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Su Ming transmigrated into a lily novel and became the female supporting role of a tool person, specially creating a bloody misunderstanding for the heroine and the second girl, and the final result was a tragic death in a car accident!
As a book-piercer, of course Su Ming wants to change his life against the book! She thought that as long as she held the heroine’s thigh tightly, she could reach the pinnacle of her life and even have a sweet love with the heroine.
Who would have thought that her official match turned out to be the heroine’s mother?
Su Ming: Meow meow meow? ? ?
The heroine’s mother, Gu Zhanci, is arrogant and arrogant, with a strong desire to control, and is an iceberg president.
The heroine fled from her clutches with all her heart, but Su Ming was willing to be bound by her and surrendered to her, of course, that was another story.
Su Ming: To sum up, after I failed to hug the heroine’s thigh, I had sex with the heroine’s mother.
Gu Zhanci: Why did you choose me?
Su Ming: Probably because your thighs are thicker than the heroine?
Gu Zhanci:  …
Mistress:  …
The heroine is not biological
cp: not serious x serious, age difference 11, 1V1

Content label: A soft spot for women with sweet text through books
Search keywords: Protagonist: Su Ming, Gu Zhanci ┃ Supporting role: Next article “The object of waking up becomes an old aunt” ┃Others: The heroine’s mother
One sentence introduction: My official match turned out to be the heroine’s mother
Purpose: Love has no gender, no fear of age.

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Short Title:AHMHE
Alternate Title:和女主妈妈HE了
Author:Ximu Xiaoxiao
Weekly Rank:#3343
Monthly Rank:#4408
All Time Rank:#6922
Tags:Age Gap, Transmigration,
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  1. SWITCH MC. Although our MC is the attack. Great story, it's a good balance of plot and comedy. The MC is great at speaking nonsense to chase our mature and elegant FL.

  2. Seems like its MC but the FL has all the characteristics of a top. I am at ch53 and MC is topping still, idk if it will change later.

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