When Zhou returned to the third courtyard, everyone was waiting for the mooncakes to come out of the pot.

The sweet scent spread all over the courtyard. Jiang Shuya took off the wooden board and used a brush to apply a layer of egg yolk to the mooncakes.

Xie Zhao tugged at her cuffs and asked: "Three aunts, let me brush one."

As soon as Jiang Shuya handed him the brush, he heard movement and looked towards the courtyard gate.

As soon as she moved, other people who were chatting also turned and looked over.

Tonight was like a dream to Zhou, and the seven years came to an end, but she never thought that when this day really came, those feelings would be so easily blown away by the night wind on the way back. Up.

A relieved smile appeared on her face, and she strode towards them.

Seven years are long, and it is not the time that is difficult, but the small and irreversible choices. But if someone asked her if she regretted marrying into the capital, she didn't know the answer before stepping into the hospital. But now she understands, her answer is no regrets.

Xu Shi put aside her thanks, walked over to her quickly, frowned and asked softly: "What happened?"

Zhou looked at this woman who had been fighting with him for seven years and often stomped her feet with anger, suddenly felt that everything in the world was really amazing.

She shook her head, before speaking, Xu's handkerchief was already tightly tightened: "Can you, no, can he..."

Zhou Shi burst into laughter, and she said: "The dust has settled."

Xu took a breath, and the willow eyebrows raised slightly. The joyful expression was hurriedly suppressed before it even rose, and turned into worry: "Then you..." She knows how infatuated Zhou's dead eyes were. .

Seeing her cautiously, Zhou smiled more and more happily: "I'm going home."

Xu Clan was taken aback, and immediately laughed, and didn't know how to say the extra words, so he could only nod continuously: "Good, good." The result was better than she had expected.

Jiang Shuyao also put down the brush plate in his hand and trot over and asked, "How's it going?"

Zhou recounted the matter, and Jiang Shuyao followed with a smile: "Great, you can go home now."

Having said that, her expression became a little sad again: "Mobei, it is far from the capital."

The Xu clan smiling on the side also changed his expression, from being happy for Zhou clan to reluctant to give up.

"It's not that I won't come back. Even if I get there, my boss’s wife is still in the capital, I have to come back to learn the recipes." She shrugged, "It takes two months for ordinary people to stop and go, and I am different. I am better than most men in the world."

The melancholy that Xu had just risen immediately disappeared, and he bickered with her: "What a big breath."

On the contrary, Zhou was accustomed to such Xu's, and he was immediately comfortable.

Jiang Shuyao breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good. You have to come back after my mother gave birth. After all, my mother runs around in the streets all day, and she depends on you to protect her. You can't be missing when the baby is born."

Zhou nodded in response and mentioned his plan: "I decided to leave at the end of the month, so that I can spend the New Year in Mobei."

"So fast?"

"Yes, I decided to leave as soon as possible, what kind of procrastination."

While several people were chatting with each other, the mooncakes that had been brushed with egg mixture for the third time were sent back to the kiln.

When the mooncake was out of the pan, everyone stopped chatting and looked at the mooncake.

The mooncakes are of different shapes, neatly arranged in the plate, golden pastry, reddish-brown in the raised pattern, exuding a sweet smell, with the warmth of just coming out of the oven, and smells very long and mellow.

It’s time for the freshly baked desserts to be the most delicious. Jiang Shuyao greeted everyone to taste them and said, "Be careful."

So everyone besieged the city and picked up the moon cakes they had printed out with a mold.

Xie Xun's is naturally a huge five-core moon cake with his handwriting printed on it.

Jiang Shuya raised his head and looked at him expectantly: "Try the taste."

The freshly baked mooncake is held in my hand, the remaining warmth is still in my hand, I bite it down, and the thick and sweet enthusiasm immediately sweeps through the mouth, the dense, infiltrating the lips and cheeks, and it is indistinguishable whether it is honey or hot. Happiness and satisfaction.

The mooncakes have a slight outer skin, crispy mouth, soft fragrant, soft and sweet skin, but the fillings are firm. Walnut kernels and melon seeds are chopped and mixed with rock sugar to make fillings. It tastes sweet enough and has a nutty oil aroma, which is sweet and delicious.

Xie Xun nodded: "It's delicious."

Jiang Shuyao has become accustomed to it, everything is delicious in his heart.

But she likes him like this.

"There is also red bean paste, you try this, I like this the most."

She brought the mooncakes with her hand, and Xie Xun opened her mouth naturally, causing the twins to wink.

