The act of pulling the wind for everyone makes everyone look silly. This is no longer the category of human beings. Zhang Xiaoqiang and Delia have come together unconsciously, and Yu Mingyue, Jian Yan, Eos, Fei Fei Forming a small circle, they were scared by the means of the mighty, even if Delia’s horror giant claws could not do this, the savvyly swept Zhang Xiaoqiang and did not prepare to kill them. It is the desire to complete the blood phoenix. On the one hand, there is no advantage in killing Zhang Xiaoqiang. The general meal is left to the end. There is another aspect. He needs a lot of high-quality blood, and the blood of the snake girl is right.

The ultimate killing of Wanqiang finally started. The first king of zombies, the first six-level corpse, the first strong person standing at the peak of the world, opened the sharpest fangs to the sea, like S5 The zombies are generally, the Wanqiang is completely dissolved in the wind, and he can no longer see his appearance. The countless Hai people fall silently, and the blood flows from the sea body to the sky. Thousands of sea people fell under the strong minions. When he appeared again, the seas finally went crazy.

Layers of crystal sand cover the vast space, everything is frozen, and the eyes are covered. At this moment, the invisible vibration spreads in the sand, and the air makes a brittleness in the vibration. All the crystal sands were shattered, and they fell on the red algae to form a thick layer of ice. One of the ice peaks condensed together, condensing dozens of sharp ice guns, and Wanqiang stood at the tip of the gun. on.

Just when Wanqiang was most proud of it, an invisible spiritual wave came from the broken mouth, slamming on the head of the million, and the screams of screaming and screaming out and smashing countless ice on the ice. Chips, Wanqiang fell to the ice, and there was a huge vibration at the huge fracture. A huge meteorite exudes a blue luster, slowly rising from the fracture, surrounded by the meteorites. The remaining ten giant snake women.

The rugged meteorites are ugly, and the ten giant snakes around them are entangled with snake tails, giving people a strange feeling of beauty and potatoes, but no one dares to despise, this rock is everything. The culprit, seeing the meteorite, Zhang Xiaoqiang was shocked, he thought of the biggest negligence in the battle plan, could not help but squat, accumulating his greatest ability.

At this moment, the sword suddenly flashed out from the shadow on the side of the rock. In the middle of the hand, the smashing warrior backpack was taken, and Zhang Xiaoqiang took a deep look at it. He started the backpack bomb and wanted to return to the shadow after starting. But the appearance of this moment allowed him to be settled by the weird spirits of the meteorites. In the eyes of everyone, the whole body split into countless pieces, whether it was his people, clothing, or weapons, like a broken puzzle, the whole broken.

There was a backpack broken, but when the backpack broke, the fluorescence suddenly spread out, and the meteorite and the snake girl were covered together. Zhang Xiaoqiang couldn’t wait for the death of the sword, and screamed, and then spread out a few black and thick. The fog wraps the people around, and then they are submerged by the endless red light. This ruined red light has inexplicable majesty and oppression. The frigate has risen to an altitude of more than 10,000 meters, but in the surveillance picture, In the sky and the earth, the tens of thousands of meters in the range of red light, can not see anything inside, only the endless red light......

In the past, red light often only appeared for a few seconds, but this time, it didn’t dissipate for half an hour. The whole day was dark, and the whole world seemed to have only the red light of the Hawaiian waters. At the New Era headquarters, thousands of people put down their work. On the big screen of the square, the viewers are red and bloody. In the cities of China's revival, all the officers stood in the intelligence room and watched the shining red light. In the frontline command room where Australia has been quiet, Ishihara. Wild, Huang Quan, Kessel, and Zhao Deyi looked worriedly at this red light, in the temple of South America...

Zhang Xiaoqiang doesn't know if he is dead. He doesn't feel his existence, and he doesn't feel the existence of other people. The antimatter shield has long since disappeared, but his thinking is still turning. Maybe it is like this after death? At least they can still have souls, but Zhang Xiaoqiang, who is surrounded by the environment, doesn't like it very much. It is like being exposed to the sun, so that he can't do quiet sleep. At this moment, I hope that it can become pure darkness. At least not so dazzling?

"No, I am not dead? Should it be dark when it dies?" "Not right. I heard that many people will see the light when they die. Is this such a disgusting red light? Too disgusting... "What about him? If you die, you won't make a living. Is it the bastard? Is it going to die when you turn off the lights?"

