From the sky down, the red algae peak standing on the sea is like a giant standing in the shallow water, the majestic and shocking that can't be said, the thousands of long whip swaying the hem, shaking out a whistling sound in the air. The frigates cast firebombs and eclipse sources again and again, half of the peaks were dyed green, half were dyed red, and the hot fire raised the smoke of the volcanic eruption, and the sky was covered with clouds, which was like the end of the storm. In the dark clouds, the frigates appear small and thin.

One hundred tons of etched sources will melt tens of thousands of tons of red algae. Hundreds of incendiary bombs will burn tens of thousands of tons of red algae into ashes. The thousands of seas that climb in the red algae die, and the two sides form an alternative. Deadlock, it seems that the red algae is not able to fight back, but the human ammunition is not infinite. The 100-ton etch source acts on the red algae. It is only the corner of the pond. It doesn't matter at all. In the corrosion of the source, the layer is sprayed from the inside to the outside. The blue-blue crystal sand freezes the corroded area, which is the weak point of the source. Once it is blocked by the ice layer, the corrosion ability of the source is also rapidly decreasing.

The ice layer is not only effective for the source of erosion, but also effective for the flame. The black smoke of the flame is getting thicker and thicker, and the open flame is getting less and less. I don’t know how many kilometers of red algae gather here, and the huge mountain peaks The height of the continuation continues, wrapping the red algae into a huge oval shape, which has exceeded the height of the Himalayas to more than 9,000 meters. It is shocking and can't think of any way to bomb this super mountain. destroy?

"Is it seven hours? If on land, I think there should be no problem in the Red Algae Mountains, but there seems to be a problem on the sea?" In the landing cabin, a handsome man is gone from the shadow of Zhang Xiaoqiang. Come out, in the eyes of Eos, Delia's surprised eyes walked to the side and sat down, kneading his legs, the action that should have been initiated five hours ago, even until now, even With the tolerance and patience of the assassin, the sword is not tolerant. Who knows how many hours?

"You really have no patience. I heard that the sniper can kill the target for three days. How many hours do you have?" Zhang Xiaoqiang also feels bored. He can't help but ridicule the sword, and the charming eyes of the sword are swept away. Delia, looking at her own eyes, snorted and turned to Zhang Xiaoqiang: "The sniper is a finger. I am moving all over the body. Can you compare it?" After that, Swordsman found a seat to close his eyes. However, she felt that Delia’s burning gaze stared at herself and was annoyed.

"Little girl, I am not a brother, I will not be interested in any woman. At least I have to think about it, you? Let me die..." The sword is stinky, but it is rare that it does not stir up Ergo. Sri Lanka’s anger, glanced at the sword, and he hated the guy who lie to the woman by the face. I didn’t expect Delia to be angry. I just asked strangely: “Are you a guy with the guy behind you? You Is it attacking or suffering?"

"............" Swordsman still does not understand, blood phoenix slaps his own brain, and swears: "Let's lay in the gun, it is a rotten female such an incomprehensible creature..." Zhang Xiaoqiang With a stiff neck, I feel that my heart of death is gradually lost over time. I don’t want to fight now, but I want to find a place to eat, and then I can sleep. Nearly eight hours of live broadcast was very tiring, envious of the Philippine Philippine who had been kneeling in the corner. Under her feet, the shells of various snacks piled up, and the food in the huge dry food bag behind her seemed to be endless.

"Look at it, it started. Eoss took the soda and potato chips over and over again, big block..." Delia is like a normal off-line girl, and her attention shifts to other aspects, let the event Zhang Xiaoqiang of the neck almost pulled the ribs, and the red algae underneath has formed a huge mountain range. The folds piled under the mountain peaks form a strange peak that stretches for hundreds of kilometers, while the red algae in the distance are no longer Endless, showing the waters of the sea, although the line of sight above the sky is very wide, the distance of the sea line is at least more than 100 kilometers, which is enough to illustrate the degree of enrichment of red algae.