Xie Xun took a bite of the red bean paste mooncake, Jiang Shuya retracted his hand, and took a bite himself. The two looked at each other with a smile and chewed together.

Jiang Shuya likes red bean paste, but does not like sweet red bean paste, so he puts less sugar, and the red bean paste still retains the light aroma of red beans. The outer skin is thin and moist. When the teeth are bitten down, you can feel the pie crust and the bean paste filling are dense, sweet and light, and chewy, the red bean fragrance and the noodle fragrance blend together, soft and warm.

"I like this too." Xie Xun swallowed the mooncakes, savoring the sweet aroma.

Jiang Shuyao smiled and said, "Wait until you finish eating one by one, and see which one you don't like."

After tasting the mooncakes, everyone in the courtyard for a while, they prepared to return to their rooms.

After Xu and Zhou said goodbye at the fork in the road, they looked at Zhou's back and did not move.

Xie Li walked over and reminded: "Madam, the second sibling is gone."

Xu did not move, but sighed: "I just feel a little embarrassed."

Xie Li also said: "Yes, no one can see clearly the matter of love." He comforted, "But for the second siblings, it may not be a waste of seven years. Life is often unsuccessful, but even more Most of them are plain and plain. In these seemingly inconspicuous trivial days, whether they are troubles or beautiful, they may be missed in the future."

Xu nodded, and finally moved.

Xie Ye and Xie Wei were walking in front, the twins pulled Xie Li's robes, and Moonlight stretched the five figures very long.

Xu clan was one step behind, slowly dangled in the back, with mixed thoughts in his mind.

Perhaps because tonight was a peaceful night, the Xu family relaxed a lot, and suddenly ran to catch up with Xie Li: "Husband, I have something to ask you."

Xie Li walked forward with the sleepy twins in his robe, watching them while turning his head and saying, "What's the matter?"

The Xu family hesitated for a while, and still asked the most puzzling question in these years: "Why did you never take a concubine after I got married?" After she got married, she looked at her black-faced husband for a while, so worried. A stiff and strict person doesn't know that he is considerate of his wife. She knows that she is not top-notch appearance, and her temperament is average. Every time she sends a singer to the peak, she has to worry about it, and she can't wait to immediately take out the methods her boudoir has learned to secure her position as a wife.

Unexpectedly, for so many years, Xie Li was not only considerate, but also rejected all Yingying and Yanyan, giving her a day after marriage that she did not dare to expect in her teenage years. She had doubts, had troubles, and she hadn't understood until now.

Xie Liti slipped to the dozing Xie Yao, and chuckled softly after hearing the words: "Do you remember what you said on the wedding night, madam?"

More than ten years later, the Xu family had to forget the process of the wedding, how could he still remember what he said.

She recalled it carefully, it was nothing more than auspicious formula, what else could it be?

Xie Li looked at her and knew that she had forgotten everything: "That night I was awkwardly asleep. You propped up and whispered to me,'Husband, please don't bear me, I don't ask. One couple for the rest of their lives, only to respect each other as guests, and be a solid wife. If you can't do it, I will disturb you for the rest of your life.'How dare you forget such a terrible threat?"

After speaking, Xie Yao was already too sleepy to stand still, Xie Li squatted down and picked him up, and continued to walk to the big room, as if what he said just now was just an ordinary chat.

His reaction was dull, but Xu was stiff in place as if struck by lightning.

She stared at Xie Li's back blankly, unable to believe what she had just heard.

For so many years, she only said what she was saying on the night of the wedding, or while he was asleep, but he heard it clearly and remembered it for more than ten years? !

She stared at the front in surprise, so Xie Li understood from the beginning that she was not so gentle and uncontroversial at all? Does he know everything about her makeup for so many years?

Xie Li turned her head and looked at her standing still, laughing.

After reluctantly closing his smile, he said: "Madam, keep up, the children are too sleepy."

Xu's head nodded woodenly and ran to him with the skirt in his hands.

After everyone dispersed, the three-bedroom yard returned to its usual tranquility.

Jiang Shuyao and Xie Xun were unwilling to go to bed immediately after washing, so they simply placed a low stool in front of the threshold and snuggled up to admire the moon.

"Fortunately, Bai Zhi went home. If she is there, I will definitely let me go back to the room, saying that I will be careful to catch the cold during the moon watching at night.

Xie Xun wrapped Jiang Shuyao tightly with his cloak: "This way you won't catch a cold."

Jiang Shuyao arched his head in Xie Xun's arms, found a comfortable posture, and looked up at the sky: "The moon tonight is so beautiful, you don't have to wait until fifteen to see the moon."

