named Tiger Brother fanned his head behind him and told him to go upstairs comfortably, he swayed upstairs.

The mirror smoked naked in the bed, full of stench, her body is all green and purple, the lower body is bleeding, mouth water. The sheets didn't know what was being made by a piece of white marks. At this time, the mirror smoke had no reaction. Immortal finally knows what happened, a giggling laugh in his mouth, and slammed the neck of the mirror.

"Let's go, this world brings you too much pain, I will help you get rid of it, and the **** will not have a good report. Giggle, look at my face! If there is an afterlife, I still Your life will be with you! Your father will soon be with you." The immortal tears flowed out of his pale face, and the face of the mirror was gradually purple, but there was no resistance. Immortal and harder, I hope that the mirror will be smoked faster.

"Tiger brother, how do you do it? I went up and the stinky scorpion is dead, scared me, you go up and see." Immortal walked downstairs to the tiger brother, his face still with a slight smile.

"Hey! Mom! Tell you not to kill her! That bastard!" Tiger brother quickly ran upstairs, immortal walked to Xu Jie, grabbed the scissors on the ground and stabbed Xu Jie's chest; Brother, your daughter is already waiting for you. Go too, this gang of **** will not let us go, and suffer less sin, I told you, in the last days, don't trust others easily."

Xu Jie’s face with a distorted expression slowly closed his eyes. At this time, someone saw the immortal stabbing Xu Jie, and quickly shouted, and the tiger brother was also attracted by the call and ran down; “Your mom The one that you killed this bastard! Let's kill her, it's awkward! Want them to be less guilty?? You can give me these sins!"

Immortal was overthrown by the tiger brother, seven or eight people came over and hammered the immortal legs and arms, one of them cut the immortal hands and feet with a knife, and the other went to the toilet to find the nitric acid used for washing the toilet. On the wound, the immortal mouth has been laughing loudly, without a trace of fear, because he saw Yu Jin’s body twitching slightly...

At this time, a group of people came to the door outside also wearing a uniform of armed police, with a gun in his hand. The gangs heard the laughter of immortality in the house, slammed into the door, saw a group of people being tortured and immortal, and immediately raised the gun. On the part of the prisoner, there was a quick response, and the gun was quickly raised. The two gangs were so squatting.

"Kill them!!! Kill them!! They are all beasts, we kindly let them in, they killed my friends, raped a 14-year-old girl here!! Kill them! !!" The immortal mouth is the blood yelling at the people coming in from the door. He can see that these people coming in from the door should be real armed police.

"Captain Wang, go on, if you shoot on both sides, we don't have any good end. The brothers who didn't have gas masks in the past few days have become zombies. Now we don't have many people. Don't fight with them for unrelated people. This group of people should be prisoners who ran out of prison." The people inside the armed police said to the strong man, this man seems to be the leader of these armed police.

"Let's put down the gun! You put down the gun! It's not good for anyone to fire! You guys will hurry down and let the guns go!" Captain Wang shouted loudly, and the other prisoner was not stupid. Putting down the guns was not a killer, and the armed police They also saw their masochistic behavior, which made them even less convinced that these armed police would let them go.

"Open fire! Mom's Laozi fights with you!!" After the words were shouted, the two sides shot at almost the same time. The splash of blood and broken meat splashed the villa's living room, and some people kept falling and shot. It lasted for a few tens of seconds, everything was quiet, quiet as if it was only rain...

Ps; author malongxiao has put a lot of effort into this article. It can be seen between the arts and sciences that he can try to figure out the human nature after the end of the world. As the name suggests, he walks between hope and despair. It is not a struggle of human nature.

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