All kinds of thoughts drifted over, and finally the red light disappeared, and it fell into the boundless darkness. Zhang Xiaoqiang yawned with satisfaction, and finally he could die with peace of mind. Then he was bothered, not to say that he would be warm after death? Why does he feel that he is dead in the hail?

In the next moment, Zhang Xiaoqiang’s eyes slammed open and found himself lying in the cold arms. There were two little trembling villains in his arms. The three-dimensional dynamic vision was activated, and the two of them were clearly seen by him. Delia, Delia was actually put into his arms by Eoss at the last minute, and the other was Fei Fei, but he remembered that it was Fei Fei who held him in his arms. At that time, he wanted to go to the moon. But did not hold it.

Soon he remembered everything, and the Philippine humanoid beasts slammed him, and the humanoid beast had only two bare arms and a small half of the chest, and the back and back were shielded against the red light. It disappeared, and Eos and Hemingyue disappeared. Just in the place not far from him, a crystal nucleus like a pearl of night shines. This is a beautiful and extreme, like a crystal nucleus for cutting diamonds. To that nucleus, I don’t know why, Zhang Xiaoqiang’s tears covered his eyes, and he could not help loosen the two little hoes and swooped over the warm red algae to climb over there, when he pinched the nucleus in his hand. The moment, a faint figure passed in his heart. The reason why he did not hold the moon was that he was flashing away, spit out the nucleus, and used some unclear means to bless something on him. It was because of this that he survived and survived in the boundless red light.

Yan Mingyue died, Jianxi died, Huang Tingwei died, Eoss died, Sophia died, the Son died, the blood phoenix died, and 800 soldiers died. As for Wanqiang... Zhang Xiaoqiang saw a crystal-like cymbal entangled in a giant snake woman, madly sucking. The blood of the giant snake girl was allowed. In addition, the previously unrivalled meteorite was still suspended in the same place, but There were seven fewer snake women surrounded by meteorites, and one-third of the meteorites were evaporated. The swordsman finally completed the assassin’s mission and launched a fatal blow at the most appropriate time, but he could only do it. This level.

Seeing that piece of meteorite, Zhang Xiaoqiang was burning in anger, because it was because of its appearance, the world would become like this, billions of human beings became zombies, his relatives, friends, subordinates, and The lover is leaving him. It is because of it that the place where human beings are born is threatened, and countless people fall under the invasion of the sea.

Looking back at the sea knives, Zhang Xiaoqiang slowly accumulates strength. He wants to smash this culprits under the knife. He wants to put all the sufferings of the world on the terminator. He wants the stone to regret coming to the earth. At that time, a layer of black pikes grew from the red algae, piercing the strong cockroaches, and Zhang Xiaoqiang changed his mind. I remembered that the same scene had appeared in the Sea of ​​Japan. In order to defend against foreign enemies, the red algae grew a myriad of blacks. The long gun forms a protective layer.

At this time, Zhang Xiaoqiang lowered his heart, and the meteorite was not omnipotent. The previous red light should not be so easy. Looking at the three giant snake females, they obviously suffered huge damage for half an hour. The red light, even if the nuclear power plant is not necessarily able to consume, Zhang Xiaoqiang simply throws away the sickle, grabs the Philippine Philippine like a ran away, just lifted his foot, he remembered Eos to put the Philippine into his arms In one scene, no matter what, people are also using their lives, and the reason why Eos died here is his help. Even if he and the New Era are a bit embarrassed, but at this moment... Zhang Xiaoqiang is holding two little girls jumping On the red algae, more and more black spears grow out, making the place where his feet are getting narrower and narrower.

Being anxious, the sky stabbed three lasers and went to the meteorite. Zhang Xiaoqiang could not help but look back, but saw that each of the three snake women condensed a reflective shield and reflected the laser, two of which shot into the night sky. Another shot to the strong, who is breaking free, instantly melted the strong right arm. When I saw it, Zhang Xiaoqiang’s heart was dark, and the meteorite was still hurting. When Zhang Xiaoqiang was forced to the final desperate situation, he was left to him. There is only one left road. Abandoning Feifei and Delia turned and challenged the meteorite. Only by single-handedly, he was able to avoid these black rifles with a strong sense of five. If he saved the strong, his chances of success would be improved. Times.