Xie Xun put his arms around her and looked up at Yuanyue as well: "Yes." He touched Jiang Shuyao's hand with his left hand and clasped her ten fingers. "Then how about we often admire the moon in the future? You don't have to wait until fifteen or the full moon. , Just you and me, reciting poems against each other, talking about wine and joy—"

Jiang Shuyao interrupted her: "Don't embarrass me, I will chant poems and make the right."

Xie Xun felt that it made sense, and nodded in agreement: "I am responsible for reciting poems and making the right, and you are responsible for making wine and talking."

Jiang Shuya was satisfied.

Xie Xun thought about the second room and raised the question that had been entangled for a long time: "Do you want to live away from Beijing?"

Jiang Shuyao puzzled: "Leave Beijing? Where to go?"

"I have been to many desolate state capitals during my travels before, and I have seen too many people suffering. I am determined to go to those places as a parent official and do my best for the people. I will go back to Beijing to assist the prince after I have done something. I am not afraid that I will lose my heart when I live in Beijing for a long time." He squeezed Jiang Shuya's hand, feeling a little nervous, "Later, when I married you, I gave up my mind, afraid that you would suffer with me."

Jiang Shuyao immediately understood. It is estimated that Xie Li's request to be transferred to the prefect of Qingzhou touched Xie Xun's mind. She said, "What are you going to suffer? Will you wrong me?"

Xie Xun quickly said, "Of course not."

"Then it will end. For me, as long as you live well, you don't have to complain. If you go to the north, then we can taste authentic mountain treasures; if you go to the southeast, then we can eat a lot of fish Shrimp and seafood; it would be better if you go to the southwest, the fruit over there is delicious."

Xie Xun's inner worries disappeared instantly, shaking his head and chuckles: "Why did I immediately think of eating up?"

"Isn't life like this, eating and drinking is my hope. You don't have to worry about me, as long as I follow you, I am willing to go anywhere."

Xie Xun was silent for a long time, and finally rubbed his chin against Jiang Shuyao's head, and said dully, "Thank you."

Jiang Shuya raised his head and kissed his chin, then smiled and said, "You're welcome."

She shrank in her cloak, smiling brightly, her eyes full of herself, Xie Xun's heart softened, and she lowered her head to her lips.

Warm and sweet, I don't want to separate after touching it.

Xie Xun thought so and did the same, lingering on her lips, making her a little breathless.

Xie Xun finally understood the sweetness of tasting her red lips, gently holding it, if there is something like nothing to touch, this temptation is too careful, so that it will be separated from time to time, like a butterfly. The apex of the heart is generally flapping, itchy and swollen.

Jiang Shuyao wanted to push her away, but forgot that he was wrapped in a cloak, couldn't reach out, and could only endure his light kiss.

By the time he stopped, her strength had already disappeared.

Xie Xun cleared his throat, moved his long legs to cover the strangeness under him, and changed the subject: "Ah, it's late at night, it's time to go to bed."

Jiang Shuyao nodded, Xie Xun wanted to stand up, but she was held back by her: "I'm out of strength, you hold me over."

Xie Xun was stunned for a while, and turned his head to meet her watery eyes.

Fearing that he would not be able to suppress the evil thoughts, he dared not look at it more, picked up Jiang Shuyao, and strode inside.

After placing Jiang Shuya on the bed, he wanted to turn around and turn off the lights, but he fell into Jiang Shu's watery eyes and couldn't move his feet.

He felt like he was out of control and sat on the edge of the bed, pressing her lips again.

This time, Jiang Shuyao couldn't breathe completely. He wanted to push him away, but he didn't have the strength. His palms touched his chest and made him feel numb. He simply pressed her down, held her hand and pushed. To the top of the head.

Her hair bun was crushed, and the wooden hairpin that casually held her black hair was shaky.

"Can you?" Xie Xun asked.

His eyes are no longer as cold and alienated as they used to be, and he has long been infected with blurred feelings, full of oppression.

Jiang Shuya turned his head away from his sight and nodded.

Xie Xie's fingertips trembled, and he gently pulled the wooden hairpin out of her hair. Ufa scattered, slid gently across the back of his hand, cold as satin.

Scattered along with it, there are clothes and spring scenery full of houses.

As autumn passed, winter came quietly.

Zhou was preparing and cleaning up again, and finally left before the cold winter arrived.

On the morning of her departure, everyone in Xie Guo Gong's Mansion got up early and went to the city gate to see her off.

Zhou only felt that this was too procrastinating, so he walked all the way back and asked them to go back.

