There is no need to worry about identity. Of course, if it’s not convenient for the wife of peace, there is no need to mention to others that we have been separated. "

Seeing Zhou raised his eyes to look at him, Xie Lang laughed self-deprecatingly: "Don't worry, since I have given you a wife letter, I won't be entangled anymore." After saying this, he also felt relieved a lot, "Ruo Shadow, you don’t have to worry about what I have planned. If you can’t believe me after getting married, please think of me before getting married and go home boldly."

The word "home" suddenly made Zhou's nose sore. She forced her tears down, cast aside her complicated thoughts, and said, "You don't have to ask for a transfer for me."

Xie Lang smiled: "Not only for you, but also for myself."

After tonight is over, maybe the two can no longer sit face to face and talk. Xie Lang's throat rolled, suppressing his sorrow and sorrow, and tried to make himself look decent: "I have had a smooth life in my life, and my family is so good in learning everything. The only twists and turns I encountered was when I traveled to Mobei. you."

Seeing that Zhou was about to speak, he hurriedly continued: "Don't rush to scold me. I am accustomed to it. Even if it is traveling, it is not bad for food, clothing, housing, and transportation, unlike my third brother. Teacher of, lived like an ascetic monk. After I arrived in Mobei, I still ate fine meals and fell asleep on the soft silk quilt until I met you on the street that day. From then on, my life was turned upside down by you."

"The trip to Mobei was just to increase some insights. Yu Cai learned a little bit of diligence. When I arrived in Mobei, I had never experienced the sufferings of the border, nor had I experienced the bitter cold of winter, and the poems I wrote were just irrelevant. Even so, back From now on, everyone will extol it, and he has gained the reputation of a great talent." Xie Xun finished speaking and couldn't help but shook his head and laughed.

Zhou did not answer, so he continued: "In my whole life, a nobleman born in Beijing, a nobleman who lived in the book, if it weren't for you, he might have been so muddled. I have never seen it. What is the other side of the world. You have taken me to drink strong wine, seen the desert, hunted wolves, saw the bright moon at the border, and worshipped the soldiers’ burial ground... Obviously gave me a chance, but I did not Seized, chose to return to the capital, took the official position, and re-indulged in the wind and snow."

Zhou didn't love him anymore, but she still felt miserable.

"I think I missed it seven years ago, and I shouldn't miss it again seven years later. I used to eat fine delicacies in Mobei, but now I follow the people to eat dried bean curd buns; I used to live in a prosperous city. In the market, now I go to the poorest place to observe the people’s sentiments. I don’t need to try my best to do a good job as an official position. If I stay here, it’s nothing more than a promotion, but I can’t step on the ground for a lifetime. After arriving in Qingzhou, I may try my best to be a prefect, but this is what a person should pursue in his life, right?"

Zhou was silent, and the atmosphere was a bit stagnant.

After Xie Lang gave her a wife's letter, those indecisions and tossing and forwarding disappeared together. It seems that time has passed, and he has become the personable and carefree Xie Erlang once again: "Ruoying, I have not really Understand the relationship between men and women, what I have learned and seen are all those fireworks in the book, but I understand true friendship. You are the most indispensable friend in my life. Meeting you is a great blessing in my life and I have lost you. ,I'm very sorry."

Zhou looked up: "I don't want your apology."

Xie Lang laughed: "This is you." He closed his smile and said, "If you want to go back to Mobei, go back just a year ago, so that you can spend a New Year with your family. I will Take care of it for you, you can leave without worry. It’s okay to go back earlier. After all, the food in Mobei is really hard to eat. When I arrive in Qingzhou in the future, I might still be dipped in your light, so I don’t need to eat those grit dry bun Up."

Zhou said: "If you want to be beautiful, Qingzhou is far away from Zhou's home. It will take at least one or two years to eat food."

Xie Lang said: "I know." Eating food cannot be passed on, and it is also difficult for people to see the other side. Maybe we will say goodbye today.

Both of them were silent, and there was an uncomfortable silence in the booth.

Xie Lang hoped that this silence could stop for a while, and he could get along with her for a while, but it was contrary to expectations, Zhou took a breath, stood up and prepared to leave.

Xie Lang looked up at her, and just happened to run into her sight.

"You know I won't thank you for everything you did?" she asked.

Xie Lang replied: "I know."

"You also know that I still hate you?"

"I know."

Zhou nodded, and left the pavilion without a trace.

Xie Lang still maintained her posture when she left, and sat for a while. He didn't move until the wind started, and put the objects on the stone table into his sleeves.

He looked up at the sky, the full moon tonight was very bright, dazzling, and looking at it a few more times would make the eyes sore.

He murmured to the moon: "You know that the last words on the last side will be remembered for a lifetime, right?

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