At the moment when the great mass is piled up together, the red algae under the sea water penetrates the earth's crust in order to resist the buoyancy and repulsive force of the water, finally causing the movement of the plate, leading to the volcanic eruption that has been suppressed for a long time.

The red algae peaks burst into black and white waves, and the huge mountain peaks began to shake. The whole sea was boiling. Even the sea water more than 100 kilometers flooded with numerous large and small blisters. Being boiled by magma, a large amount of water vapor is sprayed into the air, and the bottom of the sea is the pressure cooker that has reached the limit. The explosion is thus generated. Numerous dark roots are sprayed from the gap of the blasted mountain, and the sun goddess will surround the sea. The high-definition photos were transmitted to the Aurora. The intelligence officers at the bridge looked at the large-scale screams of mutant beasts and sea knights who were scalded on the sea.

And this is only the beginning. With the more and more violent eruption, the earth has finally retaliated against the seas. Countless waves are like erupting on the red algae like a fountain.

At this time, Delia's eyes fluctuated and inadvertently pressed the signal transmission button of the personal terminal, just like the ghost cruiser B2 bomber over the Pacific Ocean suddenly broke into the battlefield, let the peak stunned and overwhelmed, a total of ten B2 bombers, each It is more than 20 meters long and has more than 50 meters of wings. It is lined up with neat formations, but it is even bigger than the frigates. These bombers are the last cards of the new era. They are given by the US government and the unit price of each frame. For more than $2 billion, it can carry forty-five tons of oil and load ten tons of bombs or cruise missiles.

Red algae is a human disaster and a gospel for mankind. Bombers modified with fuel tanks and engines have reduced the fuel load of 40 tons, but tripled the air time and increased the bomb load by three times. The combat power has turned several times more than before. When these bombers entered the battlefield, 30 consecutive cruise missiles were launched one after another, slamming into the swaying red algae mountains. Under Zhang Xiaoqiang’s side, Delia’s hustle and bustle Starting the hair, inadvertently said: "I don't have any preparations at all?"

As soon as the voice fell, thirty cruise missiles loaded with seismic bombs entered the water from the cracks erupted from the red algae mountains. They smashed countless pieces of shredded roots and spurted water-like orbits and slammed into the sea. There were countless bubbles in the bed. When the missile's combat department started, the entire seabed turned like a dragon, rolling up 10 million tons of rock fragments, and all the roots that pierced the seabed were shaken.

When the vibration gradually spread from the bottom of the sea to the surface of the sea, the mountain that was originally trembled violently swayed as if dancing wildly, but this did not end. The B2 bomber could deliver sixteen before lifting the bomb load. A cruise missile, let alone now? Another 30 cruise missiles are volleyed, but they are aimed at the roots of the giant mountain range. One cruise missile blasts in the mountain peaks. These earthquake bombs can not only shatter the crust, but also break the red algae peak. The internal structure, in the mountains stretching for more than 100 kilometers, it is ridiculous to rely on the blasting of strong explosives, just like sandpaper on the skyscrapers, even if Delia and Zhang Xiaoqiang did not expect that the red algae would become a mountain. They won't work.

The double-layer vibration of the sea and the sea caused a large piece of red algae to collapse. Although the peak of nearly 10,000 meters still stands, the foundation has begun to be unstable. At this time, the real killer of BS appeared. Ten B2 bombers swooped to the mountain. The open bombardment port, a single and a single airship reconnaissance ship, the size of the conical bomb was thrown out, these bombs are developed by the United States BLU-82, the world's largest fuel air bomb, each weighing six Tons, if there is no red algae, it is very difficult for the B2 bomber to deliver the bomb here. It is also 30 bombs. Because of the high degree of relationship, these bombs have no chance to open the deceleration package, just like the hammer hits the red algae. intermediate.

The weight of the bomb itself easily opened up dozens of meters of red algae, forming 30 pin-eye-like holes on the red algae peak. For the red algae peak of 10,000 meters, there are ten needles in each pinhole. Multi-meter wide, when these needles spurt a hundred-meter-long fire tongue like a crater, a layer of bright red visible in the naked eye spreads from top to bottom in the dark red red algae peak.