This choice makes Zhang Xiaoqiang entangled, and Fei Fei can hug him in the most dangerous time. How can he give up Fei Fei? Unless he is holding two girls and jumping off the red algae, although he has died for a lifetime, there is at least a glimmer of hope, but this is not the case. Did everything in the past be sacrificed in vain? But if not, what should he do?

The eagerness of Zhang Xiaoqiang’s heart seemed to touch God. When the last position was about to be occupied by black lances, a fast-flashing creature rushed to the red algae, cutting off numerous black rifles, and then more worms rushed to the red. Algae, like a scavenger, sweeping a black pike, not only that, a huge head is like a skyscraper in front of Zhang Xiaoqiang, the two huge bright erect eyes are looking at the smaller owner than before, seeing Water snake, Zhang Xiaoqiang long breathed a sigh of relief, at least he no longer need to entangle.

Waiting for Zhang Xiaoqiang to give orders, the water snakes will use the smart snake letter to make Zhang Xiaoqiang roll up the top of the head and swim on the red algae. He rushes to the giant meteorite. It is not that he knows the voice of Zhang Xiaoqiang, but the coveted piece of this huge stone. Ruler, countless black pikes are broken and crushed under the golden water snake scales. No need for the armworms, the water snake can sweep everything.

There was a loud tweet in the sky, and the six-winged bird slowly landed in front of Zhang Xiaoqiang. Zhang Xiaoqiang saw the long-lost crescent moon look so stunned. He knew how difficult it was for the girl to cross the sea with a group of worms. There was a heavier thing waiting for him to do it at the moment, raising his hand and throwing the Philippine Philippine, and then pulling up Delia, but Delia slammed his arm.

"I am with you..." Delia's tone is unquestionable. The shining eyes are full of hatred and sorrow. Zhang Xiaoqiang feels that Delia's small claws grab their own strength and feel Dilly. Ya lost the sorrow of Eos, just as he lost the moon, he nodded heavily, and dipped Delia's fingers down. Delia shuddered and groaned, she could not control herself.

There are thousands of Kraya and snake women scattered around the meteorite. The destruction of red light can't hurt them. Before the outbreak of the Wanqiang, half of the seas were destroyed. At the moment, there is still a long way to go, 800 swords. The brachial worm rushed to the middle of the sea and was smashed together with the last Klaia. The black rifle that had previously been banned was also cut off, and the strong tycoon was released. It was like a crystal scorpion, and the ghosts disappeared and rushed into countless knives. The battlefield of brachial and sea people strangling.

All the injured Klaia was supplemented by his blood, and the snake girl who only throws the ice spear hockey into the air, often in the protective cover of the shield, will be taken off by the strong, although biting The snake woman's neck has the best blood-sucking taste, but Wanqiang does not have so much time to waste, just like a gust of wind rushing to the snake woman.

Wanqiang regained his domineering, but only he knew that if he didn't change much, he would look far after sucking all the blood of the sea. Before that, he still had the opportunity to kill Zhang Xiaoqiang. After the meteorite has suffered, he is not ready to start with the Rock. Of course, if Zhang Xiaoqiang is killed by the Rock, he will not have his kind, the sea, the human, the mutant beast, the zombie will be His food, he is the top of the entire food chain, even if the land is swallowed by the sea, he does not care, he is just as alive on the red algae.

Zhang Xiaoqiang and Delia, as well as the big water snake, rushed to the meteorite, while constantly accumulating ability, ready to hit and kill, seeing the two sides collide with each other, Zhang Xiaoqiang used the anti-material shield to wrap the water snake's head, but in them Before rushing up, the Crescent Moon has controlled dozens of worms to rush. Zhang Xiaoqiang was surprised to find that each of the worms had a helmet with pearl tears on their heads. The attacking method of the worms was straight and exposed. The only shortcomings are the head and the wings, but the amplitude of the wings is too high. Even heavy machine guns may not be able to fire. Only the head may be pierced by thousands of ice spears. This is also the reason for the heavy losses in Australia.

