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Antagonists Are Very Well-Behaved Today

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Novel Summary

Join Big Shot as she embarks on a mission to protect God of War in different worlds and situations!

The system instructs her, “Your mission is to cherish that man so that he doesn’t become depraved and turn into a first-class villain.”

Big Shot tilts her head, looking adorable and innocent as she tries her best to understand. “Oh! My mission is to become a great villain, instead of letting him be one! I will cherish and protect him as though he were a little flower!” ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

The arrogant and stubborn young man was sullen. “All men are evil. So I shall be the most evil— Huh? Wife, calm down! We can discuss everything, so please don’t be so rash. That man is going to die if you keep bashing him!” (งᓀ‸ᓂ)ง (ノ´Д`)ノ

The evil governor already had plans laid out. He curled his lips into a sneer. “The world is within my control. I want to— Wife, hold on! Don’t revolt! I will buy you candied fruit! I’m begging you to spare His Majesty’s life!” (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

The ruthless monarch gazed coldly at the world. “As the king, I can gather the clouds with a wave of my palm and turn them into rain! No one dares to disobey my orders! I want to be an inept ruler… AH, my beloved concubine! I was careless with my words earlier on! I swear to be the best emperor through the ages for all time. You can hit me, just not my face… Be gentle…” ( *^-^) (*╯^╰)ρ

A really cute, charming, and touching story about a remnant soul experiencing different lives while watched over by an adorable (but lacking-common-sense) girl.

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Short Title:AVBT
Alternate Title:反派今天也很乖
Weekly Rank:#536
Monthly Rank:#519
All Time Rank:#1155
Tags:Abandoned Children, Absent Parents, Acting, Adopted Protagonist, Ancient China, Apathetic Protagonist, Apocalypse, Autism, Black Belly, Businessmen, Carefree Protagonist, Celebrities, Character Growth, Childhood Love, Childish Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cold Protagonist, College/University, Couple Growth, Cultivation, Dancers, Death of Loved Ones, Demon Lord, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, e-Sports, Emotionally Weak Protagonist, Entertainment, Evil Protagonist, Famous Protagonist, Fantasy World, Female Protagonist, Forgetful Protagonist, Gaming/E-Sport, Handsome Male Lead, Heavenly Tribulation, Misunderstandings, Modern World, Multiple Identities, Mysterious Past, Naive Protagonist, Near-Death Experience, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Psychopaths, Quick Transmigration, Rebirth, Ruthless Protagonist, Sadistic Characters, Sealed Power, Singers, Strong Love Interests, Suicides, System, Transmigration, World Hopping,
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