In the face of the parting, Xu secretly wiped his tears a few times. As a result, he lifted the curtain of the car and saw Zhou sitting on a tall horse, looking like he could not immediately go out of the city and run his horse freely. The tears were immediately taken back: "Just send you here. Once, you will leave later, if you want me to send you, I will not send it."

Zhou put down the woman's bun, tied it into a high ponytail, and put on a dress that was just a piece of clothes. The beauty faded, leaving only the heroic appearance.

She rode a horse close to Xu's carriage: "Speaking counts."

Xu took a deep breath and fell the car curtain.

When he arrived at the gate, Lin had been waiting here for a long time.

Seeing her getting off the carriage, Zhou suddenly frowned, "Didn't you say that you can raise your baby at home? Why did you come out again?" Lin supported her back and said, "I can't give it away if you leave Beijing?"

Zhou Shi looked at her pregnant belly and was frightened: "What to give, don't worry, I will send you a letter before opening a store in Mobei, and I will report business to you at any time. It will never ruin Lin's reputation for eating. "

Lin snorted, "I don't care, am I worried about business when I get up in the morning to send you off?"

Zhou said helplessly: "I know that you are reluctant to bear me, but I am not going to come back. If you don't say anything else, I will definitely come back when you give birth. After such calculation, it will be two or three months later."

As soon as the voice fell, the Xu family probed from the carriage and said in unison with the Lin family: "Who can't bear you anymore!"

Zhou hurriedly said, "Go, go, no, no."

Xu got down from the carriage and waved, and the driver of the two carriages behind immediately drove the horse forward.

She said to Zhou: "You can hurry, and they will follow behind slowly."

Zhou Shi got off his horse and came to her, wondering: "What do they do? I don't need someone to wait on my journey."

Xu’s family was a little awkward: "I’m not taking care of you, it’s the farewell gift I prepared for you. They are the shopkeepers I'm used to, and they are good at settling accounts, and their hometown is in Mobei. Go with you, it can be considered as fulfilling their homesickness."

Zhou's rubbed his head: "What am I doing afterwards?"

The Xu family glanced at her when he heard the words: "You have to find someone if you don't bring the account office, and it may not be useful. If you don't say anything else, you still want to settle the account?"

Zhou retorted, "Why not?"

The Xu family couldn't help it, and sneered: "Do you think I really don't know the hands and feet you have moved on the accounts these years?" She held the palm of the hand and Zhou's eyes were greedy. The two had been fighting for many years in private. Little trouble, so many years is not too boring.

Zhou had a guilty conscience and stopped talking.

Xu said: "Moreover, it's not all for you. It's more because these people have done a lot and have always wanted to return to their hometown. I will let them go back. You can use it if you need it, and forget it if you don't. ."

Zhou nodded, and the two fell silent.

The Lin family also brought in two large carriages, and introduced to the Zhou family: "They are all useful things. The list is here. Take your time on the road."

Jiang Shuyao helped Lin come over and took out a thick book from his cuff: "Second sister, this is my cooking experience written by me, from the beginning to the present, I hope it will be useful to you." Thick book , I rushed for time every day and wrote straight for more than a month.

Zhou took it and saw the dense handwriting inside. At this time, his heart finally felt reluctant.

Her voice is a little dull: "Thank you."

There are too many things I want to say, if I continue speaking, I will never be able to move.

Lin's elder, who understands this truth best, said to Zhou: "Okay, let's go, now I can rush to the Beijing suburbs station for lunch."

Zhou nodded, returned to the horse, looked back at them, and climbed up the mountain neatly.

"Then I'm leaving," she said.

The three nodded: "Be careful on the road."

Zhou smiled, raised his whip, and rode away.

The high horse galloped, and the wind blew her clothes and hair fluttering, which turned into a small spot in the blink of an eye and disappeared into the distance.

Lin curled his lips and mumbled: "I just went out of the capital to ride a horse like a tiger. I don't know how crazy it would be to go back to Mobei."

Xu echoed: "It's not."

After speaking, the three fell silent again.

Lin waved: "Let's go, let's go back."

Xu and Jiang Shuya nodded, and were about to turn around, Jiang Shuya covered his mouth and suddenly retched.

Lin was shocked: "What's wrong? Could it be that I drank too much cold wind?"

Jiang Shuyao didn't answer yet, and retched again.

Xu hurriedly called the maid to get hot water.

Jiang Shuyao took the water sac and finally felt comfortable in his stomach after taking a sip of hot water. He was about to say "I'm okay" before making a sound and retching again.

When she calmed down, she ran into the piercing eyes of Xu and Lin when she got up.

