Such a scene!

It's really amazing!

"Let me take it! The sword aura of this blue feather flower is so terrible? I'm afraid it can be comparable to the genius of swordsmanship in Yijianlou?"

Zhou Lianyi, who was standing not far away, exclaimed incredibly.

"Hehe...maybe comparable to ordinary swordsman geniuses, but compared to Yang Chong, the first genius of Yijianlou, it's a level inferior!"

Lie Sha smiled coldly and replied with a calm expression.

"After all, the swordsmanship that Yang Chong cultivates is at the highest level of heaven, and its own combat effectiveness is almost the same as our brother Ouyang Yun! It is by no means comparable to a demon flower!"


Between heaven and earth!

Sword Qi is flying!

The seven sword auras released by that green feather flower constantly weakened and defeated Qin Feng's sword aura.

The terrifying aftermath generated by the collision of the two directly severely tore the surrounding flowers, plants and trees into pieces.

As a result, even the dense fog around was forced back tens of meters...

Even Qin Feng hadn't expected that his Phantom Lore Slash was unable to do anything to the opponent!

This can be seen!

How tyrannical is the sword power of this blue feather flower.

"Humph! The scorching sun cuts the sky!"


Qin Feng didn't care about it. Instead, he clenched the Dragon Spirit Divine Sword in his hand even harder, and once again cut out a shocking sword light!

"Sun Slashing the Sky" is different from "Phantom Lore Slash", its single-body lethality is undoubtedly more terrifying!


Can be seen clearly!

Above the void, an earth-shaking sword beam of thousands of feet, like a blazing sun shining through the sky, fell down fiercely and swept toward the blue feather flower!


After the Qingyuhua saw it, the flowers and leaves on her body began to sway quickly again, condensing a series of weird runes...

At last!

These weird runes unexpectedly once again gathered into a red sword light, exuding extremely evil aura fluctuations. With an unshakable posture, he flocked to Qin Feng's "Shot of the Sun" swordsmanship!


This scarlet sword light once again clashed with Qin Feng's "Sun Slashing the Sky" swordsmanship!




The terrible explosion sound resounded like thousands of thunderbolts, resounding through the whole world!

A series of deadly sword auras, like waves, rushed frantically in all directions, as if they could destroy the world!

No one expected it!

In the confrontation this time, Qin Feng and this strange blue feather flower were still on the same level!

The combat effectiveness of this green feather flower seems to exceed the normal range, and it is too powerful!

"Hiss! It's just a blue feather flower, so powerful?"

"It's true combat effectiveness, I'm afraid it can be comparable to some half-step aspiration realm powerhouses, right?"

"The origin of this thing is too weird, it must not be underestimated!"

Through these two confrontations, Qin Feng couldn't help but feel shocked in his heart, feeling deeply incredible.


Qin Feng's heart was also extremely puzzled.

"Why didn't the aura fluctuations it exhibited at the very beginning be so intense?"

"What is the reason?"

Qin Feng frowned and began to think in his heart.


Just at this time!

The green feather flower still did not give up attacking Qin Feng. It continuously urged a fierce sword light to attack Qin Feng fiercely, trying to kill Qin Feng under the sword.

Looking at the green feather flower in front of him, it seemed to be full of infinite physical strength, and it didn't show any fatigue.

Qin Feng frowned again.



The next moment!

Qin Feng raised the Dragon Spirit Divine Sword, once again cut out several sword auras, greeted him, and resolved the opponent's murderous intent.


Qin Feng began to concentrate fully, observing whether there were any flaws in this blue feather flower...

"From the very beginning, almost all of the attacks of this blue feather flower were complete swordsmanship and martial arts. Could it be that it only simulates swordsmanship attacks, but it has not realized the sword power, or even the sword intent... If I suppress it with sword power, it may be effective!"

Qin Feng quickly knew the biggest flaw of this blue feather flower with his own terrifying deduction method.


The flashing thunder shadow light wings on Qin Feng's body flashed quickly and directly appeared in front of Qing Yuhua.

This time!

Qin Feng didn't use swordsmanship, but when the blue feather flower was about to attack again, he forced his sword power to suppress the opponent.

For a kendo fighter, if one party understands the sword power, it is equivalent to a king, enough to easily suppress the opponent, so that the opponent's swordsmanship power cannot be used at all.

This is the horror of sword power!

Two warriors who are also practicing swordsmanship, whoever understands the sword power, or whose sword power is stronger, is destined to beat each other!

Huh huh!


Under the suppression of Qin Feng's domineering sword power, the body of that green feather flower began to tremble crazily.

Even, it still tried to escape towards the back, not daring to compete with Qin Feng.


Under the suppression of Qin Feng's sword power, its speed was almost slow to the extreme, and there was no time to escape.

In an instant!

Qin Feng also no longer used swordsmanship, but used a vicious move "Thunder Shaking Heaven Fist", directly destroying this green feather flower flower into countless pieces in an instant.

Ever since!

Qin Feng easily crushed the Qingyuhua, which was so demon and strange, and whose combat power was comparable to the half-step aspiration state!


After killing this blue feather flower, Qin Feng slowly let out a breath, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

He has never encountered such a powerful mutant plant!

"It's a pity! After killing it directly like this, it loses its original medicinal value!"

"Otherwise, this blue feather flower is a treasure of extraordinary value, and it is enough for a martial artist to have a chance to break through a small state!"

When Zhou Lianyi saw this scene, she shook her head very regretfully. It was a pity that she had missed such a treasure.

Hear the words!

Qin Feng shook his head and smiled as he was about to answer her.

did not expect!


In the dense fog beside that, there was another strange sound of leaves rubbing...


Before the Qin Feng three had time to react!

I saw it!

In the depths of the endless thick foggy forest, crimson flames, like a sea of ​​fire, swept towards Qin Feng and his party.

The scene seemed to be turbulent, shocking and inexplicable, and wanted to swallow Qin Feng and his party completely!

Take a closer look!

These red flames are actually all red "demon flowers", which exudes a hot breath, as if they can melt everything in the world!

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