The gaseous cloud of the fuel air bomb has a larger specific gravity than air and can flow to the low crotch. The interior of the red algae is not real. Supporting such a high height and thickness is a series of red algae, such as woven nets, with a large number of channels in the middle. And the gap, which still exists a large number of seas, the flames after the explosion, such as long dragons spread along the channel, forming a new fire dragon at each ramp, the material of the red algae itself is also flammable, the maximum temperature is more than five thousand degrees, Even the chill of the crystal sand erupted inside the red algae mountain range can be blocked, but a huge explosion occurs at the moment of contact, and a piece of red algae is blown off the mountain.

The blazing fire on the mountain peaks, countless burning vines and long whip fall off the mountain peaks. The sea below is like a stirring drum washing machine. It rolls and rotates. It seems that the next moment will collapse. The scarlet fire flows like a magma, a piece of weight. A ton of GBU-37 drilled ground bombs continued to smash on the red algae peak of the giant torch, and the flame fountain with a radius of several hundred meters was blown out. The blasting of the red algae from the mountain peaks was repeated once and for all. The joint guided attack weapon bursts open in the flame. Although the flowing flame is like a burning incense, it is not so conspicuous under the sky of 10,000 meters high, but the hot fire is internally burned, and there will be some The pillars of the loose red algae peak melt.

The B2 bomber that had been loaded with 30 tons of ammunition was easily taken up, and suddenly flew away from it, but the sky dancers coming from afar would not let them go, and crossed various complicated and complicated arcs in the air. The line rushed over to the B2 bomber group. Although the Aolong gave up its defense and covered B2 with all air defense firepower, the giant planes with a width of more than 50 meters were too heavy. They dive and bombed like a sword. At the time, it was awkward like an elephant. Whether it was a 630 or a 100-mm gun, it reached the highest rate of fire. Tens of thousands of light rains built a dense firepower network between the B2 and the sky dancers. The chasing sky dancers tumbling and falling in the fire net, but the fire nets could not stop all the sky dancers, and the two sky dancers broke out and the tails stabbed on one of the B2s.

The seemingly mighty B2 does not have the sturdiness of the Dragon, like a duck egg worn by chopsticks. The layers of blasted pieces are spattered under the sky dancer's tail. The huge B2 is out of the original track and rises black. The smoke slid down, and more sky dancers climbed onto the plane, and the tail flies again and again. In the glimmering fire, thousands of shell fragments were thrown, and one of the long tails pierced the engine to ignite. After the fuel, the disintegrated 2 was blown into a fireball with several sky dancers gathered around.

A B2 bomber was blown into a fireball, and the parachute floating in the sky was torn into pieces by the sky dancers who had been swept by the high speed, and the tragic pursuits until the remaining three B2s broke the limit of 15,000 meters. When this asymmetrical air battle ended, everyone turned back to the red algae peak. They did not sigh for the pilots. Too many sacrifices since the end of the world have made people habitually tragic.

Like the elegy of the B2 bomber and the No. 1 frigate, the red algae peak finally collapsed, the collapse is not a burning part, the mountain is too thick, it takes at least tens of hours to completely burn, and the turmoil of the lower crust makes the mainland plate When the movement occurs, the sea is violent. A pontoon wave of up to 100 meters collides at the edge of the red algae, tearing the edge of the red algae again and again. Under the action of hundreds of billion tons of seawater, countless seas are squeezed into French crepes. There are tons in the second, hundreds of tons of red algae are shredded, turned into garbage floats rolling in the waves, more red algae are torn, and the mountains that are infinitely stacked and accumulated are originally destroyed. At this moment, the Domino is basically broken from the root.

