"Flander, I haven't seen you for a long time." In the splendid cabin, Elson's greetings were heard. Flander spit out the scarlet snake letter and looked around in amazement, but he was not afraid in his heart. He was not dead, so he was not worried. One of the four arms picked up the eccentric object placed on the table and asked: "Chinese? Genesis?"

"Hah, it seems that after you become a woman, even the memory will not work. Have you forgotten the secret of your own death from whom?"

"Elsen? You are not dead..." Flander screamed, chilling, and frozen the two puppet-like girls into ice sculptures. The coldness of the ice sculptures was more than the chill of the interior of the cabin. The layer of crystal frost gives a subtle crispness and white frost on the golden ornament. Soon all the variegated colors are replaced by a unified white. The whole body is white and the Flemish is almost integrated into the cabin.

"Yes, I am not dead, you will not die, how can I say that my ability is also from you..." Flander then smiled, and the glamorous face smiled like a splendid, snow and ice The world has a crystal clear purity to the beauty.

"You are still a **** as always. Is life so cheap in your eyes?" Two innocent girls were frozen into ice sculptures, Elson was a little angry, and Flander moved the snake tail to the ice sculpture and stroked it. The girl’s cheeks smirked and shook her head and said, “When we have an undead body, we should not count as human beings. Except for God, I can’t think of any name to call myself...”

"Forget it, I am really looking for trouble, and what can you say..." Elson’s self-deprecating whisper made Flander’s pores comfortable, and it’s great to have an undead body as a card. He can play any guy who is hostile to himself and applaud.

"Elsen, humans have no hope, you still add me to me, I believe that our cooperation can rule the whole world, and this is just the beginning, maybe one day, we will become the eternal will over the stars... ""

Flander did not care about Elson once had concealed himself. Without Elson's calculations, he could not find the secret of immortality. He felt that his generosity should make Elson grateful, the joy of one's success. It's not as good as showing off with others, so he really wants to accept Elson.

"Do you add that kind of unpalatable fruit? I have been thinking, are you used to sanitary napkins now? Maybe you should go to Thailand before the end of the world, so that you can adapt to being a woman as soon as possible." Sen's sharp ridicule made Flander's face look ugly, but soon he calmed the anger in his heart, thinking that a person does not have to care too much with an ant, guessing Elson's intentions, then he I smiled.

"You came to stop me? Stop my plane from going to Hawaii? Are you afraid that I will detonate the nuclear bomb to destroy humanity? Maybe you are now parasitic about human beings, ha, I should have thought of it..., the heroes in the story are doing this. Do you think that a child who likes to read comics is a hero?"

Flanders thought that Elson’s intentions were calm, and it was decided that Elson’s ridicule would also detonate the nuclear bomb to let humanity perish, and Elson became a woman. Of course, he would let Elson parasitize in carat. Ya, always suppressed by him.

"It’s really a headache for you to say so much nonsense. Fortunately, you have already prepared it. You said it is good. I want to be a hero. The fate of a hero is the demon that kills the dead. Flanders, you are ready to accept. Is it sealed?” Elson’s tone was no longer rigid and vivid, and Flanders didn’t react the first time, but he knew that the situation was not right, and he even pressed a starter in his hand. As long as the starter signals, all nuclear bombs will be detonated, whether they are flying in the sky, falling into the sea, or staying on both sides of the runway, and he will resurrect in the Hawaiian waters.

"Elson, what do you want to do..." Flander pretends to exclaim, his eyes flashing, the body ready to meet him is damaged, knowing that the plane is tremble, a layer of frost begins to shatter, before freezing The frost of the occlusion window also fell to reveal the darkness of the outside world, as if it was already dark, but Flanders knew that it was still outside during the three minutes.

"There is not much movement, just wrapping your plane with a layer of lead. Fortunately, the plane on the plane is lead besides the nuclear bomb, otherwise I really don't know how to seal you..."