Numerous ice spears flew toward the armworms, and most of them were escaped by the light-hearted worms. A few ice spears hit the pearl-tears helmet, and only the worms rolled for two laps. Going up, when the three bright red lights pierced the brachial worm, Zhang Xiaoqiang’s heart was slightly tightened. Two of them were pierced by the arm and the abdomen, and they were instantly evaporated, and the other one was shot in the head. Surprising things happened, the Pearl Tears helmet turned this red light out, just like the giant snake woman refracted the laser main gun.

Seeing here, Zhang Xiaoqiang’s intestines are all green. I knew that the pearl tears have this effect. It’s not that you don’t have to use it... but the next moment, the devastating red light rushes again, and dozens of knives The worms annihilated together, only the large and small helmets fell. These pearl tear helmets are the base of the silver stalks. Every one has a bathtub size. Zhang Xiaoqiang has his eyes cracked. If he can choose, he is willing to use these. Pearl tears give Philippine and himself a set of armor, so there is a chance to destroy the meteorite.

Then the red light rushed to the front of the big water snake. All the anti-matter smoke around the snake head was swept away. Zhang Xiaoqiang had only one time to look at it with Delia, and it was covered with red light. It was originally a deadly charge. I only hope that the meteorite will be a long time after the red light is destroyed. I will not stop thinking about it so quickly. At this moment, Zhang Xiaoqiang has no despair in his heart. He is not unwilling. He has done the limit he can, even if he fails. what is the relationship? Everything is arranged. Although there are more changes in Wanqiang, who can make it clear in the future?

Just as he and Delia were ready to meet the moment of death, the red light extended backwards along their side, letting Delia stare at the surprised, big eyes curiously looking at the slightly dim red light in front of the water snake. The hood, the moment I saw the mask, Zhang Xiaoqiang laughed wildly, and the tears of laughter came out, muttering: "Yaluo, Yaluo, this is Yaluo, the original..."

He knows the true origins of Yaluo, and Yaluo is a natural enemy of the sea. He is the same as the Haizu. It is transformed by meteorite fragments, and both have the ability to destroy red light and destroy red light. It is the most powerful means of killing of meteorites. It can destroy the power of everything. It is impossible for any creature to block this kind of light. The Yaluo on Shazhou Island can only be regarded as the product of evolutionary failure. The antimatter barrier is only absorbed after the meteorite. The ability of garbage, the real Aaron does not need these abilities, just like the big water snake, the authentic destruction of light can harden the meteorite.

"Yaruo is a mutant beast that has swallowed up the fragments of meteorites. It is a natural enemy of the sea. The mutant animal we stand is also shaped like this. Unfortunately, the amount it devours is too small. Maybe we will die..."

Zhang Xiaoqiang's eyes on Delia's apology, if there is no hope, they will not be lucky, but with hope and being taken away is the greatest despair, Delia is not as lost as Zhang Xiaoqiang imagined, smiling heartily Dao: "Isn't there still you here? It's a pity. Why aren't there a lot of big guys who died with me?"

Zhang Xiaoqiang was speechless, staring blankly at the ruined mask of the water snake being suppressed, ready to meet death.

"Yeah... I have shards of meteorites, it’s awful, I stayed in the headquarters..." Delia screamed, Zhang Xiaoqiang did not speak, but saw that there were two holy soul bones under his feet. They are all holy devices of the Red Algae tribe. The smallest ones also have the size of a fist. They remove the bones under three or two times and pick up one to throw it out to the mask. I hope the water snake can notice. I didn’t expect the water snake to ignore this thing. Blocking the destruction of light, Zhang Xiaoqiang understands it. There are three red algae in the Chinese region. The water snake comes from China. The two sides must have met. The water snake has swallowed one of the holy soul bones, and the remaining two are temporarily indigestible.

Delia’s eyes lit up, and another one grabbed the lizard on the finger. The lizard and the meteorite fragments were like cockroaches and frogs, but the little lizard’s mouth suddenly expanded dozens of times. It is dozens of times larger than the meteorite fragments, and it doesn't see how big the bag is on its belly. It is still as slim as before.

Zhang Xiaoqiang has always suspected that Delia has another kind of power. Now the mystery is finally unveiled. I didn't expect the little lizard to have the power of a dragon, let alone lend it to Delia, Delia. It was the equivalent of a dragon. The two stared at the little lizard, but saw the lizard hit a full, then squinted and prepared to fight. Delia screamed with a small tail and shook, lizard Always refused to move, the last hope was shattered, and Delia shouted to the lizard with a crying voice: "You are killed..."

