In the past, all kinds of things have always spread in Zhang Xiaoqiang's heart. It has been half a year since the war, but Zhang Xiaoqiang always feels as clear as it happened yesterday. When he saw the heroic songs in the TV series, he always felt sad and then slammed a dog. Blood, but only after experiencing it will truly realize the tragic and lamentable scenes, and only after everything has calmed down can he recall the lost companions, relatives, and comrades.

Zhang Xiaoqiang, who is in a wheelchair, habitually wants to touch the smoke, then shakes his head and smiles. He hasn’t smoked for half a year, but whenever he thinks about the final battle, he can’t help but want to use cigarettes to paralyze himself. When the warmth of the sun shines through the gap between the leaves, the copper-like spot is sprinkled on the body. I can't help but think of the vulgar golden dragon. There is a smile on the corner of the mouth. No one expected the gun to be scared. The urinary coward will one day become the king of beasts, the whole ocean is its bath, and it is also the nightmare of all sea people.

In the distance, the blue-green grassland is thriving, and countless fascinating variegated flowers are scattered. Three small people are under the encouragement of a group of women, and some grasshoppers are very big sisters, which leads the little people to stumble behind. Seeing a pair of children, Zhang Xiaoqiang’s heart is comfortable and comfortable. It’s not so good to watch the descendants running in the sunshine, but when he sees the smallest of the three little ones, the grief in his heart gradually becomes diffuse. The only colorful crystal nucleus left by Yu Mingyue kissed like a kiss on the heart of Yu Mingyue. The little loli with dreamy eyes is the daughter of He and Ming Mingyue.

Yan Mingyue is not a human being, so the birth mode is different from that of human beings. Yan Mingyue left a giant egg in that room, afraid that Zhang Xiaoqiang blamed her for not always saying that this egg was born in her body after she matured in Mingyue. In the case, Zhang Xiaoqiang’s Jinghua is needed to complete the birth, but this method is too strange. He was afraid that Zhang Xiaoqiang could not accept it, and he did not dare to have a relationship with him. In the end, he did not dare to tell Zhang Xiaoqiang the first time until Zhang Xiaoqiang used his thinking. He calmed the little man in the egg before he got his third child.

Maybe it is not natural, and Qi Siyue does not accept those women. He is only close to Zhang Xiaoqiang. Besides, he is very fun with Fei Fei. Of course, he is quite harmonious with his two brothers and sisters. The three little guys are all evolutionists. The strongest is Qi Siyue. The ability is the same as that of Yu Mingyue. Although it is only half a year old, it is already one of the top evolutionists in the world. Zhang Xiaoqiang is ready to wait for her to integrate her nucleus with her in adulthood. I believe that even the reincarnation of that time may not be her opponent.

When he said that Wan Qiang, Zhang Xiaoqiang could not help but recall the thrilling moment. At that time, he lost all his strength. Although Delia guarded him, there was no power to stop the Wanqiang, which was at its peak, and did not hide it from the eyes of Wanqiang. In the killing, Zhang Xiaoqiang thought that he would die, and there was nothing unwilling to be reconciled. At least in the hands of Wanqiang, human beings may not have no way to live.

I didn’t expect the **** phoenix of Wanqiang to not completely disappear. I used the last bit of energy to temporarily control Wanqiang. Even if it was only a few seconds, Zhang Xiaoqiang remembered the nanomechanical person who injected the blood phoenix. These nanomechanics did not The great power, only one means is to release the evolutionary matrix. The evolutionary matrix is ​​the nemesis of the zombie virus, which can neutralize the virus. The blood phoenix has exactly one needle measurement, and the nano-mechanical detonator has always been in the hands of Zhang Xiaoqiang. At the moment of Wanqiang’s most arrogant moment, Zhang Xiaoqiang made his complete tragedy, and changed from the king of zombies back to the ordinary people, which led to Wanqiang’s desperation to lose strength and find Zhang Xiaoqiang desperately, and finally he was hugged by the crescent. He fell to the sea and the crescent moon was seriously injured. He has been unconscious since now. Zhang Xiaoqiang will visit every day and blame himself in his heart.

"Hey brother, Delia is coming. She is looking for us to negotiate on the issue of the survivors of South America. In addition, she wants to meet you..." Huang Quan and Kessel came to Zhang Xiaoqiang and just said it, he took it with him. The lightning bolt rushed over and stopped the two men and said, "Don't bother me, my wounds are not good. You can't do it. Now the Huaxia Renaissance is not yours? Dear, you have retired, he wants to be with us." enjoy life……."

"Well, don't talk to them like this. How do you say that you are also the governor in charge of the survival of nearly 10 million people..." Zhang Xiao stressed that he looked at the red-faced Huang Quan, and since he is still alive, he does not need Yang Keer went to pay for the future of mankind, but he did not need to fight for it again. This injury made him overdraft all his abilities, weak and ordinary people, and now he is no longer the embarrassing brother, just A veteran who was immersed in the past with scars...

"Miss Delia?" Kessler asked with some hesitation. He could see Delia's concern for Zhang Xiaoqiang. If Delia and Zhang Xiaoqiang were combined, China would merge with the new era. The benefits and benefits are 100. As a good politician, Kessler does not care about Zhang Xiaoqiang’s private life. He only cares about the new interests of Tell her that I love my wife and children. I hope she can find a beloved man soon... ”

Zhang Xiaoqiang’s rumors refused to let his eyes narrow, and he kissed Zhang Xiaoqiang with a reward, and provoked Zhang Xiaoqiang’s cry: “Hey, including you, you are not allowed to climb my bed at night, how do you marry later? ?"

"If you can't get married, I will rely on you to see who dares to ask me. Anyway, I will follow you in my life, unless... unless you marry me..."

Zhang Xiaoqiang turned out a huge white eye and waved his hand to let Huang Quan leave. He was not prepared to participate in the rejuvenation of China. There was a saying that he had a good time, and he was hiding his body and name. Huang Quan looked at it. The lazy Zhang Xiaoqiang smiled bitterly and said with a hard scalp: "Your brother-in-law seems to be dissatisfied with the work of Qinghai and asks to change to Wuhan. We are not good at this...."

"Oh?" Zhang Xiaoqiang opened his eyes, his heart flashed past the unhappiness. At that time, he was just a otaku, and everyone looked down on it. Among them, there was this brother-in-law, so the two sides were not close, thinking of Zhang Xiaoqiang looking up at the sky and saying: "Then let him go from the army. Doesn't he want a higher starting point? Then let him kill the zombies for the cause of human liberation, send two people to protect him secretly, the other is like ordinary soldiers, let him Know how waste is made into a hero..."

"Husband, we are negotiating to write a biography for you, this is our family..." In the distance, Yang Keer’s cheers came from the faint, Zhang Xiaoqiang’s black line, and shouted: “When I am dead, write it. Anyway, I am just a otaku, there is no history to write..."

After the end, Zhang Xiaoqiang looked deeply at Huang Quan and said: "You must also remember that history is a double-edged sword. I don't want the Chinese revival to be nailed to the opposite side of history. Let's go and open a new history... ""

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