"For... why is the nuclear bomb not starting? Is it true that you..." Flander panicked, his hand in a grip, like a cone of signal transmitters pressed again and again, but did not usher in a nuclear bomb explosion The roar, but like a snake, twisted and trembled, he dared to swear, this thing is definitely not like this. Elson’s tired voice rang again: “Forgot to tell you, in fact, my ability is digital, all electronic components are under my control. If the things in your hand are command flags, or big speakers, I may I can't do anything, but as long as there are components and batteries, I can make it a self-contained device. I think, in the seals of countless years, you will love this toy..."

"What the **** are you doing..." More and more, I felt more and more wrong. Flander sent out hundreds of ice spears to puncture the cabin, but saw thick ferrous metal wrapping him and inlaying between them. With a dense nuclear warhead, the nuclear warhead of the removed protective device was also released from the explosive device. Even if Flander used the gums, he would not want to detonate the nuclear bomb again. Without the protective device, the nuclear bomb’s uranium ball emits a lot of radiation, letting Flanders The body of the snake woman is weak and weak, although it is not fatal, it will never feel good.

"Actually, you are no longer in the air. The 427 planes you brought from the United States have changed structure and formed a seal cage. If you can stand outside, you will see a huge steel ball sinking at eight kilometers. Under the sea, I know that you are not dead, even if you kill you will find a new host, so I constructed this thing with lead plates and nuclear materials, in which you will be weak, but will not be Death, at least for a hundred years, maybe two hundred years, by that time, your spirit and soul will be in a state of extreme weakness, even if the body is dead, you may not be able to find the host through this layer of radiation-filled cells, so, You have to cherish the toys in your hands. Maybe your 100-year pastime is the need to solve your physiology... Well, I want to disappear, I will use the last consciousness to blend in this cage, let the fate between us do A perfect ending..."

Elson has been weak to the limit, and the last words are immersed in silence, letting Flander scream in fear, constantly communicating with Meteorite that the sea can send a high-ranking snake woman to demolish his cage, but his Consciousness is always distorted in all kinds of radiation. Even if there is no nuclear bomb, the lead plate will be reflected back. Repeated trials and times will not find a solution. From the first day of the resurrection of Flanders, Elson will Like a viper spying on him in the dark, analyzing his every move, even his physical rejection is Ellen's ghost. The world knows him best is not himself, not a rock, nor a butterfly queen or the US government. But with his entangled Elson.

From China, devour three digital lives, and over the Pacific Ocean, changing hundreds of aircraft into cages to seal Flanders, Elson only took ten minutes, ten minutes to make the largest nuclear bomb formation ever. Forever disappearing into the sea, there is also a short-lived Elson, although I don’t know why the son-in-law is left alone, but the accidental life that may have caused a variable in this broken world has disappeared. Maybe Elson is the most Pure human beings, even if he becomes a digital life of data construction, so there is a sneak peek at the Philippine Philippine, which has a subtle influence on the world, but at the most dangerous moment of mankind, he exchanges his own opportunity for mankind. .

Zhang Xiaoqiang did not know that the younger brother who had been looking for the door was willing to enter the darkness for the pure idea. Delia did not think that Flander, who caused a devastating disaster to the United States, was blocked by a little-known little person in the sea. They are all flipping, and with the rusting of the Aurora frigate, Zhang Xiaoqiang is a little better. Delia around him clenches his arm and screams louder, making Zhang Xiaoqiang very helpless. He feels that Mingyue’s eyes contain The murderous, of course, this is not the key, the key is why there is no fear in Delia's scream, and some are just the thrills and pleasures of riding a roller coaster.

If you can choose, Zhang Xiaoqiang will not have anything to do with Delia, but Delia's little hand is like a dragon's claw, just like welding on Zhang Xiaoqiang, and he can't get rid of it a few times. Whenever he wants When it is mandatory to open Delia's fingers, I can always feel another danger beyond the sight of Eos. This danger is from Delia, but there is no smell like Delia, as if The eternal ghosts who are attached to Delia.

