The flames began to take off, and in a moment, hundreds of Kraya were caught in the sea of ​​fire, and the red algae was cleared out of a large area. Then the moon was moved, and the little loli that had been hanged by her was crossed by a semi-arc curve. Like a heavy artillery shell, it usually falls on that area, and the five-level variegated sea otter is smashed into the middle of Craya and the snake girl. The limelight is in the air. The only thing that makes people dazzling is the shield behind her. Like a turtle shell, it usually hits the **** with running.

Zhang Xiaoqiang followed, but before he fell, the deep and long squats ringed beside him, but Delia rushed over. Zhang Xiaoqiang saw with amazement that there was a huge shadow behind Delia. The evil winged dragon of the West opened its wings, and the long scorpion turned out to be a shadow. Delia smiled at Zhang Xiaoqiang with a strange smile, raised his hand and waved it, and a small shadow quickly collided, and his eyes expanded by a million times. The formation of a huge dragon claw that controls hundreds of meters of squares is covered with countless seagulls, and then gently pinched. The sea and the red algae under them suddenly disappeared in the middle of the giant claws. The gap between the giant claws is accumulated, and the squeezing is the wreckage. Nothing can be kept intact, and the four-armed snake women are wrapped.

Zhang Xiaoqiang and Delia fell on the red algae, stepping on the rough and slippery red algae skin, but they still didn't stop in shape. A huge group of ice hockey **** flew over them like a mortar bomber across a high parabola. Many ice hockey blasted in the air and turned into crystal powder to seal the surrounding sea and red algae in the ice.

Looking at hundreds of ice hockey, Zhang Xiaoqiang wanted to turn around and retreat for the first time. A burly man screamed and rushed up. Eos was a reticent, more accustomed to talking with murderous and evil thoughts. The human dog does not call, silently uses the means to bounce back hundreds of ice hockey, and falls to the countless seas to explode and freeze the sea.

The ability of Eoss to launch exceeded the limit. The anti-shock force of hundreds of ice hockeys caused him to spurt and fly. He flashed from his side, and did not plan to pull him. He stared at countless ice spears and rushed to hundreds. Only the snake women who are not yet fully developed, the four arms of these snake women are not neat, and the means used are no different from that of Klaia. The attack of the moon staring at them rushed to the front, just at the moment when the shield was broken. Launched the mind knife storm, countless devotees smashed the sharp fangs from Australia with the five-level mutant betrayed into the middle of the snake girl, the translucent like eggshell-like shields continue to shatter, after the devout knife The teeth pierced through the gaps in their bodies. Except for a few snake-girls who wore eyebrows, other snake women were not fatal, but at this time, Yin Hong’s blood waves descended from the sky and quickly flew over these snake women.

Whether it is dead or injured, the blood on the body is like a fountain rushing into the air, and it is gathered together to dissolve into the blood waves. When the blood waves unfold, three pure white S5 zombies and two D5 flying like muscle men. When I came out and fell into the middle of Klaia, the three S5s disappeared instantly, as if three breeze flashed in the middle of Klaia, and only one of the shields did not have time to unfold the neck of Klaia, which was like a high-pressure fountain. Absolutely, and the two D5 suddenly swelled and grew into a giant of more than 20 meters high, shouting loudly to the giant snake woman, countless ice spear water lines, and the ice hockey before they fell on them, they were invisible Force the slide to open.

The type 5 zombies are the limit of the evolution of ordinary zombies. The characteristics of the S5 zombies are invisible, including high-speed cameras, and it is difficult to find them. Any one can easily destroy a gathering place of 100,000 people, and the D5 zombies are even more amazing. It doesn't have the layered superimposed scales, and its shape is almost the same as that of normal people. The only difference is their force field protection. This means that the same way as Eoss does not rebound, but it can damage most of the damage. Unloading is like an absolute barrier in science fiction.

The five zombies caused more lethality than imagined, but in another place, the same giant made a roar, but it was even taller and taller. The naked man who had been naked and glared at him was screaming at the giant snake. Go, that look like a villain who is about to **** a girl. In the corner of the battlefield, the sword is gone, from the shadow of the snake girl, and easily picking their beautiful heads, like a thief stealing his head, often He has not forgotten to remove the snake female crystal. He is not wrong. He likes a woman with big buttocks. In the Chinese revival, only Xiang Haier who is not worse than him can achieve this. standard.