There are fewer and fewer mountains supporting the giant peaks, and Red Algae is still making subsequent efforts to gather the red algae and continue to defend the cornerstone. But the power of nature is what human weapons can achieve? The destructive power of the movement of the earth's crust is equivalent to the equivalent of the explosion of thousands of nuclear bombs. The red algae of a thousand miles are like a big ship floating on the sea, or a deformed big ship with giant masts. The ship's deck is striking in the waves. Under the rapid decomposition, the blazing flame will involve more red algae, and countless tiny passages spray thousands of flame tongues, and the red algae peak becomes a flame cactus.

"Maybe we don't have to go any longer, just watching it burn out is also very good..." Swordsman touched his chin and commented on the flame mountain below. Eos's face showed a hint of happiness, but not for himself. But Delia doesn't have to take risks. Wanqiang and Blood Phoenix look at each other and see fierceness from the other's eyes. If there are no foreign enemies, they will have a final battle.

"Impossible, do it and force it out of the tortoise shell. Our bottom card is gone. We don't know who's on the card. It should be said that it was an aperitif before, and the big meal has not yet been served."

Delia didn't have any innocence, watching the picture seriously and coldly. The flame in her eyes ignited the passion of the battle. Only at this moment, she took off the disguise. Like Zhang Xiaoqiang, who had serious expression, the war was still Didn't really start, Sword Shu shut up, the hand touched the bones and stabbing swords, the glittering eyes were full of radiance, he felt never excited, and he always felt alone for the first time. The expectations are heavy.

"Okay...." Zhang Xiaoqiang looked at the picture and whispered. Delia looked at the picture nervously, could not help but hold her breath, and the thoughts of Mingyue floated to the small room that was ready to surprise Zhang Xiaoqiang. Wanqiang and Xuefeng were silent. Language, immersed in this last dignity, hiding in the sacred warrior, the saint of the temple looked at the last food, and looked around to look for Zhang Xiaoqiang’s Philippine, and smiled at the corner of his mouth, Sophia looked down at the photo in his hand, in the photo Relying on the bright smile of the little girl in the middle-aged couple's arms...

Eight hundred soldiers received instructions, they opened the supernova bomb insurance on the backpack, the repressed breathing shuttled in the landing cabin, Zhang Xiaoqiang squeezed his fist tightly, and occasionally squatted on the flamingo scimitar on the thigh, only slightly felt a trace Stability, above the picture, the mountain finally collapsed, the burning debris on the top fell, below, numerous giant corrugated pipes, the red algae collapsed, the raging sea surface rolled up hundreds of meters high waves, spewing 10 million tons of red algae The debris, the roots of the red algae are completely cut off, and the slowly falling roots cause the peaks to tilt, the angle of inclination is getting bigger and bigger, and finally slowly fall down the raging sea below, and in the distance, countless returning seas And the mutated sea beast is involved in thousands of stirring and rotating waves. Under the rolling of sea water, it is like a coffee bean stuffed into a coffee mill, which turns into a whitefly.

The mountain peak finally fell, and the raging sea surface seemed to be deeply sunk by the beach that the giants stepped on, and then the huge waves of kilometers high were stirred up, like a black iron curtain unfolding in the air, and turned into a billion water column falling down, burning The flames of the 10,000 tons of sea water are scattered, and the water vapor is scattered all over the sky. The numerous burning red algae are like stars scattered on the raging sea. The huge mountain peaks slowly rise and fall in the surging sea water.

The frigate slammed down, and three dazzling lasers, such as three colored silk threads, were dotted around the middle of the red algae peak. A cluster of plasma cannonballs flew down there, and the 100mm gun and 630 tilted the final ammunition there. The explosion of the fireball was like the accumulation of bubbles in Coke, and it quickly disappeared. When all the ammunition was poured out, the frigate reached the surface of the sea.

Even if it falls, the diameter of the mountain is as high as kilometer. The dragon is floating on it. It is like a fly on a pillar. The huge crater that has been cut by numerous ammunitions emits heavy smoke. From the top down, it is like spraying magma. The volcano, the landing cabin slowly opened, the huge landing hatch can accommodate ten people at the same time, and the top of the head slowly extended ten cylindrical brackets, which were covered with countless handles, and each warrior was pulled. Pulling the hand, the next moment the handle swiftly slid and slammed into the door, one by one, the warriors flew out of the hatch, pulled out a metal rope and fell down. There were countless squadrons from the sky under the frigate. After the rapid fall, he sent a handle and rushed to jump into the huge crack.