Speaking of German, Zhang Xiaoqiang couldn't understand, thinking that Delia was scared, and took her behind her, squinting at the red light that broke through the water snake's destruction barrier.

At this moment, countless black shadows rushed to the front of the water snake, and soon formed a huge wall, the red light was also blocked behind the wall, forming a dark area, Zhang Xiaoqiang saw at a glance that the black shadow is all Clara The corpse, and thought that the red light was ineffective against Clara, could not help but sigh, why did he not think? Then they were curious, who thrown these bodies?

The water snake's IQ is not low, even if the brain capacity is small, the size of such a large person, will not be less where to go, see Klaia's body can block the destruction of red light, open mouth and suck, will **** a large piece of the body Come over, when the bodies were stacked, Zhang Xiaoqiang saw that the crescent moon was flying fast in the red light, throwing a body, just wearing her armor with pearl tears, but watching her figure sway Shake, but I don't know if it hurts.

When Zhang Xiaoqiang had a chance, he shouted and drove the water snake forward. The water snake suddenly rushed and slammed the corpse in front of him. Numerous bodies were blocked on the red line, leaving a large shadow. Then Zhang Xiaoqiang clasped the scythe arm and prepared to make the final blow, but did not expect that a mentally-powered arrow rushed from the red light, let Zhang Xiaoqiang and Delia around him scream, this It is a way of attack that is unclear. The body has not suffered any harm, but the brain has to explode. The water snake is also uncomfortable. The sorrow screams and shakes his head. The crescent moon flies up and falls to the distance. It can be seen that before attacking her is the spirit wave of the meteorite.

The stone attack of the meteorite is like the water of the river. At the moment when the people can't stand it, the sky has dropped more than ten pieces of blasting bullets. The edge of the red light is generally shocked, and the next moment the mental storm is interrupted. Zhang Xiaoqiang and Delia only breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, the red light also annihilated. After Zhang Xiaoqiang saw everything around him from the dissipated red light, he discovered that the mental storm was an indiscriminate attack, except for the three that were on the rock. Only the giant snake girl, the other sea people fell to the ground, and when the mountain packs piled up by countless sea people blasted open, Wanqiang also climbed out from the inside.

The Wanqiang, which has been moisturized by countless sea people, has recovered almost the same, but his injuries in the mental storm are not small. The five senses are bleeding, and it looks very miserable. The armworms disappeared completely, leaving only the land. Pearl tears helmet, see Zhang Xiaoqiang's eyes cracked here, he knows that the Haizu has been destroyed, only the meteorites are left, but the meteorite has a strange spiritual impact, and there is a full range of ruined red light, almost no solution, already It is a pity to give up at this step.

Being anxious, the water snake suddenly swelled, and the air in front was invisibly distorted, like a black hole hovering invisible, rushing toward them. The next moment, the water snake screamed, and the head of more than 30 meters high suddenly spurted out. The water-like blood slammed to one side, and Zhang Xiaoqiang and Delia, standing on the head of the water snake, stood unsteadily and fell down one after another.

The meteorite launched the most violent spiritual attack on the water snake, causing the water snake to be hit hard. Zhang Xiaoqiang held Delia from the water snake head. Delia was desperate, and closed her eyes tightly to hold Zhang Xiaoqiang. When the two landed together After that, Zhang Xiaoqiang shouted Delia and shouted: "Throw me in the claws..."

After that, he picked up the tortoise shell pearl tear helmet, Delia was stupid, but Zhang Xiaoqiang put the pearl tears on her body, twisting his cheeks and shouting with the craziest scream: "Fetch me away... ""

When Zhang Xiaoqiang picked up a pearl tear helmet, Delia suddenly understood, launched the dragon's claws, and grabbed Zhang Xiaoqiang to throw it out to the meteorite. He held the helmet in one hand and grabbed the sickle in one hand. Zhang Xiaoqiang quickly flew to the meteorite. Go, and the meteorite once again launched a powerful spiritual shock wave to the head of the water snake, let the water snake roll and fall into the sea below to start the waves.