Sophia voluntarily dedicate herself to the future of the British, but she is not full of **** idiots, has been wandering around the outermost edge, relying on the unpredictable stealth ability to steal the sea life, no thrilling big move, no blood The heroic, there are only a few silent sea people, there is also a person hiding in the edge, the handsome temple of the Son is like an elegant gentleman walking in the garden, wherever he is, a beautiful and enchanting Clara sucked the corpse in the tentacle that spread over him, enjoying the mellowness of the blood of the sea people. The cheeks of the Son appeared a different kind of red, just like drinking the wine of the aged, and the body that fell on the ground quickly stood again. It is like a zombie mad like other seas rushing past, his individual combat power is equivalent to an army, no wonder the whole South America only needs him to control.

In addition to the fights of the evolutionists, the remaining warriors also descended into the middle of the sea. Although they were killed every time they appeared, they could always detonate the miniature supernova bombs on them. The destruction of the diameter of the destruction in the range of 300 meters Weapons are like alternatives to destroy red light. No one can be spared. On the battlefield of several kilometers, **** killings are everywhere. Laser main guns and plasma cannonballs are no longer aimed at giant snake women. In the middle of the sea, hundreds of thousands of seas are evaporated.

A ruined red light was fired from the snake girl's scepter. In the middle of a D5's eyebrow, the force field shield that could block all kinds of damage was instantly pierced, half of the head disappeared under the light, and the huge body stood in the original. The next moment was become a hedgehog by thousands of ice spears. When the zombie fell slowly, the most insane counterattack of the sea came. Hundreds of four-armed snakes lined up in neat formations and sprayed together. Out of the crystal sand, like a tsunami, it rises to a height of tens of meters, and it floods over the battlefield. Numerous Klaia is frozen into ice sculptures in various poses, and dozens of blood on the neck are also finely formed. Like the three-dimensional ice crystals of the fountain, in the middle of these Kraya, a S5 that is turning is also frozen.

The next moment, the red light flashed again, and the blood wave of the blood phoenix was pierced in one fell swoop. Countless blood vapor evaporated instantly. Although it did not hurt the blood phoenix, the blood wave that surrounded him was disappeared by one tenth. The blood phoenix is ​​no longer In the past, the timid and fearful guy, after the death of Xiang Yuer, his life became empty and boring. The simple blood phoenix is ​​more pure than the human feelings, so the blood phoenix is ​​spelling out the plans of the days, opening the **** doubles. Wings, splitting the blood of the sky into thousands of crystal clear spears, the wings are fierce, and countless blood crystals instantly become guided missile-like things twisting various lines, dodging ice spears to the sea The family flew away.

A **** raindrop seems to fall in the middle of the sea, and each of them is completely destroyed like a real missile. The area of ​​a dozen meters is completely destroyed. Looking at it, countless layers of blasted blood crystals are stacked. I couldn't find a little gap. The battlefield situation was reversed by the blood phoenix at this moment. At this moment, a high dragon squirted hundreds of meters of white flame from the shadow behind Delia. The whole place is burnt into white ash. If the flame is spiritual, it does not disappear because it is broken. Instead, it is rolled on the surface layer of the red algae, and more sea people are caught in the flame and burnt into white ash. Zhang Xiaoqiang was keenly aware that this layer of flame has a better effect on living things than on dead objects. Many red algae that have been rolled by flames are fine, but the seas are all turned into dust.

This ability should have made the evolutionist feel badly hurt, like Eos, who is blue-faced, and Delia has nothing to do, just like just playing a nephew, but the tiny one on her finger. The lizard was languid, and Zhang Xiaoqiang listed Delia as an extremely dangerous species. He took out the flamingo scimitar and rushed forward. In front of him, Yan Mingyue threw a blood color back in the air, three six arms. The snake girl is chasing her.

Just as Zhang Xiaoqiang waved a serrated knife and prepared to rush to melee, a shadow giant claw suddenly appeared at his waist, and Zhang Xiaoqiang also flew back. Just at the moment of leaving, a red light slammed Zhang Xiaoqiang’s toes, Zhang Xiaoqiang No gratitude, just yelling in my heart, he is not stupid. Compared, there is no way for others to red light. Is there still no way for him?