When the first ten people jumped, the blue-colored mask annihilated the red algae of a square kilometer. After three or five seconds, a new warrior detonated the supernova. In this detonation, the warrior used The fastest speed invaded, and the middle of the huge mountain peak quickly melted away in the self-destruction of the warriors. It will soon reach the core, and more warriors are rapidly descending. At this time, the kilometer is huge. The pit suddenly spewed a piece of sand, forming a blue mist that covered all the fallen warriors.

When the warrior was covered, the ice sculpture was turned into an ice sculpture. The two groups of dazzling electric **** flashed into the big pit between the electric and the flint, exploding thousands of electric snakes, burning the red algae into an aerated place, and the blackened area swelled and burst. A giant hexa-snake female with a height of several tens of meters swims out from below, and with a long tail, the snake girl is at least 100 meters long. The snake woman screams at the high-altitude Aurora and swings her hand. More than seven meters long, inlaid with a huge skull and bones pointing to the frigate, when everyone thought that the snake woman was only provocative, a red light column actually penetrated the frigate, this light beam over the more than 500 meters Zhang Xiaoqiang is very familiar, At first glance, it was the unique destructive light of the Hai people. Then the countless snakes and Klaia emerged from the tunnel. These snake girls threw the dense ice spears into the sky and let the ten standing at the gate of the landing. The warrior was instantly shot into a hedgehog.

Sudden attacks made most of them unprepared. Only Zhang Xiaoqiang felt the danger of the squeaking ice spear. Without warning, the ice spears burst together and stabbed the front row of warriors into sieves. The Aolong was tilted and slowly flew upwards. The second red light flashed from the cabin, and it was shot into the landing cabin. The seven or eight row of warriors turned into fly ash under the eyes of everyone. The red light disappeared, leaving two holes to wear, a half-legged body with only two legs left on the edge of another wind will roll a lot of paper rolls everywhere Yes, the cold wind of the cold made Zhang Xiaoqiang's heart sink straight. He turned to see that Feifei had entered the humanoid armor and picked up the shield of the sacred bone. While others looked at him, he shouted: "Chong, There is only one chance..."

The Aurora was slowly turning, and the hull had been pierced through four holes. Three of them were smoky. The previous high-intensity wars allowed the Aurora to be bottomed out. Only thunderstorm guns and laser main guns could be launched. The three laser main guns suddenly rushed out of the muzzle and shot at the area where the giant snake girl was. A crystal shield with a radius of ten meters was turned in front of the snake woman, and the blinking formed a reflection shield with numerous facets. A laser is shot on the shield, and the illusion of the illusion is refracted. It just deviates from a slight arc and hits the middle and back of the frigate. The outer layer of glazed texture melts in the laser, and the huge explosion The melted hole erupted, and countless parts fell like rain.

Only three of the three lasers received the effect, and the other one was eaten by the Dragon itself to cause a fire. Numerous crew members rushed through the alarm, and the crew members who stood there ignored the rescued person and took the fire extinguisher and threw it into the sea of ​​fire. The billowing smoke condensed above the frigate, but Zhang Xiaoqiang had already taken care of the frigate and jumped out with other people.

濯明月 suspended in the air, rolled up Zhang Xiaoqiang and Feifei meteor-like fall, waiting for them to land, countless ice spears will come up, Zhang Xiaoqiang pulled out the firebird scimitar to open, a scarlet flame at the blade The formation of a huge flamingo melts all the flying ice spears, and the next moment with a wild power slams into the middle of hundreds of Kraya. This is the first time Zhang Xiaoqiang used the firebird scimitar to increase the flame power. After strengthening, the strongest means of performance.

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