If you change to the No. 1 frigate, you may have been split in the collision, but the only thing worthy of praise is the defense of the outer shell. The picture on the display is also in the flip of the picture, but Zhang Xiaoqiang can get from that thousand. In the one-second jump, you can see the mutated big bird. All the mutated seabirds are crazy. The eclipse is like the sacral bone wrapped between their bone marrow. A mutant seabird that only hurts to go crazy is in the air. Mutual bites are involved in the scuffle, and the center of the melee is the Aurora. More and more big birds are falling in this fight, dragging down the thick green smoke, and the green smoke is burning everywhere. The algae inflated and invaded, and more and more red algae and seas were involved in the corrosion of the source.

When there is only one third-class seabird in the sky that is eroding a green liquid, the tormented Aurora is also born. When slowly adjusting the direction and position, Hundreds of Tianyan, PL10, PL11 air-to-air missiles rushed to the five-level mutant seabirds, and the red clouds were blooming in the green dense fog. Hundreds of air-to-air missiles almost mutated seabirds from beginning to end. Covered, when all the fireballs are connected together, the five-level mutant seabirds wrapped by the eclipse are like volcanoes erupting in the air, burning ragingly, water can replace the source of erosion, but the flame can't, the flame will extract the source of the erosion. Concentration, accelerating the erosion of the source of erosion, the giant seabirds like the Peng Peng finally could not hold on, the broken wings, the viscera spread, and the splashing green juice dispersed in the air, slowly falling.

At this time, Delia grabbed Zhang Xiaoqiang's arm and gnashed her teeth and said: "What conditions can give us the shell of the Dragon, I believe that you have more than one..." A serious girl is like a hungry kitten who sees food. Zhang Xiaoqiang can feel the squeaking of her little teeth, but besides that, he can feel the little tricks in Delia's mind. No matter how traded, he can't take any advantage. Wang Le is a good teacher. The peasant-like singer gave a fascinating course to the arrogant Westerners, and Delia was born with the talent to carry it forward.

"Today's sun is really round...well, let's get ready, we may have to do it, wait for us to come back and say..." Zhang Xiaoqiang said to him, hate the denia silver teeth itching, the little claws are more Hardly grasping Zhang Xiaoqiang, there is a tendency for Zhang Xiaoqiang not to let go, Zhang Xiaoqiang brows slightly, and some seriously said: "I know that you have a good impression on me, but I already have five wives, we are impossible. And the big man behind you will be heartbroken..."

Even if Delia is too wise to be close to the demon, she is still a little girl who is open to the sinus. She is shy and her cheeks are red. She slams Zhang Xiaoqiang’s arm openly. Zhang Xiaoqiang’s licking and licking his arms and licking his arms to smile, 濯明月眼Like the eyes in the sky, I don’t want to see Zhang Xiaoqiang and other women flirting with each other. Others have sat up straight and didn’t dare to unfasten their seat belts. Only the Philippine Philippine who squatted in the corner gave a satisfactory sigh. The hollowed out plastic bag was thrown onto the deck, and some fried peas were picked up from the small bag behind him. They ate and ate, but did not notice that there was always a pile of pure and indifferent eyes watching her. ....

The frigate got rid of the most dangerous moments, and it fell to the treacherous three-kilometre low altitude. Below it was the devastated red algae. The peak heard that Flanders’ planes all disappeared behind the Pacific Ocean, and the whole person was soft to the seat. He was most worried. It was Flander, and Flemish disappeared as much as he appeared. Although it was strange, it was the best news for the Aurora.