"Don't thank me..." A clear smile, Delia rushed past Zhang Xiaoqiang's side to leave a screaming scream, Eoss followed behind, sweeping Zhang Xiaoqiang's eyes with disdain, making Zhang Xiaoqiang Jumping up and glaring over there, suddenly heard a mourning, the giant snake woman tens of meters high was torn off by the strong arm, the broken part of the wound spurted the blood of the spring, the strong bite of the broken hand The arm, screaming with enthusiasm, the blood phoenix also came over there, sucking the blood of the snake girl into the sky, stunned in the sky, and the snakewoman swayed with long hair in the mourning, revealing the weird ornament like the third eye. , spurting out the invisible spirit of the thorns into the strong brain.

Wanqiang threw the broken arm and rolled it over the red algae. The snake woman took the machine and sealed the wound with ice. When she raised her hand, she shot a red beam and rushed to the blood phoenix. The speed of light was a few moments, and it was instantly turned to the chest of the blood phoenix. Was covered, blood phoenix suddenly split, turned into blood and splashed around, leaving the body to be annihilated by red light, not waiting for the strong re-coagulation, strange strange scimitar flashed from the snake's neck, snake woman's head A hundred meters away, dozens of Klaia's silver lines were slashed and broken. The successively fallen Klaya stood in the middle of the Philippine with a huge head. The Philippine cockroach was only three meters. Left and right, the snake woman’s head is more than two meters high, and the two relative ratios are extremely contradictory. The sea otter scimitar will open the snake’s head and take out the fist-sized snake female crystal into the backpack behind him. The roots touched the hand and sucked the material of the snake's head. Yu Fei held two giant knives and carried a thick turtle shell to Zhang Xiaoqiang.

Zhang Xiaoqiang rushed in the middle of Clara. Every time the sawtooth scimitar flashed, there was a Clara who was smashed under the knife. In his three-dimensional vision, the snakes and Kraja's barriers built countless hidden triangles. The fragility of the barrier, if the power is sufficient, can be easily broken, and the promotion will make him aware of the weakness. In the eyes of ordinary people, his big knife is very sharp, and there seems to be nothing to stop.

The giant Klaia fell slowly under the siege of the crowd. The laser main gun of the Dragon was once again running through the gap that was previously blasted. The meteorite was just below the gap. They were only the last step from the final victory. This blow is like exploding the anger of the meteorite. The battlefields of the people and the sea people suddenly squirted millions of white gas up to tens of meters. These white gas spread throughout the red algae peak, almost no dead corner, spurting out White gas condenses in the air and the egg-sized crystals fall. Under the red algae, the sea is tumbling. When the sea meets these crystals, it is like pure water falling into the saltpeter and spurting more white gas. A thick layer of ice is formed.

A layer of ice will turn hundreds of meters into a world of ice and snow. No matter the surging sea water, the red algae fragments that have been smashed, including the seas and humans of the previous battles, are covered by this snow and ice, and Hawaii is like an instant. It became the third pole of the earth. Suddenly, everything was still. Only the Aurora above the sky was carrying heavy black smoke, like a cigar that was lit.

"Doing..., what kind of plane?" The peak looked at the world of whiteness, and the self-speaking words were sluggish. The battlefields before could not be seen. There are countless ice sculptures standing there, and it is impossible to tell which one is human and which one is the sea. The family, even the frost that the snake woman can freeze, can be called indiscriminate killing. All the crew members are at a loss, but the crew in the organic room and repairing the tube damage did not notice the changes under the sky.

"Let me go down, let me go, I have to ride the **** to find my husband..." Yang Keer rushed into the bridge like a crazy female leopard, and when she saw the peak, she shouted excitedly, then walked in from the outside and looked pale. The embarrassment, although her wounds are still not good, but the firmness in the eyes is beyond doubt, dangerously staring at the peak, if it does not agree, maybe she will pick up the peak brain.

Two girls appeared, let the peak rush out of sweat, he did not know how to send two gimmicks, if not sure Zhang Xiaoqiang's life and death, he ordered the return of the mind has been, at this time, the crew under the surveillance shouted Road: "Look, look at it..."

Everyone in the heart was happy, thinking that there was a new change. When their eyes shifted to the big screen, they suddenly slumped. Numerous Kraya and snake women got out of the red algae. The number of these Kraya was higher than before. More, there is no limit to the formation of the ocean, at least 30,000, and the number of snake women is also quite large, not counting the number of frozen people before reaching a thousand or so, the six-armed snake female is hundreds, and the giant snake female is also nine The giant snakes each hold a variety of bones and other weapons, the peak of the heart has cooled down, then they see a lot of snake women with a variety of bones to piece together a length of more than 100 meters, like a cannon Like the large bones, in the numerous pilgrimages of the Klaa, a bathtub-sized meteorite smashed into the rifle. When all this was ready, all the evolutionists who stayed in the Aurora felt extremely Danger.

