"Ancient eat goods Survival Guide" Author: cola, ginger


Jiang Shuyao once passed through and became a vicious noble girl with a coquettish appearance and kitsch. She married the most charming young man in the capital by means of Sapo.

Husband disliked, mother-in-law disliked, brother-in-law despised, Jiang Shuya wanted to cry without tears.

However, there is nothing in the world that can’t be solved by a spicy meal. If so, add hot pot, iron plate, skewers, milk tea, grilled chicken wings, custard wraps, shrimp dumplings, colonel chicken nuggets, hot and sour powder, curry rice, hand cake, oden, boiled sushi Pizza mashed potatoes, preserved egg, lean meat porridge, shrimp porridge.

After a while--

Picky mother-in-law: Shuyao is really a filial child.

Sister-in-law and sister-in-law who are not easy to get along with: The younger siblings are really likable.

Old-fashioned and strict elder brother and second elder brother: hard work brother and sister.


Seeing the people who turned to each other because of the food, Xie Xun hated that iron is not made into steel: Jiang Shuyao is cruel and bad, and I will never eat it...It's delicious!

①The food is warm and daily, mainly modern snacks, there is no tall food.

②Don’t textualize for the aerial sand sculpture farming!

One sentence introduction: Do not study the house bucket, focus on food

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Brief comment on works:

After modern woman Jiang Shuyao became a lady with a bad reputation and stunned eyes, she did not join the army of crossing the house, but relied on a positive and optimistic attitude and good cooking skills to conquer her husband’s family and detonate the ancient food trend. , Live a different wonderful life. The author uses fluent writing and humorous language to tell a story centered on food. It is full of life, the character is bright, and the overall style is warm and interesting. It is worth reading.

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