The number of sky dancers who have come around has reached more than 5,000. It is no danger to the Aurora. Except for the continued launch of the guns and cannons, they will no longer pay attention to these dangerous sky dancers. When a piece of incendiary bomb and eclipse bomb was dropped from the Aurora, thousands of sky dancers came together to break through the short-range laser protection, and the big tail with a dart-like body was chiseled down to the outer shell. The members are staring at the moment of coming close, and countless dragon-like arcs shine on the frigate. This is the second form of attack by thunderstorm guns. Unlike the thunderstorm rifle firing arc, the arc of the thunderstorm gun acts on On its own, it instantly puts millions of volts of high voltage on the outer casing, and turns countless sky dancers into coke. Only the Aolong can do this. The excellent outer casing material is constantly strong and abnormal, and the excellent resistance is the last. The defense system, without a dead end from beginning to end, eventually turned countless sky dancers into coke and scattered in the air.

Once and for all, the arc launches, emptying the sky dancers gathered together, and the loss of the sun bamboo is also high and scary. When the crew desperately connected the high-efficiency battery to the energy circuit, more than 2,000 sky dancers were killed. Zhang Xiaoqiang and others are already making final preparations. They will sneak into the water and blow up the meteorites. Eight hundred warriors and twelve underwater torpedo launch systems are in place. Everyone is serious about checking the equipment.

The red algae below have formed a sea of ​​tens of kilometers, and when they determined that the defense above the sea surface had been lifted, the red algae on the sea suddenly moved. At this time, Xiang Haier sent a warning from the bridge. Haier is one of the cards that Zhang Xiaoqiang left for Yang Keer. He is going to let Yang Keer continue to provide Xiang Haier with the snake girl crystal that needs evolution. Man made a top-class sea people and let mankind fight the final war with the sea people. More than a few variables.

Now Xianghaier warned him that after losing a lot of air power, the meteorite couldn’t help it anymore, and the counterattack was not initiated from the sea, and the meteorite was ready to be hands-on. When Zhang Xiaoqiang warned the peak, the red algae had The movements, the tens of thousands of miles of red algae are shaking like an earthquake, countless red algae trees are broken, the center of the bombing rises out of the huge hills, and the hills are still bulging upwards, slowly forming a mountain.

Numerous sea people fell from the hills and were strung together by the red algae trees along the way. Sudden changes interrupted the attacking rhythm of the Aurora. Three dazzling lasers pierced the hills like a sword. In the high temperature, the red algae began to burn, but then it was extinguished by the waves of water from the waves. The whole red algae gathered at the center. Occasionally, the broken red algae roots had to fall from the gap of the mountain. Yang Keer shouted to Zhang Xiaoqiang: "Where, the meteorite is in the mountain bag, hiding in the innermost..."

Zhang Xiaoqiang didn't know whether he should cry or laugh. The meteorite himself smashed out, but wrapped it in a thick shell. The incendiary bombs blasted and burned on the mountain bag again and again, igniting the whole mountain bag, and then there was Ying The blue crystal sand was sprayed from the mountain bag, and all the flames were extinguished. Soon the huge mountain bag bulged the height of the kilometer. This process was quite short, just like a mountain peak rising out of the air.

Just as the Aurora had to take off and prepare to continue the attack, thousands of long black whipes that had been several kilometers long were pulled out of the mountain bag and pulled over to the Aurora, and they could not hide. I was soaked out and flew out. Fortunately, I was flying out. Otherwise, we had to make a roller coaster. Every long whip was tough. It was between the waves, with the strength of scratching the sky, 100 mm guns. Shooting, dozens of long whip blows, but more long whip still waving to the frigate.

The frigate shell is tough and unparalleled, but under the impact of sky dancers and mutant seabirds, there have been signs of breakage and have to be lifted off. When the frigate climbs to the height of 10,000 meters, the red algae peak has grown to five or six thousand. The height of the rice is like the Everest on the sea, and this height is still being added. Maybe it will eventually break through 10,000 meters. It can be seen with the naked eye that thousands of sea people fall from the gap when the red algae rises, from thousands. The height of the rice is muddy on the raging sea. The height of the red algae above the sea is more than 6,000 meters. The depth below the sea is not lower than the height above the sea. I don’t know the use of the meteorite. What means to integrate tens of thousands of kilometers of red algae.