Yang Keer refused to continue to make noises, rushed to the bridge, grabbed the position of the helmsman, and quickly swept his fingertips on the operating platform. The next moment, the Aurora suddenly traversed, causing many people to almost fly, just in the moment of movement. The red light column of several meters in diameter passed through several kilometers and stabbed the place where the proud dragon was.

The destructive red light from the snake female scepter was only the thickness of the duck egg, but it has caused great damage to the dragon. If it is caused by the red light of the diameter of several meters, I am afraid that the dragon will be swept into the dust of history. Yang Keer has a cold face, and his lips are still in his hands. The movements in his hands are still non-stop. The rising dragon is suddenly rolling up, and he passes by the ruined light column in the next second. It is like a knife in three or five consecutive rounds. The Aolong, who danced on the tip, finally broke away from the shadow of death and climbed to the height above 10,000 meters. When he arrived here, Yang Keer turned and walked away, leaving the peaks stunned. He then understood why Zhang Xiaoqiang was alone. Let Yang Keer inherit the Huaxia revival, only because she only has this ability to break free from the danger of being dead again. In peacetime, Yang Keer’s ability may be somewhat tasteless, but during the war, Yang Keer’s Ability is the only hope.

The proud dragon floated above the sky, and soon the goddess of dawn also arrived there. Three of the mother ships belonging to the new era released the last batch, and hundreds of investigative delta wings searched down, whether it was the New Age or the Aurora. I don't want to give up like this. More than a hundred delta wings can only hover above the height of a kilometer. Numerous ice spears are constantly coming from the sky, and there are also red lights flashing. A triangle wing is destroyed. Under the light beam, there is no plane. Can escape this ruining red light.

Just as the two sides stalemate, the frozen sea surface has changed, and the huge vibrations came from the bottom of the sea. The vibration of the earth's crust plate will not be frozen, and the released energy will crush the thick ice layer, and the bricks will be like ice. The layer is squeezed up, and a piece of mirror-like ice layer is under the action of giant force. It collides with the surrounding ice like a cow. It has a collapse and a crack. The fountain-like water column is ejected from the crack, sandwiching a large number of Red algae debris and sea corpses, occasionally see the wreckage of the B2 bomber.

In the end, countless ice layers shattered at the same time, squeezing out thousands of fountains, the ice layer was re-submerged by seawater, and the ice-covered red algae peaks also squeezed up and down under the squeezing of numerous cracked ice layers. Countless Klaia It fell into the crack below a few hundred meters, and the ice that was stirred was rubbed red. When the maximum force came, the giant red algae that grew for several kilometers were slowly lifted. In the movement of the ice layer, slowly arching upwards, both ends are laminated under the ice, and under the force of the sky, slowly deform upwards, the sea seems to be transformed into Poseidon, which is extremely magnificent. The red algae slowly bends. Eventually, in the roar of numerous ice layers, the biggest loud noise in history is revealed. Even the high altitude above 10,000 meters can be heard faintly. The iced red algae in the previous The huge gap in the blast was broken. The huge seas were slammed into the sky by the huge anti-shock force, and fell like rain. Most of them fell to the red algae and fell into the ice under the kilometer. The ice layer wrapped with red algae also shattered and scattered thousands of pieces.

When the repressed force was released, everything tended to be dull. Only the broken red algae floated on the ice. Suddenly, the cheers rang through the bridge and squinted at the display. Zhang Xiaoqiang, who looked at the innumerable crushed ice, his eyes were blurred. At this moment, she especially wanted to rush to Zhang Xiaoqiang and throw it into his arms, but she knew that Zhang Xiaoqiang’s battle was not over yet. The mind continues to wait, just as the wife is waiting for the husband on the journey.

I have been hurt and forgot some things. At this moment, she thinks about everything. In her heart, the only relatives are Zhang Xiaoqiang. She is lonely and lonely. She is also afraid. She puts her own. The face is dirty, not worried about others sneak into the beauty, but afraid, afraid that Xu Mengzhu will eat her, Xu Mengzhu was the most hungry, once had the idea of ​​eating cockroaches, leaving a psychological shadow, In the first days, I always regretted after I fell asleep, saying that I should not eat the confession of confession, so that I feel creepy, but Xu Mengzhu is her only relative, so she can only live with Xu Mengzhu.

