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For a traveler in a parallel world, there is no problem that can’t be solved with a pen. If so, add a keyboard.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:AWUMP
Alternate Title:笔下的另一个世界
Author:Cao Xi
Weekly Rank:#4028
Monthly Rank:#4027
All Time Rank:#2501
Tags:Alternate World, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Businessmen, Celebrities, Entertainment, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Movies, Showbiz, Weak to Strong, Writers,
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14 Comments on “Another World Under My Pen
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  1. Man, the mc's cousins makes my blood boil, like how my fcking spoiled ass cousins makes my blood boil. They both deserve a beating and reality check.

  2. Did i just see Mature Protagonist Tag? Bro, that's fcking lie. If being Mature is having an attitude like "I traveled to alternate reality, i should maintain my arrogance" and "I will not fail, because i have confidence to the person i plagiarized" then yes, he's Mature Protagonist.

  3. Can someone help me I'm looking for a novel where mc uses the letter for different personas such as actor Y singer Y gamer Y hacker Y ECT....

  4. Well I didn't read many chapter of this novel but i can say that it too slow pace and boring. If you don't have patience then you will also feel bored

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