Zhang Xiaoqiang does not worry that red algae will grow to a height of tens of thousands of meters. I believe that gravity will not support the growth of red algae to such a degree, but in the process of heightening, the mountain is getting thicker and thicker, and countless red algae form a huge The protective shell encloses the meteorite tightly in the core. Here, the Aurora needs to penetrate the outer shell formed by tens of thousands of kilometers of red algae to get close to the meteorite, which is more desperate than destroying the red algae under water.

The number of dark long whip is increasing and getting denser. The frigate can only be raised under the eviction of the long whip. Even the sky dancers who have come back from all over the place have suffered innocent disasters. The column-like whip is split into bolognese, and the meteorite is absolutely selfish. In the view of the meteorite, all the seas are its derivatives, which is not worth mentioning compared with itself, and it does not care for accidental injuries. In this way, the frigate was not hit hard, and the sky dancers who came over to the Savior spilled a field of chicken feathers and fell.

"What to do, what to do, what should I do? If Huang Tingwei is in command, what will he do?" The peak is completely dizzy. He feels that he will not make another order except for the order to climb. Zhang Xiaoqiang and A group of top evolutionists are waiting for him to open the situation, but he is at a loss, the two sides seem to be in a deadlock, only Delia squinted at the red algae and said to Zhang Xiaoqiang: "You said, will that thing? Because your weight crushes the earth's crust and falls into the magma?"

Zhang Xiaoqiang touched his chin and thought about it for a while. He said: "There was a submarine volcano in the Hawaiian waters. I don't know how to use this method to suppress all the volcanoes. But the growth of red algae requires a lot of seabed material. Maybe the earth's crust has long been Did the red algae eat?"

"Maybe we don't have to do anything, wait for it to give ourselves a slap in the face?" Delia suddenly smiled, showing a bad expression, and sticking to the peak of her mountain that was not commensurate with her age, let Zhang Xiaoqiang’s eyes were unconsciously attracted, and then pretended to be serious under the murderous eyes of Eos and Yu Mingyue.

"No, we have to force it to be thick enough for the shells. It just happens that the Dragon is preparing a lot of things. I don't want to bring it back. It's cheaper...."

Zhang Xiaoqiang did not want to make the meteorite better. So far, he found that the lost seas were mostly ordinary sea people below Klaia, and Klaia was rare. The snake girl above Klaia did not even have one. Hidden, if you can't force these higher seas, I am afraid that the final action may be defeated.

In the Pacific Ocean, countless sea people are heading for the Hawaiian waters. Most of these sea people go from two directions, one is Australia, and the other is the west coast of the United States. There are also many in China. After Fran’s becoming a traitor, The meteorite transmitted information about China and proposed that the Hai people should attack China, but the meteorite did not adopt it. For the meteorite, a species with only low-level wisdom, it is the right way to return to the eye, and the sea is the biggest loss in Australia. Therefore, 70% of the troops and all the high-variation beasts attacked Australia. China only tentatively sent three red algae, and millions of seas attacked. These seas have not yet finished their journey, and they have been urgently met by the meteorites. Summoned, dropped the red algae, and quickly went to Hawaii.

Above the sea, even if the ordinary seas are faster than the destroyers, countless sea people have drawn thousands of white waves on the sponges to go to Hawaii. Hundreds of square kilometers are all the dark heads of the seas floating on the water. Suddenly, a giant dragon crawling up to a kilometer crashed into the middle of the sea, stirring up a tens of meters high waves and hitting the sea, flying countless seas in the air, not waiting for the sea to fall, huge suction is like a smoke In general, the sea people flying in the air absorb as many black holes and big mouths. Compared with the giant dragons more than ten meters long and more than ten meters wide, these sea people are as small as black sesame seeds, and hundreds of sea people are swallowed up. After that, even a bubble did not take a look, the next moment, dozens of small and small dragons rushed into the middle of the sea to hunt for food.