At this moment, the three snake women lifted the scepter together and fired the red light to Zhang Xiaoqiang. Zhang Xiaoqiang shrank the body as much as possible and greeted it with a helmet. The red light was refracted on the helmet, but the red light of the ruin was also destroyed. Launched, overwhelmingly covered all the square kilometers of land, then a strange spirit shock wave hit the helmet, let Zhang Xiaoqiang fall back with the helmet in the syncope.

The distance between the two sides has become infinitely far away. Zhang Xiaoqiang's five senses are squirting blood, blurryly looking at the ever-shrinking shadow of the meteorite. The strong heart is not willing to let him scream, and the snoring has received a strong response. Also violently screamed, raised the pearl tears helmet to block the red light, rushed to Zhang Xiaoqiang's path, a volley kicked on the back of Zhang Xiaoqiang, this huge force made Zhang Xiaoqiang spurt the blood of the mouth, the whole person The shells fired at the other side, the shock wave came again, and the strong force also blew the blood back. Zhang Xiaoqiang was not shot at this time. The strength of Wanqiang was too big. The big one exceeded the shock of the spiritual shock wave. Zhang Xiaoqiang arrived in the blink of an eye. In front of the meteorite, twelve huge bone weapons squat down to Zhang Xiaoqiang. There are countless sharp teeth with lower jaw bones, more sharp and sharp claws than sickles, and bones like pillars. Various bones. Kneeling to him, you can't avoid it, the outside is the endless red light.

Zhang Xiaoqiang’s thoughts have been blurred. Only the instincts of the battlefield have given up the helmet to him. With super-sensing and three-dimensional vision, he shuttled through more than ten bone weapons, and protected himself with the last anti-material shield. The giant snake girl, using a little aura in her heart, fell on a point on the edge of the meteorite. This point is the only triangle symbol of the meteorite and the only weakness.

When this knife fell, Zhang Xiaoqiang was thrown out by the huge anti-shock force. The red light of the meteorite disappeared instantly. It was like a volcanic eruption that spewed out an unprecedented spiritual shock wave. This is the last shock wave of the meteorite, and it condenses in the air. The real meteorite virtual image, slammed into Zhang Xiaoqiang, Zhang Xiaoqiang's thinking has long been confused, in the huge danger of the top of the mountain, the flames of the flames of the knife to mobilize the final ability to blaze.

The huge flamingo was dispelled by the spirit wave, the sharp machete was torn by the shock wave, and Zhang Xiaoqiang’s arms in front of him were also broken. Just when the shock wave was about to hit Zhang Xiaoqiang’s chest, a huge dragon shadow Appeared in Zhang Xiaoqiang's arms and slammed him away, Zhang Xiaoqiang was opened at the last The shadow of the dragon was torn apart in the next moment.

Zhang Xiaoqiang fell heavily on the bodies of countless Klaia, as if the ball rolled and jumped, and finally broke into a pile of dead mountains. The lizard on Delia's finger screamed and fell softly from her fingertips. The huge meteorite was intact. Standing there, but at the same time, all the sea people who came to Hawaii felt a spiritual collapse and lost the meteorite that had been in contact with them. They could not help but whine from the depths of DNA.

"Oh...." A crack in the spider's web splits on the rock. As the speed of the crack is getting faster, the three widowed giant snakes are mad and rushing toward Zhang Xiaoqiang. Delia couldn't bear to close her eyes, the moment the frigate's laser main gun accumulated energy, three glamorous heads flew into the sky, and finally only the strong crazy laughter, in his laughter, the whole meteorite The collapse, revealing the most central, like a fist size, rounded multi-faceted prismatic blue crystal, radiating strong radiation around.

Wan Qiang gently waved, the blue crystal fell into his hands, and the crystal suspended in his hand, Wanqiang slowly went to Zhang Xiaoqiang, when he overlooked Zhang Xiaoqiang, Delia rushed over to Zhang Xiaoqiang Behind him, barely biting his mouth and glaring at the strong, Zhang Xiaoqiang swayed, the five senses were smeared with blood, only one pair of eyes exudes a burning brilliance.

PS: Two years of time is like a dream. I can already put a terminator on it here. I don’t know why, there is always a feeling of loss, just like a love affair. This book has income, loss, success. There are also failures, praises, and flaws. In general, I have persisted. Inadvertently, there have been more than six million words. Thank you for your persistence and encouragement. Thank you for the books that have been with me for two years. Friends.

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