I like guns, like knives, and like to live in the field. She also likes to fly because she is afraid, wants a sense of security, and wants to escape subconsciously. Since she contacted Zhang Xiaoqiang, this fear has slowly disappeared. However, the scars in my heart can't disappear. When she was injured, she selectively forgot this terrible nightmare. Later, Xu Mengzhu had peas sugar as a substitute for cockroaches. It was just a sad but not hostile pea candy. Or because her heart always has a vague shadow, this time she was seriously injured, and when she was dying, all things were remembered by her, which made her even more inseparable from Zhang Xiaoqiang, who could not do without anyone.

Zhang Xiaoqiang did not suffer too much damage, and the ice was suddenly, but he was particularly resistant to the ice. He still had to thank Qi Mingyue for arbitrarily stuffing the gel of the five-level mutant beg to him. There is a colloidal body of Shanghai's five-level mutant beast. Although he can't spit on the ice, the ice can't hurt him. He is not far from him. A woman, Zhang Xiaoqiang looks at the shattered into two halves. Sophia’s heart was awkward. He used to hate this woman before, but Sophia could come when he needed the most help. The mustard in his heart had already disappeared. If he could survive, he would personally invite Sophia and all the British to Russia. The Chinese renaissance may not be necessary. Can't tolerate them.

Yu Mingyue floated in the air and looked pale. If she had obtained the nucleus of dozens of five-level mutant beasts in Australia, maybe she was already dead, and the mental barrier could only be improved once she was able to save herself. Her situation is not serious. But the blood phoenix will not be formed. The blood phoenix has lost the blood of the body and suffered the most damage. Although it can float in the air, it has already dried up. It is different from Flanders. Without his own soul, he needs help. The human soul perfects itself, only the human body can accommodate him, but now...

Wanqiang slammed up and swayed the ice scum on his body. Beside him, the D5 zombies were slowly crawling up. The damage suffered by Wanqiang was not small, and the blood loss was serious. He grabbed the D5 around him and smashed it weak. At that time, he suddenly smashed his skull and sneaked in his brain, and then he felt that he had returned to the power of the peak.

Delia rubbed her face with the little lizard on her finger and looked up at Eos holding her in her arms. Eos’ face was abnormally purple, and her breathing was fairly stable, if not He, Delia can not have nothing at all, in the distance, Fei Fei suddenly kicked a black shadow, very disgusted to tear the tentacle wrapped around her.

When the rolling figure stopped at Delia's feet, Eos rushed forward and grabbed the man's neck while wrapping him in a position. Any attack would return to the guy's own body, but It was the Son of the mouth with the blood of the mouth, and the handsome son's face showed a gray color, looking at Euse and Delia behind him, and said with a hard voice:

"I was fooled. This is a trap. The old man is afraid that I will eat him. Only then will I come to the Virgin to swallow, but he did not say that the gap between me and the saint is like a mouse and a cat. Is it the end of my life to eat cats?"

Delia only saw that the chest of the Son is transparent. The hole in the front and the back pierced it, but the heart disappeared. Even if it is a heterogeneous variant, it is impossible to live without a heart. It was a miracle, and I couldn’t help but look at Feifei, but I saw that Feifei rushed to Zhang Xiaoqiang’s side, just like a bag, put Zhang Xiaoqiang on his shoulder, and Zhang Xiaoqiang waved his sickle to continue killing.

Delia was attacked by the Son and let the Son retreat. If there was no accident, I believe that no one in the whole world can subdue him. I did not expect that the variant of the stranger would easily take the heart of the Son and let Dili Ya is also more jealous of Zhang Xiaoqiang, and seeing Zhang Xiaoqiang's appearance, obviously did not suffer any harm, it can be seen that the rich heritage, Yan Mingyue and blood phoenix are not too big, even do not know where to come out from the sword Alive, perhaps the only unlucky one is Sofia in the UK.

Through this unexpected attack, several evolutionists in China are not surprised, and if she is not sheltered by Eos, she may end up with Sophia, let Delia put away the arrogance, officially Putting other evolutionists at the height of their own peers, the sword is full of sorrow, almost let him have no life, if he can use the shadows to shuttle, maybe this time planted, but anyway, he is One of the best people in the field, quickly picked up confidence and rushed again.