These smaller dragons are also more than 100 meters long. They are just the mutant beasts of the third-level peak. I didn’t expect Xiaoheihe to teach all of his family to become a big water snake a year ago. It is not the dark color of the whole body, it becomes golden and splendid, and there is an unspoken cheesy, but the selling is quite spectacular, at least in the eyes of ordinary people.

The big water snake is not just a five-level mutant beast. It is also the identity of the Yaluo. Yaluo is a natural enemy of the sea. It has a natural pressure. Under the might of the big water snake, the sea can not even resist, let alone When it was said that the sea was hunted by the water snakes, a beep of buzzing sound came. The next moment, the overwhelming worms rushed into the battlefield. Each of the worms had a car size. A pair of serrated knife arms loomed in metallic color, flying at low altitude and flashing rapidly on the surface of the sea. There were several flashes each time, or more than a dozen seafares were degraded.

The big water snake perfectly cooperates with the brachial worm, and it will kill even the seas that can not be counterattacked. Every minute, thousands of sea people are swallowed by water snakes, and every minute has several times more than the engulfed seas. When I lost my head, when the water snake group swept the fallen leaves like the autumn wind, and almost the seas were running through, the Kraya population at the forefront of the Hai nationality finally reacted and rushed to the area where the armworms were located, three of which were in the hands of the high-ranking Kraya. They all hold the sacred objects of the sea, the holy sacred device.

At this moment, all the worms fly to the sky at the same time, forming a chaotic group of insects gathered around the six-winged big bird. The six-winged giant bird is like an angel coming to the world, gracefully soaring above the sky, Clara’s attack falls. Empty, but did not dare to fight with the big water snake, have turned around and ready to leave, knowing that the big water snake has long been coveted by the holy sacred devices in their hands, rushing up to spurt a large blue sand.

Jingsha is a unique ability of the four-armed snake female and the five-level mutant sea beast. The ordinary sea people can't stop it. It instantly freezes the sea in the square and the sea in the sea, and those of the Kraya are also incompetent. Slowly, the red light suddenly smashed and the countless frozen seas and the ice layer were annihilated together, but after a while, the big water snakes rushed through the sky and waves.

Destroy the red light and flash again, cover the big water snake, and the big water snake will also burst out to destroy the red light and offset it~www.mtlnovel.com~ but it can no longer exist. The two sides are like the same kind of magnet, which can only be rejected. Close, the reason why Yarrow is called Aachen is because they like to swallow the sea, and the higher the higher the more they like, the sea sacred sacred device can resist the arrogance. Devouring, just resisting, can't capture or kill, because Aaron is not as afraid of destroying red light as ordinary mutant beasts, they can also launch this kind of light.

The devastating red light of both sides was launched together, and they were annihilated together. Then they started again and annihilated again. The countless sea people turned into ash in the confrontation between the two sides, and no one else could do anything, just annihilated in the red light. In an instant, the crescent moon, which has been observing, finally seized the opportunity. Three worms hidden in the sea flew out like marbles. In the next second when the red light disappeared, chasing the retreating red light broke Klaia. The barrier, cut off the heads of the three Kraya, the high-level Kraya died, the Holy Horcrux will fall, not waiting for other seas to pick it up, the water snake has already rushed, a sacred device and all the carats Ya sucked into his mouth.

The barrier that Kraya can resist against conventional weapons can't resist the sharp teeth of water snakes. It is like a fragile egg shell crashing on a stone and easily broken. After the water snake swallows Kraya, it makes a long and distant scream like a dragon, and then spits out two holy souls. The instrument, with the tongue on the top of the head, free to swim forward, obviously can not simultaneously digest three holy soul devices, and two of them as a reserve grain.

After passing through the seas, the water snakes did not stop, spontaneously arranged in a formation to fly in the direction of the six-winged birds. The long-winged worms landed on the water snakes, as if the aircraft carrier formations were heading towards the Hawaiian waters. The crescent mooned the six-winged raptor and watched the movement in the sea coldly, but the eagerness in her eyes revealed that her heart was not as calm as it was on the surface.

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