"What, what?" She was a little scared.

Lin said: "Have you ever had nausea before?"

Jiang Shu was puzzled: "There is a little bit about these days. It is estimated that when winter comes, I always drink cold wind, and I get cold air in my stomach..." Speaking of this, I really can't stand the bright eyes of Lin and Xu. "What are you doing? Up?"

Lin was a little excited, leaning on his back, touching his belly and said: "Are you making up with your son-in-law?"

Jiang Shuyao was startled: "Mother!" She glanced at Xu's, her ears turned red.

Xu clan said to Lin clan, "It looks like it is."

"What is it?" Jiang Shuyao was confused.

Lin chuckled, took her hand, and led her to the carriage: "Silly girl, what can it be, you have it!"

"What's the matter?" Jiang Shuyao was pushed by her, not daring to struggle, for fear of bumping into Lin's pregnant belly, "Mother, be careful."

Xu's mouth covered his mouth and smiled: "What else can be, of course, I am pregnant."

While Jiang Shu was stupefied, Lin had already instructed the coachman: "Go back to the house and drive the horse steadily. The more stable the better."

Xu and Lin swept away their previous malaise, and they were even more excited after the doctor diagnosed the pulse and confirmed that they were pregnant. One asked someone to send a letter to Xie Xun, and the other set out to prepare for the abortion.

After Xie Xun received Lin's message, he thought there was something urgent, so he hurried back to Xie Guo Gong's residence.

I ran to the main courtyard without panting, seeing people coming and going, very busy, and even more anxious.

When I stepped into the door, I was relieved to see Jiang Shuyao sitting in a chair safe and sound.

Before he asked, Jiang Shuyao said: "Bo Yuan, you can't release it this year."

"Huh?" Xie Xun ignored her words. Instead, he looked at her up and down first, worrying, "What's the matter, what's the matter?"

Jiang Shuyao said, "It's not a problem, I'm pregnant."

Xie Xun nodded: "It's fine if there is no accident, and if there is no accident-wait, what did you say?"

Jiang Shuyao couldn't help laughing when he saw his silly look, and raised the volume: "I said, I'm pregnant."

Xie Xunbing's face was completely broken, ecstasy surged to his heart, standing still at a loss. He wanted to hug her but didn't dare to approach it. In the end, Jiang Shuyao threw into his arms and he caught it with fear.

"Be careful," he said tremblingly.

Jiang Shuyao smiled more happily: "You are too stupid like this." I didn't expect Xie Xun to have today.

Xie Xun had no choice but to hold her shoulders to prevent her from arching, sanely returned to the cage and began to ask carefully: "Have you seen it? How do you say? What to do? What to pay attention to? No, I shouldn't ask you, you Sit down first, don't sit on the bench, go and sit down..."

The babbling is enough to predict how tight he will be in the next ten months.

Jiang Shu is pregnant, Xie Guo Gong Mansion is going to celebrate, and the snack street is also celebrating. The market, breakfast stalls, and snack shops are all celebrating. Half of the capital is in joy and peace. Even the Donggong group walks with wind and joy. Discussing what to give the baby.

All over Beijing, only Xie Xun was tense.

The excitement lasted until the New Year, and the excitement doubled when the new year passed, a burst of firecrackers were blasting, and the new year had arrived.

After the first snow fell in the capital, the capital was covered in silver.

Jiang Shuyao shrank in Xie Xun's arms to enjoy the snow, and soon became drowsy, which made Xie Xun extremely worried: "Why have you become more depressed recently?"

Jiang Shuyao was speechless: "Pregnant women are like this."

Xie Xun didn't believe it, so he reached out and fetched the booklet next to read his notes.

Jiang Shuyao forcibly closed it as soon as it was opened.

Xie Xun had no choice but to put down the book, put his arms around her, and continued to watch the scene with her.

The snow and wind outside the window gradually stopped, and the charcoal basin inside the house was still burning. Xie Xun looked at the snow outside the window, thinking about how to refuse Jiang Shuyao's request to go out to play in the snow.

Just waiting for him to figure out the reasons, Jiang Shuyao hadn't spoken yet.

Looking down, the person in his arms fell asleep at some point.

Xie Xun shook his head, chuckled lightly, and hugged her onto the bed.

After a while, the wind and snow rose again, and snowflakes fell on the ice crystals, forming ice ridges on the eaves. Outside the window, the wind and snow were raging, and the cold wind was rustling, but the room was peaceful and quiet, with only the sound of gentle breathing and the soft sound of pages turning. Ruixue is a good year, and the coming year is set to be a happy one.