At this time, the blood phoenix found a strong, compared to the **** phoenix, Wan Qiang is much better, frowning at the erratic blood phoenix, can not figure out what the other party wants to engage in, when the military is tightly guarded, The blood of the flying hesitant, and rushed over to Wanqiang, and the strong screams, sending out a sharp high-frequency roar, shattering all the barriers of Klaia within a kilometer radius, and continued to shatter their Body.

Blood Phoenix is ​​immune to high-frequency sounds. It rushes to the front of Wanqiang and communicates with the spirit: "Now you can eat me and evolve into the king of zombies, as long as you promise, destroy the entire sea..."

The boxing wind stopped in front of the blood phoenix, and the eyes of the strong scarlet were inexplicable. The blood phoenix said: "I voluntarily let you swallow, will not repent, and then I have no power to resist, but you have to promise my conditions, as long as You help me to destroy the sea..."

Wanqiang’s brain is spinning fast, and the blood phoenix is ​​weak. He also sees it. From the time of contact, the blood phoenix has no human blackmail, and then the instinct to swallow and be swallowed is a zombie, unless one can overwhelm the other. Otherwise, it is impossible to be swallowed up by others, so there is no first trap to swallow the blood phoenix. Immediately sit down and make a decision: "Good..."

Blood Phoenix and Wanqiang are integrated. When Wanqiang completely absorbed the blood phoenix, it always felt that something was wrong. It seems that there are some other substances in the blood of the blood phoenix, but he was quickly transferred to the target by the dramatic changes of the body. At this moment, Wanqiang is climbing to a higher peak. The power from the blood makes every cell in his body full of explosive energy, and he can control every part of his body, and even the senses become sharp. Incomparably, as if the whole world is in the hands, this feeling has never been seen before. He used to think that he was strong enough. Now he knows that it is sitting in the sky. The uncontrolled power is not his own strength, but now...

There was no sound, but no sound was emitted. The high-frequency sound no longer spread into the air. It turned into an invisible arrow and shot at a six-armed snake woman. The snake’s barrier was intact, but the snake’s head was The whole burst, the next moment, the sturdy figure disappeared, and suddenly appeared on the side of a six-armed snake girl hundreds of meters away. The snake girl’s appearance was still intact, and his appearance was within the barrier. That is to say, the barrier will cover him too, the snake girl was shocked by this change, Wan Qiang gently raised his hand, the snake woman's neck was automatically sent to his hand, the five fingers forced, the snake girl will not move anymore The mouth of the snake bites the neck of the snake girl, and the sweet and mellow blood flows into the mouth. This kind of blood has an indescribable refreshing taste. There is no slight smell of the mutant beast, just like a snow lotus, it is exudes cold and sweet, let him The soul must fly Then he wakes up, because the snake girl has become a dry body.

Throw away the corpse, and the strong attention is placed on the other snake woman. I saw a giant snake woman raise the scepter in her hand and fired a red light to shoot him. He seems to be standing still, red. The light just shot through his afterimage. The next moment the scepter fell into the hands of Wanqiang. He stood on the shoulder of the snake woman and watched the life and death of other people. Only when he became the king of zombies can he understand it. The artistic conception of the Lord of the World, he can feel that he is God, the God of omnipotence, his mind is the idea of ​​the world, as long as he thinks, he can do it.

Wanqiang disappeared on the shoulder of the snake woman. The whole snake’s head collapsed like a broken plaster. After dropping the crystal, there was no trace. The blood spring sprayed on the short neck was more than ten meters high. In the air, the dragons were gathered together, twisted and circling into the big mouth of the strong, and then his hands appeared a pair of blood spears several meters long. The spear disappeared at the moment of emergence, and suddenly appeared in two giant snakes. The heart of the woman.

Two giant snake females fell on the red algae. The strong and screaming, the back gave birth to two pairs of scarlet wings. These wings and blood phoenixes are all composed of blood, but they are more bloody. The wings are more delicate, and the flowing blood vividly outlines the shape of each feather. When the wind blows, the feathers can flutter with the wind.

Suspension and the strongness of the air have been paid attention to by many snake women and Kraja. They have destroyed the red light and countless ice spear water lines, and the ice hockey has covered them in the past, but this time Wanqiang did not evade. The air in front of him suddenly twisted and deformed, and all the attacks were swallowed. When the last ice hockey disappeared in the deformed air, the air at the most dense center of the sea began to distort and then was completely fried. Open, a path of destruction of light and ice spear ice hockey.

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